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Are you planning to ride tips for cycling in a group or a tour this year? Or do you want to join a cycling club or if it is our best bike us? Then it will certainly happen that you come to ride in a group. The tips below ensure that you know where you start one. Not only educational for newbies, but also useful tips for experienced cyclists!

  1. Keep your line 

A group can make quite a few weird movements because someone cannot keep their handlebar straight. So try to keep your line as much as possible, this also means that it is sometimes better to go full of that well instead of at the very last moment and keep cycling computer like- CatEye – Strada Wireless Cycle Computer in group cycling.

  1. Unloading is part of it

Each group has its weak and strong links. If you connect or drive in a group of strangers, it is possible that they will drive you off. Nothing to be ashamed of, everyone cycles on his own level. With a group ride with acquaintances, it is so neat to keep the SUST (together from home together) principle. The group then drives as fast as the weakest link can.

  1. Be alert to the accordion effect

In a group, it can often happen that a hole is formed after a bend and an accordion effect starts. This means that everyone starts sprinting to get back in, as soon as the last wheel has been reached, there must be a lot of braking, where the risk of falls is great. At each turn next curve the weather starts from the beginning. Be alert and try to keep the wheel of your predecessor as much as possible during a turn.

  1. Stay in the front

This is not only the reason that Lance Armstrong won the Tour seven times. If you are in the front you do not (or at least less) suffer from the accordion effect as an amateur, saving energy and making it easier to ride. This often means that you regularly get a turn in the lead, so make sure you are strong enough and stay to take turns in the lead.


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  1. Close holes yourself

As said, it is important to drop my possible gaps, if it does happen then it is so neat to make the effort by the wind to drive it close and not look around who can do that job for you clear. It is better to gradually close the gap, sprinting to the last wheel will only ensure the accordion defect.

  1. Close holes of others

If there is a weaker cyclist who cannot manage to close the hole he has dropped, jump as quickly as possible. Ride the gap gradually, not in one jerk, so that the cyclist who did not close the gap feels bad, as said everyone does his best and everyone has their own level.

  1. Determine your position in the group

If you are tips for cycling in a group and learn more in a large group for the first time, you will find what you find relaxing. Probably you are not yet like a fish in the water in the middle of the group. Therefore try to find a place where you can drive calmly and relaxed, for example on the outside or the back of the group.

  1. Stay relaxed

Provide a comfortable posture on your bike and also show that you have everything under control. The moment you are stressed on the bike, the chance of falls is greater, others feel it and that is why nobody likes to be in the wheel of a nervous sufferer.

  1. Look for you!

A group can sometimes swing strange, so always pay attention to what happens. If there are three rows before you make a weird move, it can cause you to go down. Even if you are tired, always look for you!

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  1. Do not be a wheeled piston

Nobody is waiting for peddlers. No matter how short your head is, just join the system. If you can not join, let the group just walk.

  1. Wear a helmet

Cyclingreview.nl may seem like a one-issue website, but this is really hugely important. Especially in a group where a fall always lurks. There are many groups that do not accept riders without a helmet, tribute!

  1. Keep speed in the bend

As said, curves are the main causes of the accordion effect. It requires some practice and some guts, but keeping your speed in the bend ensures that you do not lose the wheel of your predecessor and you do not have to close any holes. Moreover, you keep your speed running more efficiently.

  1. Keep your hands on the wheel!

If you want to pocket your back, just drop off at the back of the group. If your hands are not on the wheel you can fall ugly and in a group, you will never fall alone. You feel pretty awkward if someone breaks his collarbone because of your stupidity.

  1. Use hand gestures

Cyclists have universal hand signals to indicate hazards, such as a bad road surface or an oncoming cyclist. Make sure you know tips for cycling in a group the hand gestures and use them yourself. Below are the nine most used signals depicted.


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  1. Divide your powers

If you drive on public roads in a group that has a nice speed, you do not have to prove that you are strong. It does not have to be a very strong turn to head forward to then 5 kilometers away through your forces to be through which you have to unload.

  1. Be on time

If you have an appointment to leave at a certain time, make sure you absolutely follow the best bike us on time. Dressing up and preparing can take up to 45 minutes, so make sure you do not do everything at the last minute.

  1. Cycle two-by-two

On the public road, it can feel like a kindergarten, you just do not have to hold each other’s hands. Still, it is not wise to cycle with more than two in a row. Motorists certainly cannot appreciate that and will certainly push you off the road, even with oncoming traffic, it can lead to awkward situations.

  1. Stay civilized

Whether it is because of the adrenaline or that it has to do with the fact that some people on their bikes let their true self-come up I do not know, but in a group, there is a striking amount of abuse. Let us act like normal people and from now on just leave behind, okay?

  1. Follow the traffic rules

As a group, you sometimes encounter a traffic light. If it jumps to red, just wait neatly and do not take breakthrough turns to pass through at the last minute.

  1. Pay attention to where your flute ends up

Rochelle, stuffing, and spitting resemble the favorite hobby of cyclists. Somehow that snot has to get out of the airways. Fine, but do not put your snot on my shoes. If you want to empty your nose or throat if necessary, just peel back and/or cycle to the side of the group to do your needs. Thanks.

  1. Hands on the brakes

As has been said several times, you have to be prepared for everything. Do not hold your hands loosely on the handlebars, but on the brake levers or in the brackets. In that position, you can break the fastest and respond to the situations that are coming.

  1. No time trial control

Although it sounds attractive, it is absolutely not relaxed for the rest of the group if someone just turns on his turbo and increases the pace in his posture. In addition, you are a lot less agile with a time trial control and therefore a risk for the group.

  1. Maintain a steady tempo

If you see that your predecessor is driving 32 km/h try to keep that pace during your/your head turn. The continuous float and lowering of the speed are only annoying. If you know tips for cycling in a group the people you are cycling with, you can agree on the speed that will be kept. Often there is talk about a cruising speed; this is the speed that you can keep for a longer time and not your maximum speed.

  1. Be predictable

In fact, the ideal rider in a group is simply dead boring. Just do the things that are expected of you and do not nag about it. No wonder that the best cyclists like to cycle for the group so as not to stick to the rules of the group!

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