24 things you should not do if you start cycling

Best bike us- 24 things you should not do if you start cycling

For novice cyclists, the ‘rules’ and ‘etiquette’ on the best bike us can seem overwhelming and frightening. Everyone has an opinion about what you should and should not do. We know at least what you should not do if you do not do 24 things below if you want to start cycling then you’ll be well-rested with regard to your new cycling friends.


You should not do if you start cycling

1- Put a necklace tattoo

This is the only tattoo for which you do not have to go to the tattoo shop. You recognize the novice cyclist directly on a pair of black links on your calf that are there because a road bike has no standard and so he can lean against your leg.

2- Click your pedals too late

The most hilarious, shameful and dangerous beginner’s mistake there is. It looks funny, of course, when there is another beginner in the ditch or before a traffic light falls over, but with such a fall from a standstill, you can get lulled injuries and even broken bones. Although you do not really count in the peloton without collarbone fracture, it is not the intention that you become a member of the club during the first ride.


3- Driving varying tempos

Do not make your new odometer a yo-yo, this device also needs a little getting used to your speed. If you are going to start racing bikes then pick up a slow pace with a low heart rate and slowly increase to a pace that can last for longer than two minutes.


4- Buying expensive clothing

Looks are important in cycling, at least as important as your legs. But make sure it is in relation to each other. As a novice cyclist, it is nowhere necessary to buy terribly expensive clothing, but as a novice with the latest collection of Rapha arrives a bit sad (if Rapha wants me to test their clothes they can contact them). Your looks are as good as your legs. Your legs determine when you are allowed to step up in terms of looks. Always keep this in mind when buying cycling clothing.


5- No Camelbak

No matter how tempting it sounds, a cyclist is not a camel. We have to suck our water from a water bottle. Such a crazy backpack with water bag is only allowed for mountain bikers. For starting wannabe cyclists an absolute no-go area.


6- A journey of 100 kilometers to drive

Start with a 30-kilometer ride. See if you can do that within the hour. Probably not, but those who do not dare remain virgins. An hour of cycling is long enough for the first time, the second time you can try 50 kilometers and after that, you can build up your average speed on rounds of 50 kilometers. After a few months you can increase the mileage and when you are ready (you know best when that is) you step for a whole day on the bike to cycle 100 kilometers.


7- Do not wear a helmet

This goes without saying.

The important thing- we usually need to search the following online before starting cycling:

-Starting cycling at 50
-How to start cycling training?
-Cycling for beginners training plan
-How to start cycling to lose weight?
-How to start cycling for fitness?
-Getting started cycling
-How to start cycling at the gym?
-Road bike for beginners


Do you still ride without a helmets? Then be sensible and check out the Futurumshop assortment here


8- Wear a Rabobank outfit

Just like an outrageous expensive outfit, it is also not-done to wear a non-fitting (and therefore fluttering) shirt that you still have in the closet from the time that Michael Boogerd won tournaments. The beginner is immediately recognized by this and nobody wants to cycle with you. What you can best wear are black trousers and a neutral black shirt. You do not have to prove anything.


9- Making unexpected movements

For your fellow road users, it is so nice when you just look at you and not at every mill, estate or cow your head turns around so you ride in the middle of the road. Or worse still driving yourself into the ditch.


10- Cycling without hands

Safety first. Without your hands on the steering wheel, your bike is uncontrollable, especially when you are driving on it for the first time. For the straightening of your precious parts, it is best to stop by the side. Can you immediately pee a pee? If your device is working at least. disclaimer: this section I can only describe for men as I am a man myself.


11- Earplugs in your ears

It is not that your team leader shouts information about the track in your ears, so earplugs in your head are completely unnecessary!


12- Drive in a group

You can only drive your first lap. Doing a social round with friends is indeed nicer, but better not. The dynamics of driving in a group is enormous and the phenomena from the wind and head-to-head driving are difficult to master at once.


13- Braking in a decent

A descent is the reward of climbing. If you unexpectedly encounter such a Dutch molehill on your first ride, make sure that you enjoy maximum during the descent. Let the wind whizzed past your ears and steer skillfully along pits and bumps. It is strongly advised against bunny hopping in a decent, you can be very ugly with it.


14- Do not brake in a decent

Not being at all braking is perhaps even more stupid. Braking is done before the corner, not in the bend. You can make strings on long-running pieces and possibly on stairs. By the way, if you are not such a hero in a decent, just watch this movie and you understand what I mean by enjoying the descent.


15- Cycling under your cycling shorts with a pair of underpants

That Bauke Mollema made his first ride with his boxer shorts really does not mean you can. If you want to be laughed at, do this. Learn more about a checklist for bike tours and great moment-


16- Go out without eating and drinking

When you go cycling for the first time you will be amazed at how tired you can become of an hour of cycling. During the building of the season, I have more than once made the beginner’s mistake to bring too little food and drinks, so I had to stumble into a neighborhood supermarket with a hunger heap looking for a coke and a chocolate bar. Since then I always take a bar with me more than I think I need.


17- Have a too big mouth

If cyclists hate something, it is a big mouth. Do not come up with tough talk about your new (expensive) bike, your new (expensive) clothes, your (high) average speeds, your (low) heartbeat and more. Most cyclists are not that impressed. First, try to keep the wheel of your predecessor. The better you can let your legs speak once, then the bragging will come naturally. If you need it.


18- Switch to your wrong blade

Hey, shit. A viaduct. Maybe I should take it on the inside page. ” Just a thought that can come up during a first ride. Do not make sure that you accidentally switch to your outside leaf, so that you fall over from inertia. Try to make the switch on a flat road. After a few trips, you have mastered it!


19- Just joining a group

In principle, you only cycle your first target, but if a group catches up and you can hook up, ask one of them if it is okay that you drive a bit. In no case will this be a problem, but it is so neat to indicate that you lift a bit. If you have the opportunity, it will be appreciated if you come to the top and make a contribution to the group.


20- Do not have a good bicycle pump at home

A good bicycle pump costs money. Draw a good budget for the purchase of a good bicycle pump. One of the HEMA will not meet. One of your local bicycle mechanic though. Now that we’re talking about that; always buy as much as possible from your local bicycle mechanic. You can buy more difficult parts and clothing online.

Look here for good offers for bicycle pumps


21- Assemble a bell on your bike

If we want to catch up with someone, we’ll call back neatly and well in time! ” so that the grandfather or grandmother who cycles in the track has enough time to go. In passing, we thank as well as thanks again! “To call. A bell only costs weight and frightens people.


22- Nothing oils

Even though your best bike us is just new and everything should do it perfectly, always remember that a syringe WD-40 does wonders on all moving parts. If all goes well, your bicycle mechanic has delivered the chain well oiled, if that is not the case then lubricates it and maintains it well.


23- Continue cycling if you can not

As said, you have to stop in time if you feel that you do not get one leg for the other. The beauty of cycling is that you always have an excuse to make a coffee stop. Make use of it, the person who gives you your coffee has no idea if it is your second or third stop. Just cool up the terrace and order. This way you immediately get a good impression of the different coffee tents in the area!


24- Have no knowledge of cycling etiquette

Make sure you get in on your bike after getting the cycling code of Het is Kiers! Have read

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