What exercise equipment names do cyclists use?

What exercise equipment names do cyclists use

Bike for some people is a simple means of transportation, for someone exercise equipment names, but for me, it has become an integral part of life. And on the threshold of last winter, I began to think more and more often how to conduct pieces of training so as not to lose shape by spring. After all, our climate is not tropical, but I am not ready to ride in snow and ice. Therefore, I decided to review the options of various simulators that are best suited for training when the weather or the season prevents cycling.

Of course, the issue of training, I could solve a simple subscription to the gym, and there quietly turn the exercise bike. But this is not suitable for such avid bike lovers, as I, as exercise bikes are quite different from a bicycle in terms of fit and ergonomics. I had to walk around the Internet and watch what exercise equipment for cyclists now have. The choice turned out to be rather big, but for myself, I looked at a few of the most interesting options.

Trainers for bikes

The simplest, in my opinion, are the trainers for the bike. They are the usual stand under the rear wheel, which has a resistance to free running. The main advantage of this device is that you can engage in your bike without any alterations. There is no need to get used to the simulator. Another plus is that the trainer takes almost no space, and you can install a bicycle in it in just a few minutes.

Another cyclist that became interesting to me was the simulator. This is an interesting design, in which it is also easy to install your personal bike and pedal quietly to yourself. With this cycle machine, you can adjust the load; choose the nature of the workout. In addition, it takes up little space.

Bicycle machines are divided into two types

Scooter- It is a frame on which there are three oblong rollers. You just need to install a bicycle on it and try to hold on. Such a machine not bad imitates cycling, develops skills of taxiing and maintaining balance. In addition to them, the track is also well trained. Such a machine is well suited for working on balance and perfectly improves all the necessary driving skills. Its only drawback can be called the fact that most of the rollers do not give a strong resistance, this can only be corrected by shifting gears on a bicycle, and additional resistance is not included in the kit. Moreover, when working with it, certain driving skills are necessary so as not to fly off the bicycle.

Trainer- This type of bike is more compact. Perhaps that is why it is more common now and the best exercise equipment names. It provides more features but takes more time to install.

Not bad provides a good workout for the muscles that are involved in cycling and rowing simulator. However, it is better to be careful with him and work under the guidance of a coach. For the most stubborn, you can continue to ride a bike all winter, if there is no bicycle and you live in a region with a mild, warm climate, such as in the Crimea, then a good choice is to rent a bicycle here.

There is an excellent choice of bikes, and if you need to find where you can rent, for example, bicycles in Sevastopol, then this site is a good option. But we will continue our review of simulators.

I especially liked Spin bike. I think this is one of the best simulators for cycling enthusiasts. His system allows you to create a very real bicycle load. Emergency braking allows you not to use muscle strength, which makes it possible to relax a bit. Spin bikes have an excellent steering wheel and seat that can be adjusted on different sides. To find the most comfortable position for you is not difficult.

Many professional cyclists train on spin bikes in the winter season. Spin bikes are considered professional simulators, and they were created specifically for cycling training. Several modes of his work will help to choose the most correct for each person individually.

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