How to choose the best BMX bike for beginners?

How to choose the best BMX bike for beginners

Extreme cycling is becoming increasingly popular among young people, one of the areas of which is the best BMX bike for beginners? Anyone who bought BMX had to face the problem of choice, and now it has become even more relevant because the range of stores has grown significantly lately.  

Best BMX bike

BMX style subdivided into several disciplines, the most popular of which are street, park, and dirt. Ideally, based on them, you need to choose a bicycle; for example, a long bicycle is required for the dirt, and a short one for the park, on the contrary.

Differences are also in the ratio, height of the frame, tires. But for beginners, it is difficult to decide on discipline right away, and it is unlikely that the first bike will be used only in the park or on the dirt, therefore, as a rule; BMX with universal geometry is sold in stores.

BMX bike cost

In the BMX bike market price under $200, you can find cheap entry-level models as well as bicycles for professionals. They differ mainly in the weight and quality of parts. If you have never tried to ride a BMX – choose something inexpensive so that you do not feel sorry for the money spent, if you quickly get tired of skating.

Cheap and very cool bikes, if you choose by brand – these are American Hero bikes that deserve the close attention of fans of jumps and stunts.

In addition, you can always change the unsuccessful components for the best. However, if you are sure that cycling tricks are for you, buy a bike from the middle price range, it will be cheaper than buying an inexpensive one and changing components on it’

BMX frame

An important criterion when choosing best BMX bike for beginners is the frame material. They are made of chromium molybdenum steel (chromo), but cheap frames are usually welded from the usual “Hi-Ten” steel, which is much less strong and light.

If possible, look for the inscription “Chromalloy 4130” on the frame, which indicates that the frame is made of high-quality chromo alloy 4130.

Often you can find the signature “Chromalloy 4130 Main Tubes” – this means that only two main pipes are made of chromo. Pay attention to the quality of welding: “scales” should be the same, small and neat, there should not be any holes, holes and other defects in the seam.

To strengthen the frame on the lower tube, they often weld a “kerchief” next to the steering glass, and the frame feathers are attached directly to the upper tube, and not just to the seat post.

BMX bushings and rims

There are two types of sleeves – with bulk and closed bearings (industrial bearings). It is desirable that at least the rear hub had closed bearings since they do not require regular adjustment and lubrication, are better protected from dirt and water, and therefore last longer. The rear bushings may have a driver or ratchet to transmit torque to the wheel.

Here you should give preference to the driver – it is more durable, has a small asterisk (from 8 to 10 teeth), which allows you to also put a small star in front, thus reducing the clearance and weight of the bike. In this ordinary ratchet cannot have less than 12 teeth?

The rim must be double, it is several times stronger than the single, and will last much longer, withstanding more beginner mistakes and increased loads of an advanced amateur. In addition, such rims are now found even on the cheapest and simplest models.

Carriage and connecting rod system for BMX

BMX carriages come in three sizes: Spanish, mid, and USA (American). There is also the Euro standard, where the carriage is screwed into the frame along the thread. Spanish carriages have two small bearings, so they are considered unreliable, the USA is too big and heavy, and the most optimal standard is mid, as it has the best balance between weight and strength.

The same rule applies here as for the sleeves – the carriages on the bearings are preferred. Cranks can be single-element, two-element, and three-element. Single-element connecting rods are very unreliable, as a rule, they bend under heavy loads; they cannot be disassembled since the axis and the connecting rods are a single whole. Therefore, choose two or three-element connecting rods.

In conclusion, you can add that on a good bike as much as possible elements should be made of hormone steel: fork, connecting rods, steering wheel, and so on. It is also desirable that closed industrial bearings are installed in the steering glass – they have a large impact load the BMX bike are like everyone, and the ball bearings will not live there for a long time.

Do not chase the bike from a reputable manufacturer. Often they wind up the prices of bad bikes, so be sure to look for the parameters of the best BMX bike for beginners’ model you are interested in and compare them with the above criteria.

Incredibly cool combos, high amplitudes and some mishaps from Flo of BMX.

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