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The first real snow this winter tempted me to write a guide other than all. There will be no discussions about building a winter biker tips, the advantage of best bike us underwear over cotton and similar crap. A clean and transparent guide for every winter city biker. To get there by car you have to first dry it, turn on the engine and unfreeze windows or at least dig out the driveway (if you park it).

Do you know how long it takes for me to clear the property so that I can leave the car? About 25 minutes. When I get in the car I’m already sweaty and breathless. It takes only 5 minutes to remove the bike from the snow to take out the bike. If I sum up the time devoted to morning snow removal, afternoon frostbite, access and return, it turns out




The cold air is hardened, but you should learn to breathe properly. We breathe in the air and exhale through our mouths. This process should be smooth and natural, otherwise, we will catch a breathlessness and we will start involuntarily catching the air with our mouths. Why is proper breathing so important? The nasal cavity is built in such a way that it protects and protects the respiratory tract. The inside of the nostrils is covered with hairs that clean the air of impurities. Breathing in the nose, the cold air is heated before it falls directly on the tonsils, it is also pre-filtered, which reduces the risk of catching a cold or strep throat. The nasal cavity, due to the strong blood supply, has the ability to heat the air (operation can be compared to a gas water heater). Remember to protect your neck, no matter if you have a scarf or a buff, wear it. Do not forget, also to carry a packet of tissues on hand. I put one on the sleeve and the rest of the package rests in my pocket.


At a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, I ride in a shirt and wool jacket (no liner), a buff with fleece, gloves and a hat. When the temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius, I add a thin sweater, thin thermoactive underpants, and woolen socks to the set. At temperatures around -20 degrees, I pull on soft shell knee pads, put on thicker gloves and a warmer hat, and replace the sweater with a thicker one.

A sufficient amount of clothes is one in which you stand outside when you are cold.

I put my shirt or shirt on my pants so that the cold air does not let my back and kidneys fail. I put gloves under the jacket sleeves. From about -10 degrees I grease my face with cream, I put Buff on my mouth and nose. I believe that you should definitely protect your skin and lips from freezing air. When breathing through the buff, exhale the air “down”, thanks to which your glasses will stop “pairing”. You do not have to ride in bicycle clothes, you do not have to pick up at work in normal clothes, there is nothing to fall into paranoia. Winter cycling clothes are great when you plan to wander around the area during the weekend and get out of 50 km or when you are a bicycle courier and spend the whole day cycling, otherwise, you just need a regular clothing or jacket and jeans.


  • Lower the saddle – lowering the center of gravity increases steering
  • Replace the tires – put on tires with a terrain tread, do not have to have spikes, etc. Just to have a tread.
  • Take a bit of air – thanks to this simple treatment you will get more grip. How much to drain? If the tire has a maximum of 6.5 atm, leave about 3 – 3,5 atm in it, if 8 atm leave 4-5 atm, etc.
  • Use soft gears (higher cadence) – you will minimize the risk of wheel slip.
  • Load the luggage in the front basket – you will increase the grip, eliminating the effect of “escaping” the front wheel.


Avoid the residential area and roads with low traffic. They are last cleared or not at all. It is best to choose the roads, after which the bus line is designated. Alternatively, walk on the pedestrian-cycling road, which is usually cleared of snow, unlike bicycle paths where snow is scattered from the road. It is best to change the route in such a way that it mainly leads the roadway (often it is only properly cleared of snow), on which the prohibition sign B9 “prohibiting bicycle entry” does not apply. These observations are based on my experience in driving around Tarnów. If you are clearing paths with you, I congratulate and envy you. Show it off in the comment, because it’s really what!


Today I talked to a nice couple of policemen and I asked them about the rules that would help winter cyclists. I traveled on a pedestrian-bicycle route, which after passing the other side turned into a bicycle and a sidewalk. Unfortunately, all the snow from the roadway lay on the bicycle path and there was no chance to go along the bike path, which is why I continued the ride on the road. I learned that according to the regulations, it is possible to move the road unless there is the best bike us is the best cycling “no entry of bicycles” on it, even if there is a bicycle path along the road. I also learned that this provision is valid for a whole year. Suggest, however, stick to the strict record given below and modify your driving directions for your own safety, so as to avoid problems with the interpretation of the KRD.

It is the most grateful of winter clothing tips for any cyclist- ARSUXEO Winter Warm-UP Thermal Softshell Cycling Jacket Windproof Waterproof 15-k


  1. The driver of the bicycle is obliged to use the best bike us path or bike lane if they are designated for the direction in which he moves or intends to turn. The driver of the bicycle, using the road for bicycles and pedestrians, is obliged to exercise extreme caution and give way to pedestrians.
  2. The use of a pavement or a pedestrian route by a driver of a two-wheeled bicycle is allowed exceptionally when:
  • he takes care of a person under the age of 10 driving a bicycle
  • the width of the sidewalk along the road, where traffic is allowed at a speed greater than 50 km / h, is at least 2 m and lacks a separate road for bicycles or lanes for bicycles
  • weather conditions threaten the safety of the cyclist on the road (snow, strong wind, downpour, glazed ice, thick fog), subject to paragraph 6.
  1. The driver of the bicycle, using a pavement or a pedestrian road, is obliged to drive slowly, take special care and give way to pedestrians.

For more information, please refer to the full version of the Road Traffic Code.


Winter is not only snow and low temperatures. It is also salt and sand, in the form of gray-brown mash. Both of them will quickly settle in the chain, bearings or damper. Their carrier is water, which effectively rinses oil and grease, which in combination with grains of sand and salt will help destroy your bike at an alarming rate. Keep your machine in the basement or any other room where temperatures are above zero. Occasionally wash it thoroughly and lubricate it once a week. If you do not want to be messy from head to toe, equip yourself with fenders, which in autumn and winter are an essential accessory for the cyclist. If you are already talking about accessories, you must have your front and rear lamps with you.


Hot tea with lemon and two teaspoons of honey or coffee with half a teaspoon of ground ginger. A delicious and very healthy combination. Not only will they warm up but they will provide the body with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and substances with bactericidal properties. Of course, you can also make coffee with ginger, cinnamon, and honey. Just remember not to drink very hot drinks on your choked throat! winter biker tips is a great time for tinctures, whether alone or with tea. They warm up and have a delicious taste, and their only downside is that you can not drink them before riding. In the winter I try to eat 2-3 slices of ginger root and 2-3 teaspoons of honey each day. Such a procedure, combined with everyday driving helps me, effectively avoid the doctor’s office, what I wish you too!

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