Best Bike us- Comfort Bike

Best Bike us- Comfort Bike

Comfort bike mostly Cycling comfort is possible: pains, adjustments and adapted equipment. The bike has a good back, the buttocks too: pains and adjustments, comfort on the bike is possible: “as in a chair”.

A little ergonomics in this world of brutes. Even after a lot of kilometers.

Some cyclists have a backache on their bike, for example at the lumbar. Especially since some cycling facilities are not irreproachable (too frequent absence of sidewalk = “boat”, but potholes galore on the road).

If standing on the pedals or dancer are good reflexes, it is not always possible to do it for a long time (paved area, the path to the limit of practical, very loaded bike or trailer, etc.).
However, to avoid depriving ourselves of the pleasure of pedaling daily, 4 solutions exist:


1 °) Opt for large tires (“balloon” type) and inflate them to the minimum of what is recommended

Avoid narrow road bike tires, and inflate tires to the minimum recommended by the manufacturer (the pressure is written on the sidewall of the tire, most often it is expressed in the bar).

In wheels of 700 (28 inches) as in wheel of 26 inches, one cannot go down under 2 inches of section (if your frame and your mudguards authorize this important width of the tire): below 2 inches of width, you may be disappointed with the cushioning. Flexible bead tires offer better cushioning than rigid bead tires.
Some tires bring the comfort sought by nostalgic balloon tires and “half-balloon” of the past: the archetype in Schwab is the  Big Apple, and the  Big Apple more (the latter again reinforced against the puncture).


See the tips of this  cycling site:


2 °) Replace the seat post with a suspended seat post, ideally with parallelogram

Again, the material has a say, all the seat posts are not equal.

The parallelogram rods are more effective (albeit more expensive) than elastomer/spring. The parallelogram rods, which will remind some of you the soft suspension of cars of yesteryear.

Contrary to what one might believe, a “suspended” bike that is all terrain (fork suspended in front for example), is not always effective and reliable, except to pay a small fortune and for a practice ATV or on a bike with electric assistance, but unnecessarily weigh down the bike and requires maintenance to do, which can be painful. Finally, the suspended fork causes an extra energy expenditure for the cyclist, which spoils his muscle energy (“pump” effect), for a comfort that is not always the rendezvous.


3 °) Accept a position slightly bent towards the handlebars

The Dutch position, vertical bust, is deleterious for the lumbar. On the contrary, do not put all his weight on his buttocks, but agree to also have a support on the arms on the handlebars, to distribute the pressure of the body, not standing too straight. Everyone has to find the compromise that relieves their back.


4 °) Choose a suitable saddle

Not to mention the choice of the saddle  that is based:

-> cyclist sex: wider for ladies (adapted to the shape of the pelvis), narrower for men.

There are very comfortable saddles, in the gel for small budgets we will mention the Italia Gel Flow, at Decathlon, thoroughly form.

In leather, we will mention the different models from Brooks, with or without spring, but the comfort bluffing is that the saddle is lapped in its posterior:  the explanations. Attention black model can rub off on pants.

-> Choice of position: bust very straight (the Dutch) we will choose a wide saddle; finer, on the contrary, the more one leans forward (type road bike)


Not to mention the adjustment of the saddle  (we see daily cyclists have the saddle too low: an error that can be serious): with equal effort, they also develop less power. More annoying it affects the health of their knees (fragile joint if any).

All these settings too often overlooked are well summarized here.


5 °) Choose a suitable handlebar (hanger)

We will read with interest this article rather oriented random, but who can the most can the least, as well as it explaining how to remedy the usual pains, including in town, avoiding the handlebars too straight, but preferring slightly curved hangers, marrying the shape of the hand.

Diamondback Bicycles Wildwood Classic best Comfort Bike


Recalling also the interest in cycling gloves or mittens (some have built-in gel, for the palm of the hand), to cushion shocks. It should be remembered that the ergonomic handles also add a considerable amount of comfort and pleasure, by supporting the palm of the hand intelligently, although they must be correctly oriented (wrist in the axis of the arm). They can be removed by unscrewing or pulling them – depending on the models – while they are fixed on the hanger with hairspray – which for the hair – lubricates the time to fix the handle on the hanger, but sticks in drying.


In general, Ergotec brand products, a well-known brand for accessories, will be used to optimize the cyclist’s position on his bike (ergonomic grips, handlebars, etc.), distributed in particular on the Cyclo Randonnée sites.

6 °) Choose bike to size

Is it worth it to call back? It is illusory to seek comfort on the bike if it is not adapted to your size