Best Bike us- Cruiser Bike

Best Bike us- Cruiser Bike


Cruiser bike, beach cruiser bicycle or beach bikes have nostalgia embodied in their design of thick lines and wide wheels. Its popularity soared on Californian beaches in the mid-twentieth century, where they were used by surfers who needed sturdy and simple bicycles and also allowed them to pedal to the beach.

Characteristics of cruiser bicycles


The frame of the best bike us cruisers bike is wide and solid and sometimes with the double top tube. Some classic models and some modern ones are adorned with a kind of tank that resembles a motorcycle tank. Hence, for some time this type of bike received the nickname of “motorbikes”.

Its geometry is quite comfortable and allows a position with the torso fully erect with arms and neck relaxed. It is very easy to control and that is why it was an ideal means of transport for surfers who controlled the bike with one hand while holding their board with the other.


The traditional handlebar of these bicycles is straight in the center, with curves extending to the rear of the bicycle. The handlebar shape makes them quite comfortable and allows control of the bicycle without the need to extend the arms too much.

The wheels

Cruisers are characterized by having wide tires, minimum of 2 “. One of the most common measures is 26 x 2.125 “. The wide tires provide them with great stability and absorption of vibrations, although they are heavy and slow.


Cruisers are used for ride or recreation, therefore, speed is not one of their characteristics, they do not use changes and in many cases, they use contrapedal brakes.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a cruiser bike

Advantages of cruiser bicycles

  • Its geometry is super comfortable
  • They are very resistant bikes
  • They have very good control even with the charge
  • They are handled very relaxedly

Disadvantages of cruiser bicycles

  • They are not fast bicycles
  • They are uncomfortable on long routes and with slopes
  • They weigh more than other types of bicycles

For whom the cruisers are ideal

Cruiser bicycles are widely used in beaches or recreation centers, perfect for short walks (no longer than 10km) and on flat terrain. If you are starting with the bike or you are an occasional cyclist and what you want is to enjoy a ride from time to time this is the ideal bike for you.