Rear shocks how to support clavicle fracture?

Rear shocks

The best rear shocks how to support clavicle fracture and best bike us to cycling? How it’s made and done?

Best rear shocks are most important part of a bicycle. It must be good quality and best bike us to good results for of Cycling. So, we have always looked like before and used rear shocks.

Cyclist accidents

Cyclist accidents are not uncommon. For some, falls are no more than a small inconvenience or part of the adventure on the mountain bike. After an accident, this type of rider gets up, takes out the dust, checks if his bike has been damaged and walks again as if nothing had happened (I already did it myself!). But there are other cases where the rider hits the ground and the final consequence is a broken bone.

Accidents can not only disrupt the pedal but also bring on later problems. In the last 10 years, I suffered about 10 falls (of the film). It often falls apart by not unlocking the foot or the mud, but I mean when you totally lose control: you fly off, bouncing like a ball and stopping away from the bike. It was in one of those accidents that I broke a bone, specifically the clavicle.


Clavicle fracture

The treatment of clavicle fracture is rather strange. When you break an arm, doctors put a cast or splint to immobilize; when twisting the ankle, they also put a splint; when a finger is broken, and they place a splint and indicate ice. But because it is located at the top of the chest and very close to the shoulder, the clavicle is practically impossible to implant: we would have to have a plaster to immobilize the whole breast and the shoulder. The operation is not necessary unless the clavicle has split into several fragments or is affecting nerves or arteries.

When you break your collarbone, you will usually leave the hospital with some pain relievers and be warned that you cannot move your arm so it welds well. No more, it’s up to you. I’ve already been there, I know of some lessons that might help you if you’re ever in the same situation and most perfect the rear shocks.

The main lessons are: having a lot of patience – this is key, and think of mental recovery along with physical recovery, eager to forget fears and traumas that make you shake while taking the best bike us or doing the usual.


Patience is the mother of all virtues

Face fact: you have a broken bone and that does not weld overnight. For it to be good, it takes time, which often seems eternal. And most of that time you have to be quiet, without moving the place, in positions that are sometimes annoying and uncomfortable, all this so that the bone welds correctly.

The first step is to listen to the doctor and his body. During the first two weeks, try your best not to move your arm (even when sleeping!). Every movement you make, even if it is small, like the trepidation of passing in a car hole, causes a lot of pain. Sleeping is an adventure … I suggest using pillows as if you were a king. Use many pillows to support the shoulder and not to rotate. The best position is the “Dracula”, basic for sleeping. My technique was to lie between pillows at night and on the couch in the living room in the evenings. Believe me, my left-hand (right-handed) fingers have exercised and strengthened like never before on the computer.


couple of weeks

After a couple of weeks quiet, most of the time lying down, without moving, putting some limits is important. When the bone begins to weld, in about 20 days (three weeks), you begin to feel better and will want to perform all the activities you have always done. Surely, if you are a hyperactive person like me, who is accustomed to doing things all day, you will realize that it is crazy to do so. I have found that I spend all day planning, working, creating, improvising, almost without rest. But after an accident, even the simplest things tire, so you have to think about your activities very carefully. You have to understand that best bike us to get all “regular” activities become more difficult.

Dressing up may require another pair of hands to help, or you’ll have to dress like an ancient Roman wrapped in a sheet. You’ll probably start wearing lace-up shoes, shorts, and button-down shirts to keep your arm close to your chest. Driving a car is almost impossible with one arm because you do not have the same mobility or the same ability to react, especially with the number of holes in the cities. Use this rear shocks as an excuse to walk more (even if you have to learn to walk without moving too much because it hurts even the hair). Walking will help keep your muscles, legs, and heart in rhythm, this means less time to get back to the physical condition when you can return to the bike.

Rear shocks- Physical preparation for our best trip for a bicycle tour-

But there is something very important that you should not do (and that I did not, which delayed my recovery): take the time to go to muscle recovery therapy. If you do not do physical therapy, the bone may calcify incorrectly and if a fracture occurs in the same place, the recovery will be even slower. I tried to keep myself active (sometimes think more than necessary), and somehow with my head away from sins, this was very positive. In fact, the first four weeks should be very careful and ignore criticism, because therapy today is basic in these fractures.


In the end, you have to return to the bicycle

The final step is to pedal again, to pick up the faithful partner again. Once you are ready to go on a bike again, you have to make sure that the first time is a short and simple route. My experience was that, after almost 10 weeks and with the doctor’s permission, I did around for about 45 minutes, on the pavement in good condition, because I was afraid of having later pains, but in reality, it never hurt. That was a good sign!

Then, little by little, I grew more confident and did not take any risks for excesses. Even so, short and limited outings also mean a lot of time off the bike. Use this time that is without the bike to do some physical recovery work. Also, you should use this time to take out all the ghosts that remain after an accident, because trust is often lost and it takes a lot of patience to have it again. So the time will pass and gradually you resume the urge to get back on the bike.

When I thought I was 100%, I faced the hardest trail I could to demonstrate to myself that I was able to fly again. Of course on that day, I went with all the fear of the world, the lack of confidence translated into lack of ability and this began to annoy me, forcing me to get back to the dexterity I had before. After that day, my confidence has returned and now I’m running again as much as I can, on all levels, and the fun is greater than before. I confess, too, that now I usually peddle you more focused on the road than before.


Shout who helps you and encourages

Many people will worry about you, make visits. Surely, there will be people who will always be asking about the recovery (I did not like it very much), but in particular, there will be many people willing to help, endure their bad mood because of pain, existential crisis for not being able to move, and even if they know the inconvenience, they will help you get dressed about rear shocks, eat, shop, and other things you cannot do with just one hand. These people deserve thanks, as they are very valuable in your life.

The best advice I can give you in any injury situation is to keep your mind on the positive. Be creative, use your time to create and think about good things, keeping your mind busy. Broken bones will heal, but never allow accidents to destroy your spirit. A great cyclist is the best bike us an abnormal person, always comes back and surpasses.

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