Cycling lessons for beginners – How to choose a bike?

Cycling lessons for beginners - How to choose a bike

This guide is specially created for those who want to become cycling lessons for beginners, but due to ignorance of all the subtleties are afraid to do it.

Beginners have a lot of questions when they visit a bike shop. If earlier in the bicycle shop only a couple of models were sold, now their number is in the tens: mountain, city, sports. But, fortunately, not everything is as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to answer the following questions for you how to choose a bike, and the model of the bicycle will be determined.

First question: how far?

Undoubtedly, a trip a couple of kilometers long can be done on any bike. If you live in hilly terrain, then both a cheap bike and a standard city bike are able to do it. An ordinary person can cover this distance in about fifteen minutes. Of course, a cheap bike doesn’t inspire confidence, but the worst thing to happen in case of a breakdown is a walk.

Ten kilometers is equivalent to about an hour’s ride. For trips over such distances it already makes sense to choose a bike with a comfortable saddle and durable tires.

For trips of about fifteen kilometers in length, everything becomes much more serious. About a half hour drive should be comfortable. For long journeys, it makes sense to choose bicycles, which should be crouched (according to the laws of aerodynamics). You should also carefully consider choose a bike tires – they should be a little thinner than normal.

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Folding bikes often have a suspension to overcome the high rolling resistance of their small wheels. On such bicycles, few people travel more than seven kilometers. But the advantage of such a bike is that it can be easily folded and easily transported in a bus or train.

Second question: how many gears?

Currently available bikes that support from 1 to 33 gears. When traveling in “easy” modes fit the bike and with one gear. With an average length (about ten kilometers) for convenient movement will require approximately 5 gears.

The third question: what is the size of the wheel?

With the exception of folding bikes, there are two of the most common wheel sizes: 28 inches (sometimes indicated as 700s) and 26. Wheels of 26 inches are usually mounted on mountain bikes.

Fourth question: how much?

Some people choose a best bike; some mods choose the most expensive model. Of course, most people will choose a model in the middle of this price range. But how to determine a novice, how much to spend? You should not expect cheap mechanisms for durability and reliability in use. However, do not expect that the expensive bike will not be stolen. The bicycle is primarily a means of transportation. You do not need to choose the most sophisticated model. It is enough to choose something that wills comfortably cycling lessons for beginners move in any weather.

Last question: what size?

Bicycles, like shoes and clothes, have their own calibration. Sizes vary between brands, so do not hope that the same size from different manufacturers will be really the same in size. When choosing a bike, you should choose the bike where the distance between the groin and the crossbar will be a couple of centimeters. The saddle should be adjusted so that when you set the foot freely stood in the middle of the pedal when it is at its lowest point. The steering wheel is set at approximately the same height as the saddle.

In any case, it is better to look in advance choose a bike size to the online bicycle shop – the ratio of the length of the frame and your height – for the type of bike that you have chosen. In any case, whether it is self-adjustment or adjustment in a specialized store, it is worth making a couple of laps to determine the correctness of the settings.  

And even if you’re new, no worries! Any experienced cyclist will be happy to help a beginner because he once also started his bicycle path, nothing in this matter.

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