Best BMX bike brands | BMX bike companies

Best BMX bike brands | BMX bike companies

There are hundreds of companies producing the best BMX bike brands in the world. Most of them are purely local, known within the same country. There are world brands represented on all continents. The bicycle market is quite developed and segmented. It presents both manufacturers of mass bicycles, which are sold at relatively affordable prices, as well as little-known the best BMX bike brands that create limited series in the premium segment.

The latter are represented mainly by racing bikes used by the athlete in competitions. Their price is high, but for fun, we will get acquainted

Best BMX brands

With brands – like with the Schrodinger cat – they both have and do not matter at the same time. On the one hand, in a certain price category, bikes of the same type practically best BMX bike brands do not differ from each other. Yes, someone likes the handles at the helm to the touch more; someone is more comfortable with the brake system of bicycles of one manufacturer.

However, all this is a matter of personal preference or habit and cannot be attributed to the advantage of a manufacturer. How to choose the best bmx bike for beginners-

For example, the best BMX bike brands, bicycles Mongoose, Specialized and Cannondale of the same level differ little from each other.

Best models

On the other hand, the Challenger Genesis bike will be comparable to the models from Cross, but definitely not reach the level of Giant and Trek. Or, for example, the best BMX bike brands, Schwinn and Stark bikes will be good intermediate options, comparable to each other, but significantly behind the already mentioned Specialized and Mongoose brands.

The following bicycle manufacturers are leading in the world top:

  • American
  • German
  • Chinese

Accordingly, the best BMX bike brands of the USA, Germany, and China are represented in the top of everyday bicycles. TONY HAWK Dynacraft best BMX bike Freestyle 24.

Top casual bike manufacturers

1. Giant and Trek

We intentionally put two manufacturers in the first place at once, so as not to give preference to any of them. In addition the best BMX bike brands, for the modern world, leadership in the list of China and the USA is symbolic. Both companies sell two-wheeled vehicles for the mass consumer everywhere – they can be seen in stores in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

Giant is a global the best BMX bike brands of Taiwanese origin. The main production facilities are located in China. The company started in the 1970s. From the fact that it manufactured bicycles of the American brand Schwinn in its factories. Since then it has gone. Gradually, Giant began to produce models under their own name. But still, of the best BMX bike brands, the factories of this company is the world bicycle factory, which produces bicycles, including the American brand Trek?

Giant sells more than 5 million bicycles a year under its own brand. This is the highest figure among all bicycle manufacturers are the best BMX bike brands. Giant bikes have been sold in Russia since 1994. There is a Russian representative office of the company.

Trek Bicycle Corporation of America, headquartered in Wisconsin, produces two-wheeled vehicles under several of the best BMX bike brands:

  • Trek
  • Fisher
  • Diamantes
  • Villagers

The best BMX bike brands are most effective for us. In addition, Trek Bicycle controls a subsidiary of Bondage, a manufacturer of bicycle components and various accessories.

2. Specialized

Headquartered in California, Specialized is an American company is the best BMX bike brands that have sprung up amid the booming popularity of mountain biking that came to the US in the 1970s.

Throughout the entire period of its existence, the company paid considerable attention to the best BMX bike brands to innovative improvement of bicycles:

  • Introduced new production methods;
  • Improved aerodynamic performance of bikes;
  • Was engaged in the development of bicycles for women, etc.

Other manufacturers subsequently followed the trend laid by Specialized to the best BMX bike brands.

The company also controls the Globe best BMX bike brands. Specialized focuses mainly on the American market.

The cost of such bikes is high and is measured in thousands of dollars. Carbon models can cost up to $ 10,000.

3. Mongoose

Again the American best BMX bike brands are Mongoose. Its products are widely known outside the United States.

2 lines of bicycles are made:

  • SCHMICK – in the premium segment;
  • Mongoose Bikes – in the segment of mass two-wheeled vehicles.

