If the wolf hunts you – Tips against chafing

Tips against chafing

The wolf hunts you! What do you do then? – Tips against chafing and a great advice to the best bike us-

Tips against chafing – popularly known as “running a wolf” best bike us – is the condition of the skin where two separate skins rub against each other or rub the skin against the fabric. Redness, itching, inflammation, hypersensitivity, pain, and swelling of the site are signs of the problem. These symptoms may get worse if the affected area of the skin comes into contact with water.

Chafing occurs during cycling mostly on the thighs – where the seams of the pants pad lie -, on the buttocks or in the groin area, because here the saddle through the clothes exerts an enormous pressure on the skin. Other sports often involve the armpits, nipples, feet or skin under the pulse belt or sutures of the wetsuit.

Reasons for chafing

As mentioned before, wearing chest straps and clothing with stitching in athletes usually causes sores. Sweat still aggravates the skin irritation and can lead to tips against chafing of inflammation and rash. Tight-fitting clothing tends to rub on the skin rather than loose and airy outfits. In general, it is believed that cotton is more likely to cause skin irritation than, for example, artificial substances. The reason for this is that cotton keeps the moisture close to the body and does not carry it away like other synthetic materials do in the meantime.

Avoid chafing

One step in the right direction is to wear the right clothing that, for example, keeps your skin dry and carries moisture away from the body, with as few or no seams as possible. Underwear and bras with stitching or other sewn-on parts rubbing on the skin should be replaced. Instead, it’s better to choose synthetic materials and garments that are not so uncomfortable to wear and do not create friction. Compression clothing – e.g. made of elastin – can also be helpful here. If you usually have sore inner thighs, then the pants and/or shorts should be made of this material. Moist clothing should be taken off as quickly as possible after training to the best bike us. Safe together on the way is continuously biking obviously

New gel for protection against chafing

  • We also recommend a new product from proactive, which Jan Frozen also uses in his competitions to protect against chafing and blisters.
  • The gel 2skin forms a transparent protective film on the skin immediately after application to the problem areas.
  • The cell structure is thereby strengthened and the pressure is distributed over larger areas.
  • And unlike conventional creams and sticks, the skin remains breathable! 2skin is dermatologically confirmed, free from skin-weakening emulsifiers and water- and sweat-resistant.
  • In addition, the product is safe for functional sports textiles and wetsuits.


The Olympic champion and Ironman winner of 2015 Jan Frozen says about the product: “I used to have problems with sores or blisters before tips against chafing. With 2skin even with long swim units in open water, tens of kilometers of cycling and running no longer rub at me “. Compared to the classic body creams that are commonly used in cycling, pejorative 2skin is a real alternative, because it takes little and puts it directly on the skin instead of sitting in a soft mass all the way over. You get a great solution to best bike us-

Treatment of miraculous skin

If all else fails, or you’re reading this blog post because you did not have a gel on hand to prevent sores, it’s all about waiting, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and providing the spot with a little chamomile cream. The oil of chamomile (also called calendula) helps with healing and is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Before you apply the ointment, you should carefully cleanse the sore with lukewarm water, even if it is initially burning. This will prevent inflammation.

A healthy and balanced diet can greatly contribute to the healing of the sore skin. Foods rich in vitamin A, C and beta-carotene give the immune system an extra kick and help especially with inflamed and sore skin. If you now pay attention to your calories, then it helps in addition to avoiding skin wrinkles due to obesity and thus sores. If the spot is small enough then you can cover it with a plaster to protect it from further irritation. If it is swollen or even encrusted, bleeding or especially and unusually painful, you should see a doctor and tips against chafing, because if the skin has been properly inflamed, may only help antibiotics best bike us that your doctor must prescribe.

If the wolf hunts you – Tips against chafing be protected from the need for very fast bikes such as- Road bike

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