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Best Bike us- Child Carriers

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Transporting children on bicycles: take care to avoid accidents. Usually used for short-distance rides and trips, the bicycle is also a means of transportation for adults who want to child carriers. If proper precautions are taken, “lean” can be as safe an alternative as any other vehicle.


Adults can carry up to two passengers in the vehicle provided that a seat, seat belt, and helmet are being used.

To safely transport children on top of the bike, adults should provide the best bike us- specific safety seat for sale at bicycle stores. The type of seat is determined by the age and weight of the small passenger. According to bike technician Delmo Novaes, children up to 15kg use a backed piece, those weighing 15kg to 30kg use a kind of accent attachable to the rear of the vehicle.

– The idea is to choose the chair according to the size and weight of the child. There are several models. The newest ones, up to three years old, use chairs that can withstand a maximum of 15kg. After this age, there is a base for the rear of the bike that holds up to 30kg – he explains.

Bicycle Kids and Child Front Baby Seat bike Carrier USA Standard with Handrail a great results


In addition to the highchair, adults should make sure that children are wearing a seat belt, a bicycle clip, and a helmet. Those who are parents of two children can also carry both children at the same time; just put a chair in the front and another behind the vehicle.

– Yes, it is possible to walk with two children safely. Ideally, a bike with a low frame in the middle – teaches Delmo.