The first is sold through a special trading network the best BMX bike brands. Under the SCHMICK brand, Mongoose is a sponsor of professional sporting events and races.

It should be noted that ordinary Mongoose bikes, which can be seen in any bike store, are also not cheap. Prices for new models may exceed $ 1000. Redline Bikes Rival 20 Youth – best Freestyle BMX bike


Compared to American corporations’ best BMX bike brands, German CUBE is a modest company with a short history. Its headquarters are based in Germany.

Despite the fact that it has been present in the best BMX bike brands production market not so long ago – since 1993, the company has a large dealer network in more than 30 countries. CUBE is engaged in a full production cycle, including design and development.

The company produces and sells about 0.5 million two-wheeled vehicles annually. The main production is the best BMX bike brands located in Asia. Bike assembly is carried out in Germany.

German development and assembly attract many cyclists. CUBE bicycles are comparable in price to Mongoose: the model of previous years will cost $ 300-500.

5. Challenger

Our list of manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles for the mass consumer completes the best BMX bike brands company Challenger (China). She offers the most budget models from those considered in this top. Strong steel frames, reliable components, modern welding technologies – all this at a very attractive price: $ 100- $ 200.

 In the best BMX bike brands sports stores, Challenger bikes are presented as no other brand. There are models for very young children 2-3 years old with a wheel diameter of 12 inches. The size range of adult bicycles is suitable for anyone 150-190 cm tall.

Chinese Challenger bikes are not without drawbacks. Unlike the Americans and Germans discussed above the best BMX bike brands, it should be noted that outwardly they look rude, they do not absorb very well when riding.

In general, the very average ones are great, which can be recommended to beginner cyclists, as well as to those who ride from time to time.

How to choose BMX bike brands?

Best bike us - How to choose a BMX bike brands
Best bike us – How to choose a BMX bike brands

The best BMX bike brands – one of the most simple in design bicycles originally created to prepare children for motocross classes. However, they are able to withstand such loads that other mountain bikes cannot handle, and this makes them ideal for stunt riding. Alas, you can find a decent compliment only for good money, so pros often collect their shells themselves. But novice athletes will be able to find a decent the best BMX bike brands in the store. The main thing is to take into account the recommendations of our experts in order to buy a reliable enough model for your level of riding.


  1. Best BMX bike brands manufacturers – which company to choose
  2. The principle of operation and device BMX-bike
  3. Types of bicycles for BMX
  4. BMX bike selection options
  5. Which BMX to choose
  6. How much is the BMX bike

Best BMX bike manufacturers – which company to choose

Experienced racers often “finish off” they’re the best BMX bike brands to such an extent that at the end of them only the native frame remains. However, those who have barely started to engage in this spectacular sport, it is easier to take a good bike assembly from a reliable manufacturer.

The excellent Bicycle Motocross models are offered by the companies:

  • Haro;
  • Norco;
  • BSD
  • Duo;
  • Code
  • Stolen.

The BMX is also produced by some mountain bike manufacturers, such as:

  • GT
  • Author;
  • Giant

You will find the best BMX bike brands of these brands in our rating. But before you finally decide on the model, it is worth exploring the features of motocross bikes, as well as the characteristics that affect their quality and reliability.

The principle of operation and device best BMX bike brands

Unlike other extreme bikes, the best BMX bike brands models do not have a suspension. A rigid frame is welded from seamless butting tubes, which have maximum strength with a relatively low weight. This is the only way to increase the reliability of a projectile experiencing transcendental shock loads.

It also differs in its geometry: the motocross frame is very low, often elongated, although its length is more dependent on the style for which the bicycle is intended. To increase the reliability of the entire structure, a kerchief is welded onto the front triangle at the helm itself (it works as an additional stiffening rib), and the feathers of the rear are attached to the upper, and not just to the seat post of the best BMX bike brands frame.

