Cycling with a hernia – Bicycle tire repairs

Cycling with a hernia - Bicycle tire repairs

Such a phenomenon as cycling with a hernia on a bicycle tire can happen due to a strong blow to a stone, curb or any other hard object. Internal threads tightening the tire cord in a circle are torn, and the air pressure squeezes the rubber out.

It often happens that the bulge does not appear immediately after a flight into a pothole on the asphalt. You can travel a few more days, and only when the tire begins to swell. Therefore, it does not always make sense to curse the manufacturer of rubber, due to the fact that the problem popped out of the blue.

Bicycle tire

What to do if you notice a hernia on a bicycle tire. First of all, rejoice, because if the rubber had torn away somewhere far from home, you would be in a very difficult position.

Secondly, we must carefully examine the damaged place. In 90% of cases, it is better not to try to repair it, because the reliability of such a tire will tend to zero, and this is very bad if for you a bicycle is a means of transportation.

Hernia repair recovery

If the bulge is not too noticeable, then you can try to fix it. To do this, remove the tire, remove the tire repair kit. From the inside, glue the largest patch to the damaged area.

Next, you need to find a piece of thick skin, two times larger than the hernia that appeared. Go to any shoemaker, and he will pick you something from scraps. Now a thin layer of rubber glue smears the inner surface of the hernia (along with the glued patch).

Install wheels

Put a piece of leather on the glue and press it down with something heavy. Let the tire dry thoroughly, and then install it on the wheel. To begin with, do not hammer in a lot of pressure; one atmosphere is enough for the material to “stand up”.

After that, you can pump up the working pressure in the tire and look at the place where the hernia was. If the internal damage to the cord was not extensive, then most likely, the issue will be resolved. With patches, you restored the stiffness of the sidewall of the tire.

Reliability of repairable systems

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to notice the appearance of a hernia on the wheel in time, and more often than not you can do nothing. In any case, be careful after the repair – look at the damaged place every day, otherwise, you will be left without a tire at the most inappropriate moment.

In my opinion, such a decrease in reliability is not worth the cost of a new tire. Personally, I prefer to know for sure that 100 km from the house I don’t have to figure out how to organize the evacuation of a bicycle home.

New tires price

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