Conditions in foreign cycling trips

Conditions in foreign cycling trips

Characteristics of the countries where cyclists often travel on cycling trips.

Finland, Sweden, Norway

Visa: issued relatively liberal, although Schengen.

Overnight: there is no ban on the installation of tents.

Local population: tourists are taken for granted.


Visa: issued without problems, at the entrance to the country.

Overnight: tents can be put almost everywhere, although there are cheap hotels everywhere.

Local population: it treats tourists well, but we must take care not to be deceived (in the market).

Notes: something where you can meet with oriental temperament.


Visa: tough visa policy.

Accommodation: in most places, tents can be set up without problems.

The local population: the tourist is treated friendly to the source of their income.


Visa: quite bureaucratic receipt.

Accommodation: in some places, you can put up a tent, but with the existing infrastructure of hotels and campgrounds with affordable prices, it makes no sense to search for accommodation in another place.

Local population: tourists in the Czech Republic are normal, and they pay little attention.


Visa: without further ado issued at the embassy.

Overnight: in the mountains, you can, on the plain problematic.

Local people: friendly.

Notes: the service is unobtrusive.

Baltic countries

Visa: get hard enough.

Accommodation: many places where you can put up a tent.

Local population: treats tourists normally.

Western Europe: Germany, Italy, France, England, etc., USA and Canada

Visa: strict visa policy, high requirements for documents, is often denied.

Accommodation: as a rule, tents cannot be set up, prices in hotels are high, the only way out is camping.

Local population: the attitude is normal.


Visa: despite the large number of requirements, getting a visa is quite simple.

Overnight: tents can be set up in desert areas and along the shores of the Dead Sea;

Local population: friendly, especially former compatriots.

Notes: with an Israeli visa may not be allowed in some Arab countries.


Visa: put at the airport.

Overnight: tents can be put almost everywhere.

Local people: begging, extortion of money, they want something to sniff.

Notes: The best places for cycling are the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea Coast. The best bicycle route planner on your bicycle tour.


Visa: for a short period, a visa is not needed.

Overnight: tents can be set only in the north in mountainous areas and in the south near the sea.

Local population: friendly, always ready to help.


Visa: no problem at the embassy.

Overnight: tents can be set everywhere.

The local population: friendly, problems are very rare.

Notes: poor drinking water and hygiene during the hike.


Visa: issued without problems at the embassy or consulate.

Accommodation: in the north, tents can be set up cycling trips everywhere, in the densely populated south of the most problematic campsites and cheap hotels.

The local population: friendly, but there are cases of extortion.

Notes: unsanitary conditions, there is no order on the roads.


Visa: difficult to get and quite expensive.

Overnight: in some places, tents can be put, in others it is impossible.

Local people: friendly.

Notes: bureaucracy, extortion of officials, there are areas where foreigners cannot be.

States of Central Asia, except Turkmenistan

Visa: not required.

Overnight: tents can be set up everywhere.

The local population: friendly, but sometimes there are problems.

Notes: exactions of officials, the laws are not always executed.

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