Type of outdoor cycling touring

Type of outdoor cycling touring

The best cycling touring is a type of outdoor activity, not a sporting event or a cycle race. Therefore, in order for such an active rest not to turn into a mockery of your body, it is necessary to choose the right bike tour for the difficulty that suits you according to your physical abilities and experience of riding a bicycle. Travel agencies that organize bicycle tours, as a rule, offer them of varying complexity.

What are the difficulty levels of bicycle tours?

Zero levels of difficulty. A simple trip, which involves the participation of any person who knows how or once, even long ago, rode a bicycle. You can safely take children to such cycling tours.

The first level of difficulty. Anyone who knows how to ride a bike and for his pleasure rides on weekends or to the country can take part in such a bike tour.

The second levels of difficulty complete bike guides to any cyclist- For those who confidently ride a bike, correctly know how to shift gears and can freely drive 50-60 kilometers per day. In such a bike tour included areas with elevation changes, where you need the ability to properly select the gear and skills to use the brakes and confident control of the bike on the slopes.

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The third level of difficulty requires preparation. In such a bike tour, loads are assumed that a person who has already taken part in less difficult trips can withstand, constantly rides a bicycle and has sufficient physical form.

Difficult bike tours. They are usually run by people who have a good bike, are ready to physically overcome long distances with difficult terrain and fight with themselves.

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