How to deal with the hot weather cycling?

How to deal with the hot weather cycling

In summer month’s hot weather cycling, the temperature often exceeds 25 and even 30 degrees in the shade. And in the full sun, it’s even worse. Is there a way to deal with it and ride a bike with pleasure? In fact, the only option that will work 100% is in the morning hours 6-10 and afternoon and evening 16-21. Between 10 and 16, the sun shines the hardest and driving in such conditions can sometimes be a mountable rather than a pleasure. It is often better to let go and hide to the shade (if it is found) than to risk overheating, and consequently the end of the ride.

However, when we decide (or simply we will have no choice) to ride in the heat, it is worth remembering a few things. The first one, which I have often mentioned here on the blog, is the right dress. I do not need to write that we dress loosely and freely.

Not necessarily like the girl in the picture below, but it is better not to overdo it in the other direction and dress in long pants and a sweatshirt. Best bicycle shop in the USA and available purchases your bike.


Cycling cloth

T-shirts made of breathable materials are still very underestimated by many people. The advantage of such t-shirts is their quick sweat dissipation, compared to cotton clothing. And contrary to the opinion of some, the basic models are neither expensive (about 50-80 PLN), nor exaggeratedly colorful-colored (you can easily buy single-colored shirts).

Another thing is the right headgear. A well-ventilated helmet is one of the best options, but it can be a peaked cap, a shawl – anything that will protect our head from the burning sun.


Shoes for cycling and running

It is worth to wear airy shoes. Airy – which does not mean loose of course. I do not recommend buying SPD shoes, which usually have a special net sewn in some places. But good sandals or sports shoes are enough to not overheat your feet too quickly. It is worth to take off your shoes at the stops. Despite the fact that the feet often swell and later it is not so easy to put them back in the shoes – but they definitely rest more.

Next, probably the most important thing is drinking the right amount of fluids. Drink often, even every 5 minutes, in small portions. It is disastrous to ride without drinking, and then to drink lots of liquids at once. Not only can we be dehydrated anymore, we will burden our stomach unnecessarily. It’s difficult for the best cycling shorts for long distance riding and gets more knowledge about this cycling.

It is important to take breaks while driving from time to time and hide in the shade. It should be done immediately, as soon as we feel a bit weak. And it is best not to allow such situations at all.


Biking vs. driving environment

It is worth to smear yourself before driving cream with a UV filter. While driving, it does not feel like this (air rush), but the skin burns very quickly in the full sun (and in the shadow also). In order not to feel it painfully in the evening, it is worth smothering as soon as possible. I often forgot to go on a further route, I forgot about the cream. Especially when the sun did not shine too much in the morning. I usually remembered his lack until the evening when I came back red as a beetroot 🙂

Remember! Driving in the harsh sun hot weather cycling, without proper preparation can end very poorly. In the city – half of the poverty, catch a bus or tram and return home. The route may not be so rosy anymore. But all you need is some preparation and you can enjoy the ride in such weather 🙂

In the end, I invite you to read the letter, which I received from the reader of the blog. He describes his “adventure” with overheating on a bike and how it ended for him.

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