Custom design and at the helm. Here he freely rotates 360 °, which allows you to expand the set of tricks performed on a bicycle. Naturally, there can be no talk of any cables stretching from the handles, so the BMX does not have a gear shift system.

As for the brakes, on many BMX bike brands models, they simply are not. And if there are, then these are the most ordinary U or V-brake pads with the transmission of force by a cable removed into the cavity of the fork. It is passed through the gyratory in the steering column since many performances on such bikes provide for the rotation of the steering wheel – without an “adapter”, the brake cable will simply twist and come off.

Another characteristic feature of stunt bikes is the small wheel diameter of up to 20 ″. Firstly, this allows reducing the mass of the projectile, and secondly, it provides good maneuverability and does not interfere with the athlete’s basic tricks.

Pegs are additionally screwed to the axles of the wheels – short tubes 10-11 cm long, designed to support legs and slides (grinds) on various surfaces.

Types of bicycles for best BMX bike brands


The street bike has a lightweight and extremely simple design – often even without a seat and brake system. Pleaser races the screws himself, choosing a convenient installation side for himself.

The main purpose of such bicycles is stunt riding in the city conditions along borders, railings, steps, etc. They have a shortened frame, an aggressive tread on the front wheel, and a traditional slick on the rear.


  • Moderately light and compact;
  • The narrow steering wheel and short feathers for easy pulling;
  • Good grip on the wheels;
  • Maneuverability.


  • Jumping from jumps on them is not recommended – an almost vertical fork makes landing difficult;
  • They often have a budget body kit, even if the frame is good.

Similar bikes are used for best BMX bike brands. This is one of the most spectacular BMX styles – ramp riding with somersaults and somersaults. Therefore, retrofitting “flying” bikes have a different way.

Pegs are mounted on both the front and rear wheels, and the tires are only slick, with a weakly pronounced tread pattern. The rest of the bikes for the screw are the same straights.


Actually, this is the classic BMX bike brands, from which everything once began. These bikes are designed for high-speed driving with sharp turns of the track, low drops, and other small obstacles. They have a light frame made of durable aluminum alloy 6005A and resistant wheels with a pronounced tread. The brakes are installed only at the rear.


  1. Very light, but strong enough;
  2. The good gear ratio in contrast to most BMX;
  3. Confidently go on slippery and loose soil;
  4. More stable due to the elongated base;
  5. Equipped with good contact pedals.


  1. The rigid aluminum frame does not dampen vibrations.



For darts (ski jumping and extreme skiing on earthen embankments) squat and heavier bikes are needed. Unlike all other BMX bike brands varieties, such bikes can be equipped not only with the front but also with the rear brake.


  • Equipped with the most durable frames;
  • Stable due to the low center of gravity;
  • The long base provides stability in flight;
  • Large fork deflection angle – a guarantee of a successful landing;
  • Tenacious rubber with a powerful tread.


  • Heavier than other BMX;
  • Not suitable for difficult tricks on the ground.


The flat is a very atypical bike, basically not designed for riding. Acrobatic numbers are performed on it and they “dance” on one wheel without touching the ground with their feet.

These bikes have a very short base and an almost vertical fork. They are weighed with four powerful pegs – a pair on each wheel – therefore they must have reliable bushings both in front and behind.


  • A short frame and the whole structure is made as convenient as possible for tricks;
  • Reinforced rims with a large number of spokes;
  • Complete freedom of action with the steering wheel;
  • Responsive and tenacious brakes.


  • A very low gear ratio, but these bikes are not designed to ride.


Best BMX bike brands and bike selection options

Best bike us - Best BMX bike brands and bike selection options
Best bike us – Best BMX bike brands and bike selection options

Production material

This parameter determines everything: the weight of the bicycle, the duration of its “life” (adjusted for your riding style), and the cost of the projectile itself. And we are talking not only about the material of the frame but also about other loaded elements: fork, steering wheel, bushings.

