Beginner tips – Seasonal break in long cycling

Beginner tips - Seasonal break in long cycling

A cyclist who has lost his shape after a seasonal break in long cycling, which lasted several months or even more, may have problems with pain in the leg muscles and pain from the saddle of the bike.

Beginner cycling tips

At the cycling lessons for beginners of the first trips, without the absence of workouts, the legs quickly get tired, as they get tired, most of the cyclist’s mass will go over to the saddle, and then problems start with pain from the saddle.

A large number of complaints of pain from the saddle are usually explained by the fact that the cyclist started the new season with trips that are much longer than those that his physical training allows.

If the period during which you regularly did not ride a bike is several months, then you can expect severe pain after any more or less serious distance.

Riding a bike to work

When resuming cycling, after a break of months or even years, the only solution to the problem of pain is to gradually increase the load, that is, limit the first trip to very short routes, perhaps about 1.5-3 kilometers. Over time, you need to gradually increase the distance. It is possible that this will take quite a long period.

Some may be disappointed by this state of affairs – I want to immediately go for longer distances, but there really isn’t any other method for re-adapting to cycling.

Physical benefits

Of course, any person who is in more or less decent physical form may, after a seasonal break in cycling, ride him and wind 20 or 30 kilometers on the first day, but you should be warned that after that he will feel wrecked if correctly will not prepare your body for a ride. Moreover, after such a heroic act will have to take a long break in cycling, before the acute pain ceases.

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