Made the best recipe for homemade isotonic drinks

Made the best recipe for homemade isotonic drinks

Buying ready-made homemade isotonic drinks can ruin every cycling budget, especially when used frequently. The problem is partially solved by buying a powder or effervescent tablets, for the preparation of isotonic. But compare how much they cost such specifics, does not go so super cheap. So what do you do when you want to create such a drink yourself and save even more money? It’s best to prepare it yourself, according to a proven home recipe. To prepare such a drink you only need a few moments and products that you can buy in any store or find in the kitchen.

Making isotonic drinks

Of course, the taste will be different from that of the store – but nothing will change in action – whether on a bike or in the gym or while running. I praise this domestic isotonic homemade sports drink for runners, it is much tastier than buying, and on the other hand, it quenches thirst well than, for example, water with syrup.

It is worth remembering to update fluids while driving. A bit more about the effects of dehydration, I wrote in the entry about what to eat and drink homemade sports drink cycling. It’s good to drink while driving, occasionally with small sips. Drinking only at stops, in large quantities unfortunately unnecessarily strains the stomach. On hot days you can drink up to 5-6 liters of drinks throughout the day. I drank the most on the route, where almost six liters altogether went. Well, the amount of home isotonic cannot be carried with you, but for longer routes to take off, I take two 0.75 liter bottles.

Anyway, with a little desire, such home-made isotonic can also be done on the road. The composition is trivial, simple preparation (maybe a small, plastic funnel would be useful, which would facilitate preparation) and if it does not cause you any trouble, you can go ahead and start preparing it along the way. Long-distance cyclists must Be made the best recipe for homemade isotonic drinks


A proven recipe for a homemade isotonic drink looks like this:

1.5 liters of boiled water, 3 tablespoons of honey, juice squeezed out of one lemon, a quarter teaspoon of salt (or less)

Of course, we pour the juice with the flesh and everything that is in it, in addition to pips. There is no point in filtering the juice; the pulp is the same good. When it comes to honey, it is worth choosing an acacia. It is naturally liquid and crystallizes very slowly, which facilitates its mixing in water. You made know the best recipe for homemade isotonic drinks for your long-distance cyclists

Crystallization of honey testifies to its naturalness, but just acacia is a useful exception here. Anyway, you can find more discussion about honey in the comments for this text. When reviewing your comments, you also pay attention to the fact that you can use healthier salt than rock salt – sea salt. All the ingredients are mixed and ready – you can pour the homemade isotonic drinks into the bottle and go on the bike 🙂


 I invite you to watch a video in which I show how to prepare such an isotonic drink

By the way, I invite you to read the test of my non-smashing water bottle. For many years I used isotonic drinks bottles, which I bought in stores and at gas stations. Until finally I bought a water bottle that does not smell of plastic and I finally found out that it can also be nice.

And once again I return to the matter of overheating – beware of it. Riding a bicycle on a hot day, we are cooled by the rush of air and do not feel that much temperature. And you can do a lot of harm to yourself. I wrote above that I take two bottles for further trips. The latter is for me to be able to go without a nervous search for a grocery store. Sometimes it happens that on the route just for a dozen or so good kilometers there will not be any. And when the sun is warming up, it becomes a problem homemade isotonic drink recipe.

A reader wrote to me about it, the words of which are worth reading here. I write this in the margins, but it is worth remembering.

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