In the production of the best BMX bike brands, two main types of metals are used:

  1. Hi-Ten – ordinary structural steel, inexpensive and far from the most durable. With aggressive riding and jumping, all the bicycle parts made from it will quickly require replacement – either bend or even burst. Although under the low-weight athletes, hi-ten takes quite a long time.
  2. Cr-Mo – alloy chromium-molybdenum steel. It is considered ideal for the manufacture of all metal parts BMX because it is twice as strong as usual. But it is not cheap.

In the average price range, there are bicycles, where some parts of the structure are made of Hi-Ten, while others are made of chromium-molybdenum steel. If money is enough only for such a model, make sure that at least the frame is alloyed (replacing it will cost too much, unlike other nodes).

Best BMX bike brands on aluminum and titanium frames is a separate category of bicycles. The former is only suitable for racing without serious jumps and bumps but can be used by adolescents and children. The second is too expensive, and compared with Cr-Mo; the difference in price does not correspond to the difference in their strength.

Steering wheel and column

The BMX steering column should be powerful enough and have a diameter of at least 1.1 / 8 ″. It is better to give preference to an integrated cup, where by default there are industrial bearings of a closed type, which do not have any negative effect on the pipe. In addition, such a column is easier and cheaper to change.

Carriage glass

This is the seat for the connecting rod pedals and drives sprocket.

Today, BMX bike brands manufacturers offer 2 main types of carriage cups:

  1. With pressed bearings and a bushing – it is better if it is Mid or lighter “Spanish” (Spanish);
  2. Threaded, with external bearings (Euro) – not the most popular. Heavy, not too reliable, and also require the selection of special connecting rods.

Sometimes there are bicycles with a glass-like an American, where bearings (often bulk) are additionally fixed by cups. It is better to refuse to buy a device with such a carriage landing.


They deserve special attention when choosing BMX bicycles since they often take on the entire load.

In addition, they have several options:

  1. Freebie – relatively inexpensive bushings with a rattle and a fairly large, heavy star.
  2. With a driver – ideal for stunt models, since a ratchet cassette is more durable than a ratchet and can reduce the weight of the projectile by reducing the drive gear.
  3. Free coaster – a chic and insanely expensive type of bushings just for stunt bikes. But on standardized compliments, they are almost never found, if this is not some kind of flagship model.

Do not forget to specify the best BMX bike brands type of bearings installed: industrial (industrial) are mandatory on the rear wheel and highly desirable on the front.

As for the sizes, in any case, the backs of the bushings should be 14 mm in diameter – the usual ten are not suitable here, because after installation the peg under the weight of the rider will simply bend it. On the front wheel, a lighter axle of 9.5 mm is allowed – again, if this is not a flat model, and you do not plan to put front pegs.


Take a bicycle with double rims right away – they are stronger and more resistant to deformation. Single can be taken for a teenager, but after several unsuccessful jumps, he can easily make an eight out of a wheel.

The number of spokes depends on the size of the hub, but the more they are, the more serious it will be possible to load the wheels – this applies to both the weight of the rider and the level of extreme sports while riding best BMX bike brands.

Tires are usually used wide (1.8-2.25 ″) with a slick or hem silk profile. But if you have to ride on poor coverage, it makes sense to take a more aggressive tread.

Pedal material

This is not about the connecting rods themselves – the choice is obvious: either immediately buys a bike with Cr-Mo, or take Hi-Ten and from the very first money change to alloy.

In cycling motocross, a significant load falls on the platform of the pedals.

The following options are possible here:

  1. Aluminum BMX bike brands pedals – reliable and durable, quite affordable.
  2. Magnesium – the best, because with the same strength indicators weigh less aluminum, but also cost significantly more.
  3. Plastic – inexpensive, easy to change, but they are clearly not strong enough. Yes and their grip on the sole are unimportant.


Oddly enough, the traditional size of the frame – does not matter in principle in the best BMX bike brands. On such bicycles, they ride mainly standing on the pedals, which means that the question of convenience depends only on the athlete’s constitution. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the length of the upper pipe.

