Best BMX bike brands | BMX bike companies

Best BMX bike brands | BMX bike companies

There are hundreds of companies producing the best BMX bike brands in the world. Most of them are purely local, known within the same country. There are world brands represented on all continents. The bicycle market is quite developed and segmented. It presents both manufacturers of mass bicycles, which are sold at relatively affordable prices, as well as little-known the best BMX bike brands that create limited series in the premium segment.

The latter are represented mainly by racing bikes used by the athlete in competitions. Their price is high, but for fun, we will get acquainted

Best BMX brands

With brands – like with the Schrodinger cat – they both have and do not matter at the same time. On the one hand, in a certain price category, bikes of the same type practically best BMX bike brands do not differ from each other. Yes, someone likes the handles at the helm to the touch more; someone is more comfortable with the brake system of bicycles of one manufacturer.

However, all this is a matter of personal preference or habit and cannot be attributed to the advantage of a manufacturer. How to choose the best bmx bike for beginners-

For example, the best BMX bike brands, bicycles Mongoose, Specialized and Cannondale of the same level differ little from each other.

Best models

On the other hand, the Challenger Genesis bike will be comparable to the models from Cross, but definitely not reach the level of Giant and Trek. Or, for example, the best BMX bike brands, Schwinn and Stark bikes will be good intermediate options, comparable to each other, but significantly behind the already mentioned Specialized and Mongoose brands.

The following bicycle manufacturers are leading in the world top:

  • American
  • German
  • Chinese

Accordingly, the best BMX bike brands of the USA, Germany, and China are represented in the top of everyday bicycles. TONY HAWK Dynacraft best BMX bike Freestyle 24.

Top casual bike manufacturers

1. Giant and Trek

We intentionally put two manufacturers in the first place at once, so as not to give preference to any of them. In addition the best BMX bike brands, for the modern world, leadership in the list of China and the USA is symbolic. Both companies sell two-wheeled vehicles for the mass consumer everywhere – they can be seen in stores in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

Giant is a global the best BMX bike brands of Taiwanese origin. The main production facilities are located in China. The company started in the 1970s. From the fact that it manufactured bicycles of the American brand Schwinn in its factories. Since then it has gone. Gradually, Giant began to produce models under their own name. But still, of the best BMX bike brands, the factories of this company is the world bicycle factory, which produces bicycles, including the American brand Trek?

Giant sells more than 5 million bicycles a year under its own brand. This is the highest figure among all bicycle manufacturers are the best BMX bike brands. Giant bikes have been sold in Russia since 1994. There is a Russian representative office of the company.

Trek Bicycle Corporation of America, headquartered in Wisconsin, produces two-wheeled vehicles under several of the best BMX bike brands:

  • Trek
  • Fisher
  • Diamantes
  • Villagers

The best BMX bike brands are most effective for us. In addition, Trek Bicycle controls a subsidiary of Bondage, a manufacturer of bicycle components and various accessories.

2. Specialized

Headquartered in California, Specialized is an American company is the best BMX bike brands that have sprung up amid the booming popularity of mountain biking that came to the US in the 1970s.

Throughout the entire period of its existence, the company paid considerable attention to the best BMX bike brands to innovative improvement of bicycles:

  • Introduced new production methods;
  • Improved aerodynamic performance of bikes;
  • Was engaged in the development of bicycles for women, etc.

Other manufacturers subsequently followed the trend laid by Specialized to the best BMX bike brands.

The company also controls the Globe best BMX bike brands. Specialized focuses mainly on the American market.

The cost of such bikes is high and is measured in thousands of dollars. Carbon models can cost up to $ 10,000.

3. Mongoose

Again the American best BMX bike brands are Mongoose. Its products are widely known outside the United States.

2 lines of bicycles are made:

  • SCHMICK – in the premium segment;
  • Mongoose Bikes – in the segment of mass two-wheeled vehicles.

The first is sold through a special trading network the best BMX bike brands. Under the SCHMICK brand, Mongoose is a sponsor of professional sporting events and races.

It should be noted that ordinary Mongoose bikes, which can be seen in any bike store, are also not cheap. Prices for new models may exceed $ 1000. Redline Bikes Rival 20 Youth – best Freestyle BMX bike


Compared to American corporations’ best BMX bike brands, German CUBE is a modest company with a short history. Its headquarters are based in Germany.

Despite the fact that it has been present in the best BMX bike brands production market not so long ago – since 1993, the company has a large dealer network in more than 30 countries. CUBE is engaged in a full production cycle, including design and development.

The company produces and sells about 0.5 million two-wheeled vehicles annually. The main production is the best BMX bike brands located in Asia. Bike assembly is carried out in Germany.

German development and assembly attract many cyclists. CUBE bicycles are comparable in price to Mongoose: the model of previous years will cost $ 300-500.

5. Challenger

Our list of manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles for the mass consumer completes the best BMX bike brands company Challenger (China). She offers the most budget models from those considered in this top. Strong steel frames, reliable components, modern welding technologies – all this at a very attractive price: $ 100- $ 200.

 In the best BMX bike brands sports stores, Challenger bikes are presented as no other brand. There are models for very young children 2-3 years old with a wheel diameter of 12 inches. The size range of adult bicycles is suitable for anyone 150-190 cm tall.

Chinese Challenger bikes are not without drawbacks. Unlike the Americans and Germans discussed above the best BMX bike brands, it should be noted that outwardly they look rude, they do not absorb very well when riding.

In general, the very average ones are great, which can be recommended to beginner cyclists, as well as to those who ride from time to time.

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