Beginner cycling bikes – How to start a novice cyclist?

Beginner cycling bikes - How to start a novice cyclist

How to start a novice cyclist? Everything we need to know. The bicycle is an economical and environmentally friendly form of transport. Riding on it strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases the volume of the lungs. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike or can learn it very quickly.

Some people are not limited to weekend trips, wanting to participate in professional and sports races. To prepare for the amateur cycling marathon, especially if you are already 30 years old, you need to carefully prepare your body. How to prepare novice cyclist for long distance cycling trips.

How to start cycling

The degree of training loads depends on what kind of physical condition you are in. In addition to cycling, you need to include in the training program the following exercises: daily jogging, squats, stretching exercises and strengthening the muscular system. Tips for the novice cyclist Security. Despite the fact that a bicycle is a relatively safe form of transport, emergency situations occur when riding it.

Professional novice cyclists always ride with a helmet on their heads. Proper equipment can prevent serious damage from falling. In many European countries, it is forbidden to drive without protective gear, especially at sporting events. Constant training. If you want to achieve serious results in cycling, you need to train every day. It is not necessary to look for a partner in order to ride 3-4 times a week.  

Winter cycling

In winter, you can train on a stationary bike or cycle track. A gradual increase in speed. If your body is not prepared for serious cardio training, you need to gradually increase the load. Start with daily runs and cycling every weekend. For a start, you can drive a few laps in the park or along the streets nearby the house. Over time, it will be possible to arrange trips outside the city and even small tourist tours.

Control the speed. Professional athletes measure their success at an average speed. However, your main task at first is to constantly increase the distance and endurance of your body. Over time, you will get used to 40-60 km races, and they will become familiar to you. Only after that, you need to move on to build up the pace.

Cycling for beginners training plan

Do not try to set records from the first months of training. Many novice cyclists agree to an offer from professionals and participate in serious rides at a distance of 100-200 kilometers or competitions. But only well-trained people are able to travel such distances daily. Seriously go to the bike equipment. If you are going to participate in marathons, you must invest in a vehicle. Firstly, high-quality tires should be installed on a professional bike. This is especially important for driving out of town. Tire weight and tread pattern are responsible for the ease of travel. Secondly, on a good bike install contact pedals.

Best pedals for beginners

The result of this upgrade will be felt very strongly during acceleration and will dramatically improve the handling of the bike. Contact pedals allow you to better distribute the load and help to form a whole between the person and the bicycle structure. Thirdly, pay attention to the choice of the best saddle. It should be as suitable as possible for you. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate normally in long distances.

To become a professional, you need to get cycling clothes at the beginning of your sports career. It is aerodynamic, comfortable, well removes excess moisture and, in general, allows much less fatigue. In addition, it is not afraid to fall under the rain, because it dries very quickly.

Brand selection

An inexpensive bike is a fairly simple design. In the budget segment, almost all models of any brands are similar in technical characteristics. Trust large and well-known equipment manufacturers, for example, Shimano or SRAM. They produce components, which are then assembled into one integral structure by various frame manufacturers, who give their name to the resulting bicycle.

It should be noted that in many budget models use the simplest and cheapest components, so remember the simple rule – a normal bike will cost about $ 300. In this bike will not be frankly failed solutions and low-quality components, and it will be quite enough to start training.

Bicycle named desire

Then you can understand what you are missing: high-quality tires, a more expensive transmission, powerful shock absorbers or comfortable seating. To participate in amateur marathons, you need not only a bicycle and a desire to participate in them. Constant training, the correct mode of the day and nutrition will prepare your body for long races novice cyclist so that you get maximum pleasure from them.

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