It is better to select it by the method of fitting, but for a guide, you can use the following numbers:

  1. For children and adolescents with a height of 140 cm, the optimal frame size is 18-20 ″;
  2. With the growth of 150-170 cm, it is already possible to take models 20.25-20.75 ″;
  3. For tall athletes from 180 cm, frames 21-21.2 ″ are suitable, but this is the ceiling. Doing tricks with such a pipe length does not seem convenient to everyone.

Which BMX bike brands to choose

  1. If you want to introduce a child to sports, take him a children’s BMX model on wheels from 12 to 18 inches. An aluminum or Hi-Ten frame with a length of no more than 20 ″ will be enough for him, small bushings up to 10 mm in diameter – too. Brakes are required.
  2. For beginners who are just mastering this spectacular sport, it is better to take a bike of the middle price category, but certainly on a chrome-molybdenum frame with an equally reliable steering wheel. The remaining metal parts of the bike can be made of ordinary steel if the rider’s weight is small.
  3. With the accumulation of experience, part of the budget kit is still worth replacing. But the rear hub should initially be “adult”, that is, have 14 mm in diameter. There are no particularly stringent requirements for the front. The brakes, as in the case of children’s bicycles, are definitely useful at first. Those who have enough money for a good BMX bike brands and have extreme skiing experience will need the most durable bike because you will “kill” it diligently and competently. Accordingly, in its design, everything from the frame to the connecting rods of the pedals should be made of Cr-Mo.

The body kit should also be selected as reliable as possible: Mid-glasses on the carriage, cassette bushings with industrial bearings, a powerful aluminum star, and the corresponding chain. It is better to choose pedals from a magnesium alloy. If something from this list is not in the complement, it is advisable to immediately buy and change.

How to choose the best BMX bike brands and rating of the best manufacturers

best bike us - How to choose the best BMX bike brands and rating of the best manufacturers
Best bike us – How to choose the best BMX bike brands and rating of the best manufacturers

Best BMX bike brands bicycles for a child, as well as adult bicycles, differ in terms of application. In addition to the classics of the genre, racing cycling, there are tales for darts, park and other types of cycling.

BMX bike brands Tech Team TT MACK

This model, which is released by the Russian company Tech Team, is intended for children from 12 years old with a height of 130 cm and above. The product can withstand loads up to 100 kg. He great weighs 10.5 kg.

As befits BMX group bicycles, the model is not equipped with shock absorbers, and there is no gear shift in it either. BMX Tech Team TT MACK is equipped with 20-inch wheels, a reliable steel steering wheel of 740 mm, the removal distance of which is 55 mm.

  1. Ability to use in the styles of darts and park.
  2. Rubber Wanda 20 × 2.35 provides a reliable grip, does not require additional effort when driving.
  3. There are three options for stylish colors.
  4. Not detected.

Young riders are quite satisfied with the technical characteristics and capabilities of the bike.

Steps Saber 20

The sturdy steel frame (8 mm) of the best BMX bike brands bicycle of the Russian Engineering Company enables the rider to use it intensively for a long time. The deep, tractor, tread pattern of 20-inch wheels allows the cyclist to drive not only on asphalt roads but also on the dirt road. Product weight: 14.3 kg.

  1. The lowered and elongated design of the bike makes it easier to perform stunts, as well as movement during the competition.
  2. Double-layer rims made of aluminum are resistant to mechanical deformation.
  3. Thick rubber tires soften the force of blows during stunts.
  4. Robust steering wheel frames withstand heavy loads.
  1. Weak carriage, thin tires.
  2. Insufficient offset length.
  3. The pedals are erased.
  4. Poor weld quality.


Welt BMX Freedom

The best BMX bike brands are a famous manufacturer of bicycle equipment from Austria. Ideal for learning the basics of racing and the tricks of novice riders. The basis of the bike is a sturdy frame made of a durable chromium-molybdenum alloy. 20”wheels provide excellent cross-country ability on tracks with any surface.

