Best cycling shorts for long distance riding

best cycling shorts

Bike shorts are the topic most often discussed on the forums about cycling. The diagram is always the same. Beginner cyclist asks: “What are the best cycling shorts for me?”. Sometimes it will add its types found in some online store. The average budget is somewhere between 100 and 200 zlotys. Most often such a person is recommended a specific model of shorts, advertising it with the words “I drive in such and they are ok” (probably in the name of the proverb “Every saffron praises his tail). It’s also difficult to find advice on the choice of insert, cut or quality of specific pants. Today is the time to change it.



Hands, bottom, and feet are three points of support. It is on them that the weight of your body rests when you are pedaling. The biggest pressure is on the bottom. Sitting on the saddle, about 60% of your body weight is based on two pelvic points called sciatica. When you feel a burning sensation after training or a ride, know that you have aching muscles in your buttocks that were squeezed between the surface of the saddle and sciatica. I have a road bike and MTB. I go on short trips, on a journey with panniers, or on distances of 200 kilometers or even 300 kilometers in one day.



braces made of mesh
the shape of the insert
the material from which the insole is sewn
the material from which the trousers are sewn
seamless technology
production quality

Best padded cycling shorts women’s are available on the best bike us are more most effective and valuable the public demand- 


Bike shorts with braces increase ride comfort and enough! You do not believe? Try it. Just remember to choose shorts with suspenders made of mesh. It increases perspiration discharge in relation to braces made of a homogeneous material. The shape of the insert and the material it is sewn from are basically the most important aspect of buying shorts. I am a strong opponent of Coolmax inserts, which have a problem with sweat.
After a few hours of driving my pad was wet, leading to chafes in my four letters. I tolerated this state, being completely unaware that it could be different. It was a few years ago and I do not know what progress has been made in this area in recent years, but I would be happy to read your observations on this subject. Shorts should be tight, not just for the first wash. If you buy a brand product (even the one from the bottom shelf) then you have nothing to fear. It’s nice if the pants are made of as many panels as possible because it increases the degree of fit of the cut to the silhouette. Just pay attention to their connections.

If you see stitching inside, draw this model from the list. Imagine a piece of slightly rough material rubbing 20,000 times against your thigh. Do you already have reddened skin before your eyes? Imagine that you have just gone through the first day of your 5-day trip and you’re still waiting for 80,000 reps. In the end, I leave the quality of workmanship. Hardly anyone would like to buy best cycling shorts, knowing that they will soon be torn apart. Check before buying whether the threads “do not go out”. Stretch them and check the joining of the panels. Such a simple procedure will give you some idea about the quality of the watched clothing.



Okay, best cycling shorts for women reviews. I’m just writing here about men’s pants, what about women? For women, bicycle shorts manufacturers have predicted a different cut of braces and a completely different shape of the insert. Unfortunately, on the Polish market, the choice of sensible pants for ladies is quite poor. I am thinking here only about shorts with braces. Choosing a May last year, my girlfriend had to buy cycling shorts. Then I saw with my own eyes how hard it is to be a girl who likes to ride a bike from best bike us is the great moment.

Up to PLN 150, we found only one women’s cycling shorts with suspenders. In the price of 180 PLN, you could order from two producers of women’s shorts (different cut, different insole), but only one of them offered the insertion of women’s braces instead of men’s. In the area of 200 to 250 zlotys, you could find a few bicycle skirts, and several pairs of shorts with braces and a decent insole (most often they were the ends of the collection at a reduced price).

Women’s boxer shorts offer only a few companies on our market, and half of them are not worth attention. However, this is a great alternative because we can put leggings or your favorite dress on top. Bicycle skirts are also a sensation on the Polish market and we have several cross-pieces to choose from. Unfortunately, I did not have any contact with them, nor do I know people who would use them. I met the opinions of women who ride in men’s pants and are very happy with them. However, this is a very small percentage of women and do not be ill that you will also belong to them, because men’s insoles should be comfortable for men.

The biggest problem in the case of women’s clothing is the ignorance of producers and sellers, manifesting themselves in the form of a lack of description and photos of the insole that was used in shorts/b boxers/skirts However, there are beautiful descriptions of how beautiful they will look in them, there are large pictures showing beautiful floral patterns, etc. Sory, I do not buy it. Approach the subject with care, and the rotation of women’s pants will jump by a few hundred percents.


You spend a thick has on clothes so it’s great that they have some ultra bagpipes. However, retractable rockets, storage for a sandwich with jam, or three-layer self-propelled concrete mower will not make any impression on anyone. This is an amazing technology involving the sewing in of silver threads that prevent the production of unsightly odors. Something stinks here, probably marketing balancing … Well, neither nanosilver nor supernatural,  MERYL SKINLIFE will not remove bad smells.

