14 road cycling tips who wish to continue cycling in winter

road cycling tips who wish to continue cycling in winter

If you ride a road cycling tips during the summer, do not lose shape in the winter. Of course, it is hard to motivate yourself to walk in the dank weather, but a bicycle can also be a year-round sport for you. We tell those who want to but are not yet confident in their desire for riders how to stay in the saddle during cycling in winter.

1 Dress for the weather

Wind, rain and cold can force many to abandon cycling in the winter, but the old adage “there is no bad weather, there are badly chosen clothes” definitely has some truth. It is unlikely that the vicissitudes of nature will scare you away if you spend money on high-quality cycling clothes or just use a warm and comfortable down jacket, double gloves and a cozy scarf.

2 Get ready in advance

If you want to drive before you go on business, do not leave all the preparations for the morning. Prepare everything the day before, and then the time to search for gloves or a lost sock will be reduced to a minimum. With a bicycle that has everything turned up, the tires are inflated, and the lights are charged, you can simply fill the bottle with water and ride!

3 More light

Do not allow the darkness outside the window to force you to abandon the ride because with a set of modern high power bicycle lights you can easily turn night into day. In winter, you can even enjoy – from the empty streets – at a time when most people have not got out of bed or when they are already watching evening TV shows.

4 Set goals

Focus on your goals. If next year you want to take road cycling tips part in the rally, you have an incentive to continue to ride and to meet the new season in the best possible way. Highlight some dates in your calendar and use them to motivate yourself to travel to a cold street. More knowledge prepare for long distance cycling trips.

5 Act according to plan

A great way to ride a bike when weather conditions are not at all favorable is to act according to plan. It can be anything: from deciding to go to work twice a week to overcoming weekly or monthly mileage.

6 Ride a bike

If you are still not riding the cycling in winter to work, then winter is a great time to start. This is not only a great way to keep fit, but also a free alternative to the subway, train, bus or car. In addition, you can transfer your relationships with colleagues to a new level when they see you on a bicycle in harsh conditions. And if you don’t ride your bike to work every day, it’s never too late to start. Especially since starting, it is difficult to stop.

7 Discover new routes

Avoid traveling the same route. Spend some time planning new routes, explore new roads and paths. It will make your trips more interesting.

8 Ride with a friend

Katya alone is extremely useful, but sometimes in bad weather, it is friends who inspire. Reluctance to let a friend make you go out the door will be a great incentive to support the agreement. Riding with a friend in bad weather will not only improve your mood, but also help your safety and cycling in winter.

9 Join the cycling community

In every city, there are cycling communities, and you can find your local cycling club with regular pokatushkami on weekdays and/or weekends. This is not only a good way to make new friends, but also a powerful source of motivation for scheduled meetings. Riding in a large group is especially encouraging when the weather is not too good, and time, compared to a single skating, flies faster.

10 Get on track

Cycling clubs organize regular workouts on the track. Taking a suitable bike for rent or from a friend, you can begin to engage with the instructor. Cycling on the track involves a high intensity of training, working out techniques and skills. The track is the best place to learn to ride surrounded by other cyclists.

11 Personal trainers

If you’re preparing road cycling tips to race next season, then bringing in the services of a professional trainer can be a really great idea. It would seem that it is too expensive and acceptable only for professionals, but in fact the coach can help cyclists of all levels. If you are limited in time, the trainer will work with the time available and develop an optimal lesson plan. A coach will also help you focus on turning your weaknesses into strengths. If you cannot afford a coach, then there are many good books on the net, as well as training videos that will help you plan your workout.

12 There is no bad weather

This is only the weather, so do not allow yourself to stop driving and crying with the rain in the arms of the cold. And the colder and windier, the greater pride can be experienced for their willpower.

13 Just go outside

Do not think about the weather at all. Just get dressed, go out the door and start driving. Often, in reality, it is never as bad as you think, and the reward for going outside will be infinite.

14 Sweet rewards

If you survived the rain, wind and cold, then you definitely deserve a piece of cake or cake. What could be the best motivation for a bike ride in the winter? Remember that the cake gets tastier after the heroic feat of cycling.

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