  1. The bike is equipped with a rear tick-type brake.
  2. Reliable aluminum rims reinforce the design.
  3. The package includes two pegs for performing tricks.
  4. Wide pedals are convenient for the cyclist.
  5. The CrMo frame helps the biker fit into turns in the turns of the track.
  6. Owners of the equipment like the quality assembly of the bike.
  7. Stylish design.
  8. Reasonable price of model.
  9. Not detected.


Haro Downtown

Extreme bike without any unnecessary options in this case, such as gear shifting. We note a strong and reliable Hi-Ten steel frame, a rigid steel fork from the same brand, reinforced aluminum rims and top-end Alloy 990 U-brakes.

If near your home there are ramps and other man-made obstacles suitable for pokatushek on this iron horse – you urgently need to get a similar model, discover a lot of new emotions.

The model is assembled in Taiwan and against the background of its Chinese competitors it looks just eternal, so the purchase will certainly pay off – you can develop your skills for many years.

What to evaluate when buying BMX bike brands

First of all, consider the purpose of the vehicle. It can be mountain, children’s, highway or for city roads. Choose the most convenient option best BMX bike brands; take into account such individual indicators as the height and weight of the owner. It is important to choose any model strictly in accordance with your dimensions, and not rely solely on a high-profile brand. There are also many universal variations on the market that vary in appearance, characteristics and price.

New branded bikes are not in vain in great demand. Second-hand goods do not attract potential buyers, as they require frequent repairs, additional costs. We recommend choosing products from trusted manufacturers. Let you spend a little more money from the budget, but you will be confident in your safety and comfortable movement, which cannot be said when buying used vehicles.

The numbers of manufacturers are best BMX bike brands whose logos can be found in the store is constantly growing. At the same time, not everyone is ready to demonstrate high quality. It is worth thinking carefully, to evaluate all the pros and cons before buying, no matter how attractive the brand is. Then you will be able to acquire a durable product, and not a flimsy, disposable design.

In addition, choosing between foreign and Russian companies – both of them will be represented in the rating of bicycle brands from “Tokoriki” – think about which labels are most often faked. Of course, these are the names that are especially popular in the world market. Any quality product has a number of documents confirming its authenticity. Before buying, read the information on the official website, study the characteristics of what should be included in the package, what materials were used. Be prepared to check the item thoroughly.

Rely on personal preferences the best BMX bike brands and finances. Do not blindly give the advantage of foreign products, following stereotypes. In this article you will find many reliable domestic options offering a price significantly lower than their foreign counterparts.

Top companies and the best BMX bike brands

best bike us - Top companies and the best BMX bike brands
Best bike us – Top companies and the best BMX bike brands

Having gained worldwide recognition back in the 70s and 80s of the last century, the BMX discipline (bicycle motocross) has become one of the most popular extreme sports today. Initially, BMX consisted only of racing on dirt tracks (racing), now this area includes various stunt disciplines, including street, park, dirt, freestyle, vert, and flatland. Manufacturers produce bicycles that meet the requirements of each discipline, as well as universal bikes suitable for the most popular styles.

There are a lot of bicycle manufacturers who produce best BMX bike brands; you will not list them all quickly. Among them there are well-known popular companies, as well as recently appeared companies that deserve attention, as well as manufacturers who produce great ones of not the best quality. From such an assortment, our eyes run wide, so we will try to highlight several bicycle companies that are worth paying attention to when choosing a BMX is great.

Top BMX bike brands

When choosing the best BMX bike manufacturers, we paid attention to the following parameters:

  • the strength of the frame, fork, steering wheel and connecting rods;
  • quality of welds and assembly;
  • assortment of models;
  • history and fame of the brand;
  • availability of quality certificates;
  • price policy;
  • design;
  • Customer reviews.

