Swedes are willing to get cyclists off our roads

Swedes are willing to get cyclists off our roads

Stockholm will be able to receive money for a bike ride if not get cyclists off our roads. Funds for this take from motorists. 

Despite its territorial proximity and cultural affinity, in terms of the development of bicycle transport, Stockholm is much inferior to Copenhagen. The share of bicycles here accounts for less than 10% of daily trips, while in the Danish capital – more than 35%. The first thing that catches the eye is the difference in the quantity and quality of infrastructure. Bicycle lanes in Stockholm are not always dedicated, but on the outskirts, there are not many of them.

Swedes cycling development

However, the Swedes also want to develop cycling and learn long distance cycling to your bicycle tours. To this end, the Royal Institute of Technology proposes to introduce a “reverse tax on traffic jams.” If motorists in Stkogolm pay for entry into the central part of the city, then those who move around the city on a bicycle, the authorities, on the contrary, will pay extra – just from the money that they took from motorists. The authors of the idea reckon that such a system encourages people to ride a bicycle even in those areas where the bicycle infrastructure leaves much to be desired.


However, cyclists will not see the “living” money anyway – instead of cash, they will be given all sorts of bonuses to pay for repair shops, purchase of accessories and similar cycling needs.

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Some time ago, the French transport ministry also tried to pay extra for cycling, but this idea did not cause much enthusiasm among the population – it is believed that the promotion of bicycle transport works only when the authorities simultaneously encourage the refusal of cars. So the Swedes have a chance of success: in their version, this is just the typical policy of the steep and stick.

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