Cycling news podcast – Armstrong or Contador

Cycling news podcast - Armstrong or Contador

A first duel … that gave birth to a mouse! If you followed the sports news of the weekend, and especially the cycling news podcast, you have certainly focused some of your attention on the first face to face between Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador in 2010.


The Corsican roads to fight

ASO has innovated this year, proposing that the Criterium International riders move to Corsica. I think that nobody moved, between Charleville and the island of beauty, which is more in March, the choice is quickly made! Sun, sea and mountains, this was the program offered to professional runners this weekend.  A wide variety of road bike sizes and models available in the market-

For the change to be radical, the hilliest stage this year was Saturday, with a finish at the top, something that had not been experienced for many years. It was enough to attract one of the most beautiful plateaux of the beginning of the year. Judge for yourself: Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, Cadel Evans, Samuel Sanchez, Michael Rogers, Alexandre Vinokourov, David Millar, and many others … Of course, it was not enough for the media to promise us a fierce duel between the last winner of the Tour de France, and the record holder of victory in the same event.


Move along, there’s nothing to see

To the cycling news podcast is a great disappointment of the public and journalists, our two protagonists, Lance Armstrong, and Alberto Contador, was finally very discreet, considering their possibilities. So, the other motivated riders took the opportunity to set the mood. Congratulations to Pierrick Fedrigo!

To stay on the first duel of our specialists of the Tour de France, we must note some small events that reflect the psychological warfare that has occurred since last year.

Act 1: a very ordinary race for a climber, the first intermediate sprint of this International Criterium is played by Alberto Contador, who takes 3rd place, and at the same time gets a second of bonuses. No doubts, the runner of Astana are in the blow and want the victory.

Act 2: in continuity, Contador takes the race in hand and rolls his teammates. No doubts, he came to win.

Act 3: from the beginning of the final ascent, Lance Armstrong lets go, without tearing himself away. Sure, he’s not fit, and he’s here to go for miles. From that moment, one wonders who will beat King Alberto…

Act 4: the climb continues, some attacks fuse, Contador stands on the pedals, takes the lead of the group of favorites, then enters the rank. The Frenchman David Moncouti√© attack, the group accelerates; the leader of Astana is decamped! Stupor, what’s going on? Hard to say what happened, because Contador had posted his ambitions on this race. The excuse of the weekend: an allergy to pollen…

Act 5: the next day, a 7.7 km time trial around Porto Vecchio, Contador took second place at 2 “from David Millar, Lance Armstrong an honest 15th place.


The war goes on, the final battle in July

A conclusion of this weekend under the Corsican sun, the Spanish rider is much sharper than the old Texan. The roads of the Tour de France are still far, but one wonders how Lance Armstrong will be able to catch up on Contador. This one is for him better for the moment in bike shop assembly, and in against-the-clock, specialty in which the leader of RadioShack did not convince since his return to the competition.

Well, in the end, we did not learn anything new. We will say, strongly next!

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