Cycling in extreme heat – 4 components pleasant bike ride

Cycling in extreme heat - 4 components pleasant bike ride

For some cyclists, the summer heat becomes so unbearable that they refuse to travel by bike because of cycling in extreme heat. However, there are various ways of dealing with the heat, which even at high temperatures will help to ride with pleasure. Here are the basic rules that should be followed when traveling in the warmer months. 

What are components?

1. Turn off air conditioning it is best to begin the process of preparing for summer workouts, as well as for trips in hot weather, with allowing the body to get used to high temperatures. Usually, at this time of year, the body is exposed to heat outside and cold in the room. These sudden changes in temperature cause the heat to be transferred heavier. A person, if he went outside, it becomes difficult to endure any physical exertion. The acclimatization period can be delayed for several weeks before you can absolutely comfortably ride a bike in hot weather. Of course, I do not propose to completely turn off the air conditioner at home, but it makes sense to turn it down at least a little about an hour before the trip. You can adjust it to 22 degrees instead of 18. You will be comfortable, and the body will not experience a strong shock when you leave the room, and the surrounding air will seem soft.

Bicycle clothing

2. Choose the right clothes. Another important tip for those who ride a bike in the heat is to dress properly. Here, experts are divided into two camps: some believe that a smaller amount of clothing allows the body to cool during exercise, while others believe that as many skin areas as possible should be protected from the sun. No matter which point of view you stick to, wear things from light, breathing fabrics.

Physical activity level

3. Replenish fluid loss as with any other form of physical activity in warm weather, drinking liquid before, during and after a bike ride is vital. Care should be taken to moisturize the body the day before and drink more water. Thus, on the morning of the trip, your body is already provided with a certain amount of fluid. You can start the day with smoothies or electrolytic drinks, which should be consumed an hour before the exit. During the trip, your efforts, weather conditions, the length of the course and your own weight will tell you how much to drink. You may need only an electrolytic cocktail and/or water for an hour of driving. For longer trips, a special sports drink will definitely come in handy. Use it as needed. However, it is recommended to drink 570-680 grams every hour at average temperatures and the same every 30 minutes during heat or high humidity.

A source of many problems for your bike – Best tips for cycling by high temperature in any biking-

Proper hydration

4. Restore the water balance after the trip the hydration process does not end with exercise. By the time you return home after a long trip, there is a need to fill the entire volume of the lost fluid. A common occurrence if you lose 2-4 kg in weight in truly unbearable heat. Most of this volume is water. Cycling is a great way to stay in shape. In addition, it helps to relax and unwind in the fresh air. Don’t let the heat take away your bike rides. Proper preparation, plenty of drinks and suitable clothing will allow you to enjoy the bike even on the hottest days.

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