A guide cycling tips for beginners – Equipment and safety

A guide cycling tips for beginners - Equipment and safety

What kind of protection will be needed to improve safety cycling tips for beginners when riding a bicycle and that bicycle accessories can be bought first of all – in more detail in the second part of the guide for beginners cyclists.  

Sports helmet

There is a common misconception that cycling is pretty dangerous. But in contrast, the simple fact is that the benefits of driving outweigh the potential risk of injury in the 40 to 12 ratio. In worldwide, there is no law prescribing the mandatory wearing of a bicycle helmet – this is the personal choice of everyone, but wearing this type of equipment serves as a kind of insurance from getting a head injury. Before buying, it is enough to make sure that the helmet size is chosen correctly.


Sometimes you have to ride a bike in the dark. That is what lights are required for. Today, in any bicycle shop you can buy LEDs: they are bright, attract attention, are easily removed. Old-fashioned lamps with their dim lights are almost a thing of the past, although sometimes they are found on vintage and ladies’ bikes. All sorts of LED-backlights for the frame, wheels, steering and the entire bike are abundant on the market.

Reflectors and other reflectors

The principle of operation of reflectors is that the light moves to the reflector and back to its source. Light reflectors allow you to create your three-dimensional image, visible to almost all road users. Typically, reflectors are already installed on the pedals of the bicycle andunder the saddle, but you can always add reflective stickers or tape to theframe and rims of the wheels, clothing or backpack. The advantages of thiselement of security are its availability and low cost.


Many bikes are initially equipped with luggage racks. Of course, they cannot be used for the transportation of dimensional or multi-kilogram items. However, you can easily put lunch or sportswear into it, freeing your arms and shoulders from your bags or backpack and increasing your maneuverability. The trunk can be located both in front of the wheel and on the rear wheel.

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Cycling clothes

Clothing for riding in the cold season should be multi-layered. Most often, clothing consists of 3 layers: the base layer, then the thermal layer (the number of thermal layers may increase depending on the season) and the outer waterproof layer. Different parts of clothes perform different functions. A jersey or jacket protects the lower back, cover hands from the cold, sweat out. Cycle gloves will keep you warm and protect your skin. Bicycle curtains guarantee ease of movement, especially at high speeds.

You should not buy the most expensive clothes – for sure you are not a professional cyclist and you do not need such a wardrobe. Enough tobuy those things that retain heat, have good ventilation and do not get wet. Remember that not in a bicycle suit happiness is happiness in the presence of a bicycle and resource of the best cycling tips for beginners.

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