Basic rules of the road safety for cyclists

Basic rules of the road safety for cyclists

On road:

  • Behave yourself predictably and confidently, but do not consider yourself the king of the road. Respect both drivers and other road safety for cyclists.  
  • Follow the rules of the road: the bike is a vehicle, and everyone is equal on the roadway.
  • On the road, you can only go in the direction of movement – in any case not to meet. If you were told in your childhood that it’s safest to move towards a moving vehicle, now you drive the vehicle yourself, and driving in the opposite lane is a traffic violation.
  • The cyclist should move on the road as far as possible to the side of the road. If cars are parked to your right, you need to drive one meter away from them – so you will protect yourself from the suddenly opened car door. By the way, if the door is still opened, and you crashed into it, you yourself were to blame for the accident, as you entered the car in place.
  • Like any other driver, you must stop at a red and yellow traffic light, and also pre-calculate your strength to overcome the intersection during a flashing green light.
  • In anticipation of the green light, take a seat at the intersection in front of cars – so you can see better, but do not stand on the zebra or at the corner – the first one is inconvenient for pedestrians, the second is not safe.
  • If you want to change lanes in front of the intersection where the right lane is just to turn right, look around, check that there is room for your change, show your left hand extended to the left, make sure once again that you have room to maneuver, and move. If there is no place for rebuilding, take your time, it may be time to rebuild while everyone is standing at a traffic light or wait for the right moment.
  • Show with your hands the direction of your movement in advance and, if possible, until the end of the maneuver (to the right – with the extended right hand, to the left – with the extended left hand, braking – with the extended hand)
  • Always skip pedestrians – drivers take their cue from cyclists.
  • A cyclist cannot turn left on those roads where there is more than one lane or there are tram rails.
  • Use the lanes for public transport – they are the safest for movement are road safety for cyclists, although the traffic rules and prohibits moving on them (attention, for movement on the public transport strip, you can get a fine!).  
  • Be careful, passing by the arches and exits from the courtyards – from there suddenly the car can leave. The slower and farther from them you pass the less risk of an accident.
  • Be careful near wagons and large vehicles – the “blind” zone of such cars is very large, and their drivers may not see you at all either to the left, or to the right, or in front of you. It is better to pass forward – do not go for overtaking!
  • Use sidewalks as little as possible, and if you’ve still driven along it, be respectful of pedestrians – this is their territory. Ask them in advance to give way and thank, move slowly and look where you are going so that people oncoming will understand where you are going. Be attentive to dogs on leashes – it is better to drive around them from the opposite side of the host. Drive children as slowly as possible – they are unpredictable.
  • Turn on the lights (front and rear) in the evening and at night. It is advisable to wear a helmet and additional reflective elements on clothing.
  • From April 8, 2014, new amendments to the traffic rules will be in effect – read and be careful!

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In case of an accident:

  • Call the insurance company, DPS and ambulance.
  • Leave the scene untouched before the insurance agent arrives, try to move smaller.
  • Do not agree to take money from the driver for the damage caused to you – after visiting the tram point; the damage may be much more serious than during your initial examination of yourself and the bicycle.

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