Best Bike us- Clothing

Best Bike us- Clothing

Cycling Clothing – Tips for a pleasant fall on the bike

Autumn, the previous season. Not exactly the season all have been waiting for, but autumn also has its advantages. The first advantage is the higher oxygen content in the air. Useful for cycling, but how do you cope with the rain and the cold, which are also part of autumn? Stefanie has selected the right cycling clothing for you, with which you can easily get through the fall.

Cycling clothing against cold, wind and rain….

I truly do not find blessing. What seems like a bad rhyme to start this text pretty much expresses what I think of the fall weather? Rain and wind … birr, its running cold down my back.

I used to have to drive enough in bad weather. And even the cold alone is the impertinence for me, with my hands and feet always cold. There is only one word: terrible!

Auber … Of course, I also have positive things to say- The fresh air, for example, I find wonderful. The blue sky, the low sun and the fog that rises over the forests and lakes give the autumn something sublime.

How do you protect yourself from best bike us- the rain and cold on your bike?

Water repellent or waterproof?

It will not surprise you that it rains in Germany in autumn without end. And the rain always comes at an inopportune time, which is why it pays off to look for suitable products that enable a dry ride.

Depending on the distance and the intensity of the rain, you can choose between water-repellent and waterproof clothing. And there it is important to be aware of the differences.

In the following we briefly explain the two techniques:

  • Water Repellent
    This means that the product has been treated and the first raindrops will bead off the fabric. The longer and more intense the rain, the more rain gets through the fabric.
  • Waterproof
    The real rain jackets. Initially, these jackets have protected seams, so there are no weak spots in the rain cover. Also, the zipper can hold much more water.

ARSUXEO Winter Warm-UP Thermal Softshell a great Cycling Jacket Windproof Waterproof 15-k


Overshoes are important

It may seem annoying, useless products, but overshoes make every ride bearable! Although overshoes can be difficult to put on and are not very robust, they keep your feet warm and dry.

Warm feet are the basis of every bike ride. For anyone who has ever gone with cold and wet feet knows that you cannot get them warm anymore. To ensure that you are always warm and dry, we have a large selection of overshoes in our range.

For every weather, we have the right overshoes. My personal favorite is the Sealskinz Lightweight Halo.


The gloves

Let’s not miss the most obvious topic. My own hands are already demanding for gloves when temperatures fall below 15 degrees. Meanwhile, there are also people who take only their ordinary gloves for cycling at 5 degrees.

But once it starts to freeze, everyone has to deal with good cycling gloves. We have the right glove for every hand. When buying, pay attention to how many stars we have given the glove.

This indicates how warm the gloves are holding your hands. This can also be used as an indication at which temperatures which gloves are the right ones.

Keep your head warm

Who now thinks that we are already finished, probably forgot the helmet. How do you prevent your head from cooling down within seconds, with the sophisticated ventilation systems of modern helmets?

With a helmet cap of course. You can easily wear a cap under most helmets, but in some cases, a cover that is worn over the best bike us- helmet is also recommended. Which of these methods work for your helmet, you can easily ask your seller.

At the moment you can also get more and more hardcovers. In any case, your head is also protected, and the wind is better guided by the helmet. Our favorite is the Dot out Convertible.

An adjustable helmet supplied with helmet cover and privacy shield. This protects your head and faces optimally against rain and cold.