6 tips for ride cycling in wind weather

tips for ride cycling in wind weather

Wind can disrupt any bike ride cycling in wind weather. It makes us freeze, takes away strength and can slow down to the speed of a turtle. But there are ways to counter this. Instead of letting nature take over, take advantage of these tips and make your trip in windy weather more pleasant.

Cycling in strong wind

1. Use a bicycle handlebar drop the lower the position on the bike, the less you are subject to gusts of wind. Using the steering wheel drops will improve aerodynamics and protect your breasts from strong winds. Pedal spinning will be easier, and stability will increase.

2. Move slower To maintain a speed of 20 miles/hour with a headwind of 10 miles/hour, you will be required two times more effort than in normal conditions. Do not be disappointed by the decrease in speed in windy weather, look at this slowdown philosophically. Riding with a constant headwind is like riding uphill. The desire to maintain speed only exhausts you. You will enjoy the ride more if you slow down and take it easy. However, you can take the opportunity and practice pedaling at a higher pace.

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3. Choose the right clothes loose clothing in the wind will act as a parachute. Clothing, tight to the body, will create much less resistance. Do not forget about the zipper on your clothes: it should be kept all the way buttoned up to the neck.

4. Agree with a partner under normal conditions, riding behind another cyclist will save you about 30% of energy. In the wind, the cycling in wind benefits may be even greater. If possible, drive this way with a partner, changing the order of movement every 30-60 seconds. When you are driving from behind, try to be as close as possible to the rear wheel in front of the riding cyclist. Such a ride will help you recover physical strength.  

5. Be careful with side wind. With a side wind, to maintain balance, you will be forced to lean left or right. Be careful when large cars or trucks pass by: these vehicles will momentarily block the movement of air masses, forcing you to change the angle of inclination. Keep your elbows and arms relaxed to avoid skids. When driving on a sloping track with side wind continue to use the pedals. Driving in these conditions is more difficult, and pedaling will help you maintain balance.

6. Use wind to your advantage fortunately, the wind does not always blow in the face. When it blows from behind, your straight back will perform the sail function. Let the wind do the work for you. It is a reward for all the efforts that were required from you when you were driving against the wind.

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