First, we list the companies that we have chosen, after which we will dwell on each of them in more detail.


The Sunday best BMX bike brands was established in 2005. Due to the fact that among the developers there are externals actively cycling, Sunday products are as close as possible to customer requests. The company is represented by world famous riders: Aaron Ross, Jake Seeley, Gary Young, Eric Lichtenberger and others. Top models are made of super strong chromium-molybdenum frames and other components that have undergone heat treatment, which allows the company to give a lifetime warranty on these products. This inspires confidence in the strength and reliability of Sunday bikes.


Subrosa manufactures best BMX bike brands and accessories. The quality of the bike is high and the price is affordable. A large assortment of models allows you to choose the one that is most suitable for the riding style and the budget of the buyer. Both universal models, and street or park are issued. Therefore, Subrosa bikes are popular with beginner riders and experienced BMX enthusiasts. Parts of the company are often equipped with bikes of other brands. The company is developing on a large scale, constantly updating its line and expanding its product range. Subrosa competitions are represented by Scott Ditchburn, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Hoang Tran, and others. These athletes take part in the development of components, so you can buy a BMX frame, fork, steering wheel saddle, grips and other components that meet the needs of skiers,

Haro bikes

The company was founded by professional freestyle racer, a fan of freestyle Bob Haro, back in 1975, B. Haro personally took part in the development of bikes, which he then competed in. Stunning stunts performed by the president of the company quickly promoted the brand to the leaders of the best BMX bike brands manufacturers and served to increase sales. The company’s product range is very wide since Haro also produces mountain and beach bikes.

Hoffman bikes

The Hoffman Bikes brand was formed by a world-famous professional BMX rider, Mike Hoffman. The company manufactures a wide range of bikes, including bicycles for street, half pipe and freestyle.

Fit bike

Fit Bike offers BMX bikes of various geometries to clearly meet the needs of each discipline. The range of the BMX bike brands company includes both low-riders – bikes with low seating for straight and high landing for dearth.

Stolen bike

Stolen Bike’s lineup includes BMX bikes designed for street ride and rough terrain. Stolen Bike manufactures bicycles from chrome, which has a light but strong structure. Bicycles from this manufacturer have removable brakes for riders who prefer not to brake at all.


Redline was one of the first companies to launch the best BMX bike brands when there was only one discipline copied from racing motorcycle races. Since Redline at that time was already designing motorcycle frames, it was not difficult for them to start the production of cycling frames for cross-country racing. It was on the great Redline from the distant 70s that races were won, so it is natural that Redline is considered the best bike for racing.


The Czech brand AUTHOR is primarily known as a manufacturer of high-quality mountain, hybrid, road, and road bikes. But AUTHOR also produces BMX bicycles for street, park and dearth, PIMPLE, PIMP, and PIMPLE series. The AUTHOR pays great attention to quality, while its pricing policy is much more modest than the American top bike brands. The company in the early 90s was organized the best BMX bike brands by Martin Galena. Having quickly conquered the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, AUTHOR continued to grow, expanding it’s model and size lines, after which it entered the European market.

AUTHOR successfully used its own advantage: having a lower cost compared to well-known European brands, as well as excellent bike quality, the company quickly grew from a local Czech brand to the level of a high-class European manufacturer.


South Californian American Corporation GT in the market of bicycle bikes for almost 40 years. Over the years, the company managed to gain the trust of millions of amateurs around the world. GT bikes were named after their founder, Gary Turner (Gary Turner), a talented inventor welder who designed the world’s first BMX frame. It was welded so that it created three triangles in space. Using this patented technology, frames are still being made that are the trademark and hallmark of the GT brand. In the GT range, high-quality Mountain, highway, road, women, children and best BMX bike brands are great for amateurs and professionals.

GT supported many extreme players from the very beginning of the development of BMX disciplines, today they have their own cool teams in cross-country, endure, downhill and trail.


