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Tips for product care of bicycle bags-

If you do not own a car and for whom the bike is the main means of transport, sooner or later you will also get a cycle bags. The practical bags can be securely fastened to the luggage carrier, the handlebar or in the frame and the heavy shopping can be safely transported home. Such bicycle bags are often exposed to high loads and various weather conditions. In order for them to have the longest possible service life and to be able to serve you faithfully, a conscientious and above all regular product care of bicycle bags is absolutely necessary. How to proceed best during storage, care, and handling, you will find out here in a short guide with helpful tips and tricks.


Cleaning and maintaining bicycle bags – Here’s how it’s done:

The product care of bicycle bags is usually very easy. Occasionally, the bag should be cleaned superficially, as it often comes in contact with the best bike us dirt during trips. For this purpose, it is usually sufficient to take a slightly damp cloth at hand and wipe the outside of the bag with it. Inside, it rarely gets dirty, especially if the bag is waterproof.

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If the bike bag has been exposed to heavy rain, you should open the bag and allow it to dry well. By the way, many models of bicycle bags can be washed with the washing machine if you want to thoroughly clean them. But please pay attention to the exact information provided by the manufacturer, which you can find in the enclosed instructions for use. If your bike bag is not suitable for the washing machine and you still let it run through a wash, then the material can be damaged and reduce the load capacity of the bag. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the instructions exactly.

If you remove the bike bag and do not use it for a long time, as is often the case in the cold winter months, store the product in a dry place. Here, the bag should be protected from direct sunlight and high-temperature fluctuations, so that the bike accessories survive the winter well.

Important: Never store the bike bag folded and when it is wet, as this may cause mildew. In the worst case, you will have to buy a new bag.

It is also advisable to waterproof the bike bag at regular intervals. You’re never immune to a sudden downpour, and a waterproof bike bag can be a blessing. If you have bought a new bag that actually has no waterproof properties, you can do the impregnation just as well as with an already waterproof bicycle bag. There are two possibilities:

  1. Wash-in method: Here the bicycle bag is washed with a special impregnating agent in the washing machine. This is a particularly thorough approach, but it cannot be applied to all pocket models.
  2. Spray-on method: The well-known method is to simply spray the bag thoroughly with an impregnating spray. You can buy your own spray cans from specialist retailers or the internet. The procedure can be applied to all bicycle bags.

Small tip: The impregnating agent should preferably be made on the basis of silicones and polyurethane dendrites. Flour carbon products are generally discouraged as they are very damaging to the environment. In the end, environmental pollution is very negative therefore everybody should show a certain amount of environmental awareness.

As already mentioned, the product care of bicycle bags is not very expensive and with conscientious implementation, you will certainly enjoy your bike accessories for a long time.