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If you follow somewhat the activity of professional cycling teams in early 2010, you could not escape the birth of Fan Team Sky! With a riot of means rarely seen in the bike, the English appeared on the scene very confident of them.

At the heart of Sky team bike communication, the website of the same name, bestbikeus is a small revolution compared to those of other teams. A sober and modern presentation online bicycle shop, many photos, and above all, the possibility for the surfer to interact directly with the members of the team.

For that, you can follow the different blogs of the runners, or follow the team on Twitter and Facebook. In short, all the tools of the web 2.0 are there!

As you can see in this screenshot, the site design is really successful. By taking again the black and the blue of the logo of the English television channel, sobriety is in order-


Successful navigation

The navigation between the different parts of the site is very pleasant, with big buttons clearly legible. We find on the home page a zoom on the latest news of the team, which runs automatically in a slideshow.

Speaking of slideshows, I invite you to visit the Photos page, where you will find beautiful shopping galleries and various events in which Sky team bike participates.

Always on the homepage, you will find links to the Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the latest articles of the runner’s blogs. This is also an interesting function. The runners’ blogs are referenced on the team’s website, and the posted articles are republished in one. It is thus very easy to follow the news of each one of them.


A fine use of social networks

If you want to make sure you do not miss Team Sky news, the best solution is to subscribe to their account on social networks. How to buy a bicycle online? – A question left in the reader-

On Twitter, you will be able to follow live the results of the team, before, during and after the race. You will also quickly access new news published on the team’s website, but also on the runners’ websites.

On Facebook, we find more or less the same professional cycling teams information, with a stronger interactive side, Facebook requires … You can mainly access many photo albums published by the team, but also all the photos tagged by fans. There is enough to spend a few hours!

To conclude this site review, we regret that other languages are not available. It will be necessary to practice the language of Shakespeare to profit from the interactivity.

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