Hair removal for a cyclist- Shaving, waxing, laser

hair removal for a cyclist

Shaving, waxing and laser- hair removal for a cyclist is most important to bike racer the best bike us-

The most obvious sign of a novice hair removal for a cyclist is hairy legs. Even if you’re a seasoned cyclist, there’s no reason why your legs should not look as good as the best bike us rest of your outfit. Even the strongest rider simply commits an unforgivable cycling sin when he combines his skintight Lycra jersey with fur on his legs. Why this is so and how you get rid of the superfluous hair the fastest, we show you here the hybrid kike and details.

4 reasons why you should shave your legs

  1. Cycling has always been about the smallest improvements that make the difference. Hairy legs slow you down, it’s that simple. The hair worsens your aerodynamics and can cost you several seconds in a race.
  2. As a cyclist, you probably have calves made of steel, but with all the hair around, you do not even see how fit you are. No hair – pronounced calves that show that you are a cyclist through and through.
  3. Even the best cyclist makes acquaintance with the asphalt every now and then, and then it means clean the wound. Without bothersome hair on the legs, rinsing out abrasions is a lot easier.
  4. Call a professional driver who has unshaven legs. It’s just an unwritten law in professional sport, and why should not you stick to it? Even if the first 3 points did not convince you-you to want to be as good as Evans or Cavendish, then shaved legs are just part of it.

I hope you have come to your senses now and want to quickly get rid of the hair on your legs. If that’s the case, you have several options. Shaving is not the only way to keep your legs smooth.

Hair Remover # 1: The Razor


  • Fast and easy. Best in the shower. Then the job is done in no time.
  • Very cheap, even if you opt for an electric shaver. It’s best to invest your money in a high-quality razor and check the blades regularly. When the blade seems dull, it’s time for a new one and best bike us.
  • When shaving you can actually do little wrong. More than a small cut in the hectic shaving in the morning should not actually happen.


  • The end result of shaving is never 100% smooth. The razor always cuts the hair off the skin a few millimeters above the skin so that a fraction of the hair always stops.
  • The annoying hair grew very fast. Since shaving does not remove the hair directly from the root, it is quick to recover, especially in pleasantly warm temperatures.
  • Follicular inflammation (red spots and pimples) on the shaved areas – damn unpleasant side effect.

Hair Remover # 2: Growing

Waxing basically describes hair removal for a cyclist with a molten liquid applied to the skin. Once the applied wax has cooled and solidified, it is said to clench teeth and get down with the stuff (wax and hair).


  • Legs become super soft and supple.
  • Regrowth of hair takes longer than shaving.


  • Just let someone else’s legs grow, who really has a clue about it. You do not want a beginner with hot wax to fiddle with you unless you like burns and scars.
  • If you can go beyond the pain threshold on the best bike us to master the last mountain, but the thought of tweezers already causes anxiety in you, you are not made for growing. Imagine somebody pulls out all your hair, just on your leg, with hot wax.

Hair Remover # 3: The Laser

Ok, now it’s getting serious. Let’s talk about the long-term hair removal options, starting with the less painful laser. In laser hair removal, the hair follicles are bombarded with light pulses and thus destroyed. The lighter the skin type and darker the hair, the more effective the treatment. For chalk-bleached guys with pitch-black hair on both, a laser is a great option. However, laser hair removal for a cyclist to our best bike us is not a one-time affair but must be done at fixed intervals.


  • Instead of weekly shaving sessions, you’re only lasered once a month or even less frequently in hair removal.
  • With good results and effective use, the hair has sometimes disappeared for several months or even years.


  • Although it is often described as permanent hair removal, one is not hair-free for a lifetime after laser treatment. It is a permanent hair reduction.
  • The long-term effect has its price: laser hair removal is very expensive.
  • Beware of sunburn: Burned skin cannot be treated with the laser, of course, and delays your next appointment significantly.

Hair removal for a cyclist- Shaving, waxing, laser is most important But, how we will analyze Medical aspects of cycling

Hair Remover # 4: Electro epilation

Now it gets really painful. During electro epilation, a needle is stuck in your skin and the hair follicles are destroyed by a chemical substance or by heat. Electro epilation is practiced using three methods, thermolysis, electrolysis and the blend method, depending on the individual hair condition and cycling the best bike us, the skin reaction and the patient’s different sensations of pain. Often a light anesthetic is used.


  • Electro epilation is apparently the most effective and effective way to permanently remove hair. But …


  • … Also, the electro epilation is in many cases, not 100% successful, only about every third hair is really removed in the application. This makes the pain a little more unbearable.
  • As with the laser: very high costs.
  • Every single hair follicle needs to be treated with the needle. This means a lot of pain over a long period of time.
  • Pigment disorders can occur.

Finally, a small health note: This list does not describe the recommended method of hair removal for a cyclist for each person. Consult with your doctor about the methods and inform you about possible risks and side effects.

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