15 things you shouldn’t say on a dating a cyclist

15 things you shouldn't say on a dating a cyclist

The speed dating a cyclist – which could be translated into worldwide as a riding rapid date – is a separate concept in the UK and other European countries. More and more events are organized to make cyclists find their pair. Is this good or just a trick?

Romantic bike ride

Finally, you have accepted that beautiful, interesting women who are able to listen to the rattling about your cycling performance will not be overwhelmed by the market (unless you are George Clooney). Or, for our less bearded readers, a handsome boy working in a neighboring workshop has been hesitating to call him for two years. The Bicycle Rapid Date can change your life if you believe in miracles.

The ticket can cost as much as twenty pounds. If you book in advance, you pay less. And what do you get for your money? Opportunity to meet like-minded and like-minded people. It’s all about men and women who like to ride a bike. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Cycling ideas

And what is the truth? The first thing that will be weird: you are not sitting on a bike during a date; the event takes place in locations similar to other rapid dating events. In general, this is much more about co-searching than cycling. These have the advantage of meeting people who love the same thing. However, the fact that you both like to ride a bicycle has never gone away from the embarrassing moments.

But you never know – if you participate in such an event – there are a few things you should avoid.

15 things you shouldn’t say on a bike rider’s fast date

  1. I’m sorry to sweat. I rolled hard for 40 minutes to get here in time. Can you feel?
  2. I’m just riding a bike because of the lycra.
  3. What kind of competition? Are you thinking of 24-hour Le Mans?
  4. I bet you are in very good shape. What is your weight? How difficult is your bike? Carbon?
  5. He didn’t come to Amsterdam so much. So many dangerous, rushing dating a cyclist…
  6. Can you blow your nose like a real pro?
  7. I’m annoyed by the gas price. How do I refuel the SUV now?
  8. Look at that hairy guy! I shave my feet every day.
  9. It is terrible for the city to spend a lot on the construction of bicycles last year.
  10. Is there room for smokers?
  11. Did you hear? Six hundred thousand bicycles? You could buy a normal car for that.
  12. He only made starve segments
  13. I probably got impotent from the saddle.
  14. Have you heard of a rider who used drops of eye drops? One second, no attention!
  15. Don’t you hurt down there if you spend the whole day in the saddle?

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