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Cycling computers- For more training success and more comfort!

What modern cycling computers can do Cycling is unquestionably on the rise. The result: the market for bicycle accessories is growing. It is all the more important to choose a bike computer that meets your own requirements. Polar uses his vast experience in the sport to combine the most important functions in his bike computers.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a driver’s computer?

Of course, the most important thing is your personal goals. Is the sport in the first place? So are you training in the performance area from best bike us? Or do you combine leisure and sport? That means that you are quite ambitious, but you do not need every function that a modern bicycle tacho offers you today.


What features belong to modern cycling computers?

It used to be the measure of speed, today the bike computer is more than just a speedometer. Top speed and average speed have long been standard. For innovative computers, more is needed:

  • Integrated GPS for the exact route
  • Altimeter to document the altitude traveled
  • Measuring the heart rate for effective control of the workout
  • Calorie counter, which records the actual consumption as exactly as possible
  • Measurement of cadence to increase performance and protect the joints


In addition, it is easier for the installation, if the computer can be attached as wireless as possible – so works with wireless or Bluetooth. And, of course, he should have a computer interface with which the data can be transmitted as conveniently as possible and thus clearly arranged and displayed. This facilitates training planning and provides additional motivation.


Why cycling computers from Polar front play

Polar leaves nothing to chance. This not only applies to our heart rate monitors, but also to our latest cycle computers. Again, you benefit from the unparalleled experience we have in developing training computers – as well as from our network of athletes, coaches, and sports scientists.

Altogether, we ensure that we provide all the support for bikers that facilitates training control and increases driving pleasure. It does not matter if it’s up-to-date maps that you can load for free on your cycling computer and that shows you where you are during training based on GPS data. Or whether it is about the exact determination of your height by means of barometric measurement. And while data and details such as wattage measurement, power build-up on each pedal turn, and right-left force comparisons are important to you, Polar stands for accuracy and effective coaching.

That’s why heart rate and cadence and performance are easily captured via Bluetooth Smart Sensors and evaluated in the Polar Flow web service and the Flow App. The result: a comprehensive training documentation that tracks your training tracks on the map thanks to GPS data. And detailed analyzes and coaching tips for correct stress control.

CatEye – Strada Wireless best Cycle Computer


So you not only keep the perfect overview of your training with the bike. You have your coach with you on every tour.