These are goodies that you can boast of your friends because nobody should make an impression on anyone else. Why? Going for a one-day ride/training, we can wash our shorts in the evening. Riding four days in the same pants (washing each day) we stink so much that people move away from us. MERYL SKINLIFE and NANOSREBRA will not help. Only laundry and bathing can help here.


During the ride, the body begins to release an increased amount of heat to facilitate its transfer, the skin then covers up. With its evaporation, excess heat is removed. Each layer of clothing (even thermoactive) disrupts and slows down the heat dissipation process, which is why:

If you intend to buy shorts, check whether the model you choose certainly has the cartridge specified by me! For example, Despite, Model’s shorts have an HT90GEL insert, and now they have TEOSPORT HT300L or TMF 3FUN, except for the Mimo Design Body, which has an HT90II insert.

Inserts are listed according to the alphabet, so do not be implied that the ones in the upper part of the list are better than those below. Unfortunately, there is no rule and one will be satisfied with a cheap HT90 GEL, and the second will be satisfied only with the hi-end ERGO 3D PRO or ELITE 3D. It is said that right is like an ass and everyone has their own, and this proverb fits perfectly with today’s entry. Searching the web for information on shorts I met with opinions that Craft’s insert is quickly patting, the Endura 400-series insert is not at all comfortable, and the Mavica shorts are quite delicate.

The HT90 GEL insert (in gray) is thick, contains gel elements and has pierdeliard panels. It turns out, however, that it is less convenient than ELITE 3D Chamois® (orange). Do you want to buy only one short? Invest in the best model. If you know that sooner or later you will buy the next one, take a chance and buy something cheaper to start with, eg shorts with an HT90 GEL insert. I have been riding both models since the holidays of 2013 and I am very happy. In the Pearl, I have already traveled over 200 km in one day and the butt did not hurt me (it hurt, but marginally, it was a long distance).


I have a rule that every piece of clothing made of “technical fabrics” I wash in gray soap. I do this with thermoactive underwear, softshell jackets, and waterproof membranes. The gray soap does not contain compounds that could adversely affect the membrane or thermoactive fabric. I wash my clothes by hand, in lukewarm water, and if I have the option, I check if the water temperature is no more than 40 degrees Celsius. This is important especially for rainwear because too high a temperature can damage the membrane.

It is also important to rinse the pants thoroughly in clean water, especially if the (nearby) were washed in powder because soaked with detergents diaper increases the risk of chafes. Washing in soap has an additional advantage. When driving on a journey, you take only the soap that will be used for both washing and washing. Just remember to rinse thoroughly so that your cycling shorts do not get covered with foam during the rain. If you want to explore the topic of washing thermoactive clothes a lot, then look at the guide that I have prepared: How do you wash thermoactive or diaphragm clothing?


First of all, after each day of riding, you should wash your bottom, groin, and groin, and then wipe dry thoroughly. When we wash, put on a loose, breathable underwear. Now we can apply a thin layer of cream to the place exposed to sore spots (preferably rub well). The next day, just before the ride, we rub the butt and groin again, but this time we put on more cream and do not rub it too much into the skin.

The most popular creams are Assos Chamois, Sixtus, Nalini Basic Relief, Sportique Century Riding Cream, Xenofit Second Skin, Ozone Endurance Protect Cream. They have ingredients that reduce friction, antibacterial, and even cooling. A cheap alternative is Atlanta or Sudocrem, Oceanic Millan Baby or Alezin. They do not perform as well as more expensive creams, but they are cheaper and easier to access. If, despite these treatments, you experience severe chafes, try to drive with greater cadence. If this does not help, you’ll probably have to change the saddle to a narrower one. A rather interesting solution is ” Chamois cream for the poor ” proposed by Szymonbike.


Same cycling shorts will not give you anything if, you will ride on an uncomfortable saddle, I know this because I myself went through it. Despite the comfortable insole, I felt a real fire on the buttocks, because the previous saddle was too soft to ride in pants with an insert. I bought a new one, much harder and no more discomfort. I use the old saddle in city bikes and do very well on short distances. As we are already at the saddles, see how to properly position the saddle in the bike, because I bet you have set the wrong. Do you accept a bet?


Before buying shorts, take time to visit several stores, ask your friends and read reviews on the internet. Do not save money on comfortable cycling shorts. When you buy them, remember not to put anything underneath! Take good care of hygiene while driving, remember about anti-bacterial creams, and do not use detergents to wash your pants and underwear. So, that is the great moment to best cycling shorts for long rides.

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