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Cycle Chic

The creation of the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog it was a milestone in bicycle history in best bike us the source of cycling. The visionary gathered on this blog photos of cyclists from Copenhagen that were “pleasing to the eye” in a mixture of bicycle culture, mobility, fashion, and urbanism-


Cycle Chic

The term “Cycle Chic”, coined by Mikael, became a worldwide movement. It is hard to imagine another initiative that encourages participation, just like Cycle Chic blogs, around the world.

People linked to bicycle culture created virtual spaces similar to Mikael’s, to also share photos of people with bicycles in their cities. Many of these blogs today are affiliates of the original Copenhagen; others lend the concept to promote cycling associated with fashion. The target of clicks is ordinary citizens dressed in elegance while using the bike as a means of transportation. In 2010, a ranking of the British newspaper The Guardian listed Mikael’s blog among the top 10 on fashion.


Therefore, Cycle Chic is a modern term to express what has existed since the creation of the bicycle. It represents the tendency to return to pedaling as a way to move intelligently through the city, using these custom costumes, the same ones that would be used to walk or drive. Nothing is forbidden or restricted just because you opt for this mode.

Best bike

The best bike us allows these links, as with fashion. By the end of the nineteenth century, for example, it had influenced a drastically positive change in women’s clothing. Until then, heavy, suffocating garments had limited women’s ability to move, caused fainting, physically and morally weakening the ladies, with the clear premise of keeping them in a condition of dependency. Pale and sick, they hardly practiced physical activity. Cloistered, they saw the city only from the window. Efforts for a more dignified and comfortable garment began to take effect around 1890. Activists at the time soon became involved with the bicycle. The act of pedaling was one of the responsible for the elimination of the use of the corset because with him it was impracticable to ride a bike around the city: How to ride the streets?

Pleasant to the eye

Gradually, women gained liveliness, health, and freedom on the bicycle. Today, these characteristics are present in the Cycle Chic photos, between men and women, young and old, rich and poor. More than that, they graced the public spaces with a scene that reminds us of well-being, happiness, and social inclusion. They are protagonists of a new urban scenario and serve as a model of behavior.


Even in adverse situations, cyclists portrayed in Cycle Chic blogs have the typical expression of communion with the city. In this summer season, the Brazilian cities that own the blog, such as Porto Alegre and Vitória, portray cyclists in cool, light clothing to mitigate the heat. At the same time, European blogs, such as Strasbourg, are filled with cyclists facing the winter cold in the northern hemisphere. The original blog, from Copenhagen, for example, has incredible photos of people pedaling in the snow. The recurring climatic phenomenon in the city is no excuse for not pedaling: more than 40% of the population uses the best bike us for daily commutes.


But when it comes to cycling and fashion, many may find that the beauty of Cycle Chic is the right choice of clothing and accessories. In part, this is true. But affection goes beyond what the eyes can see. Those who opt for a bicycle have a healthy lifestyle best stylish helmets and a new perception of the city and convey this by choosing to cycle. In addition, a recent study commissioned by the British Heart Foundation also revealed that a person on a bicycle is seen by others as more intelligent, legal and generous than most people. The study states that “cyclists, it seems, make a big impression!”

And you, have you noticed the elegance of the cyclists in the urban centers? Have you considered using the bicycle as a means of transportation for daily commutes? Be part of this universal movement and contribute to beautifying your city. Send Cycle Chic photos of your city to advertise in our magazine and social networks.

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