Bikes for beginner cyclists – To seal a punctured wheel

Bikes for beginner cyclists - How to seal a punctured wheel

Yes, this is the case: suddenly you will have a punctured wheel, and it is worthwhile to tackle this problem in advance. To do this, it is best to have a pump, a spare rubber patch, repair glue, bicycle keys and patience in a backpack. 

Remove the tire

Hook at the rounded end of the key, press between the rim and the tire to pick it up. We cling to the second end of the key on the knitting needle and hold it in order to prevent the key from jumping out. Then we insert the second key into the opened part and drag it clockwise to remove the tire from the rim (only one side of the tire is removed).

Looking for a puncture site

Remove the camera and pump it up to find a punched hole in the rubber because will have a punctured wheel. Two holes at a short distance – a possible cut from the key, clamping the camera between the tire and the rim. One hole – a nail or a piece of glass. If you are at home, you can put the inflated camera in a container with water – when you push the puncture from the puncture site will bubbles. Put the camera aside and check the inside of the tire with your fingers so that the wheel is not pierced by the same object.

Beginner cyclists and seal a puncture bicycle wheel. Increase the number of adjusting gears on a bicycle?

We seal the hole

We clean the area around the hole and decrease with gasoline or alcohol, and then sand the place with sandpaper. If there is a glue-free patch, simply lay it on the punched area (preferably the hole was in the center of the patch) and firmly press it to the camera. For a patch with glue, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of repair glue on the camera and on the patch. Then we wait for half a minute until the glue is ready, and with the great force, we stick the patch to the camera. If there are no patches with you, it is better to fold the camera into a backpack and fix it at home. The tire itself can be stuffed with grass so that it is not badly damaged during transportation, but even after that, you should not continue to go on a bicycle.

Install the camera

We lower the new or repaired camera completely and insert it into the tire. Then from the valve in a circle set the tire on the rim. The keys are not recommended to be used here since it is highly likely to pierce a newly repaired camera during boring. Having tucked the camera into the tire, we make sure that no parts are clamped between the rim and the tire, and the nipple stands straight. Then we pump up the wheel completely, periodically making sure that the tire is installed correctly.

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