Taiwanese manufacturer Giant the best BMX bike brands every year more and more strengthens its position in the bicycle market. The corporation’s lineup has a wide variety of cycling shoes for outdoor activities and extreme sports for every taste. Giant management is focused on buyers from different social backgrounds, so the cost of their bikes is quite affordable. Giant is synonymous with high technology and quality. New technologies, the quality of bicycles and the right pricing policy, were able to win the hearts of American and European cyclists.

Rating of manufacturers of children’s bicycles

Of course, the America BMX bike brands manufacturer comes first. Atom manufactures safe bikes for children of all ages. Wide compact tires and a strong reliable frame will protect the child from unforeseen situations on the road. This brand has established itself as a high-quality and relatively inexpensive manufacturer of children’s bicycles.

There is also an American firm Wels. The products of this company are less expensive and less quality. However, it is also in demand.

The best BMX bike brands models

  1. Road. Those on which we simply move around in residential areas at low speed. Equipped with mud shields, baskets, headlights and a boot, such as the Bianchi Infinite Ultra – one minus is harsh and does not smooth out rough roads; James Commuter 4 – great for daily use; Scott CR1 Comp – absorbs vibrations and smooth’s out bumps in the road.
  2. Mountain bikes. Designed for extreme sports – riding on mountainous landscapes. The bike feels great off-road due to the hardened frame, thick tires and durable wheels, such as the STELS NAVIGATOR 800 – very convenient and easy to handle; Merida Big 7 40 – has 7 frame size options; Cronus Soldier 1.0 – incredibly compact.
  3. BMX. These bikes are not purchased for riding, but more for performing tricks. The fork and frame of such bicycles are much stronger than usual, such as SUBROSA SALVADOR – very convenient; Haro SDV2; STELS Saber S2.
  4. Comfortable. Almost like a road, only with a more advanced front fork, such as the Stels Navigator 150, Stels Energy II 26, Giant Sedona DX.
  5. Bicycle hybrids. These bikes are suitable for camping trips when there is a need to travel both on normal roads and off-road, such as the Cube Nature Pro, Merida Crossway 40-D, Giant Roam XR 1.
  6. Cruisers Great for exploring the city. Bicycles have a direct wheel, protection on a chain, basket, leg. Electra Cruiser bicycles – a comfortable saddle, a high wheel; Electra Townie Original – it does not matter either gender, weight, or height of the driver, the bike is completely universal; Schwinn Hollywood is a lightweight, comfortable cruiser.

The most common five species are not the whole list. Such as double-suspension, road, folding and many others.

Mountain Bike Rating

Mountain bikes come in many shapes and sizes. The wheels of such bikes can be 26, 27.5, 29 inches. They provide a stable, comfortable ride, good ground clearance. You can choose models with full or only front or rear suspension. If you’re interested in which budget mountain bike is better, check out the small rating:

Diamondback Lux 2 is an affordable bike that can conquer any landscape in the right hands. Lux 2 is part of a wider range of exclusive Diamondback mountain bikes. Advantages:

  • Nimble;
  • Fast;
  • Lightweight, easy to operate;
  • It runs smoothly, holds the road well.

The best BMX bike brands Come with a lightweight aluminum frame, with an ultra-low top tube that increases the rack height, so it’s great for people who are not tall. 18 speeds is an added bonus, as are hydraulic brakes.

Co-Op DRT 1.1W is a real gem. It has several aspects that are rarely found in models costing less than $ 500. The 27.5-inch mountain bike, painted in an attractive shade of blue, is made of aluminum and weighs about 14 kilograms.


  • Light weight;
  • Quality brakes and suspension;
  • High braking power;
  • Good price;

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Cherry on the Cake! They provide maximum braking power, they are much easier to use and regulate than mechanical disk. Cannondale Habit AL2 is the best BMX bike brands with full suspension. If you need serious cycling for training and riding over rough terrain, this lightweight aluminum monster is your option.


The bike is painted in gray satin with pink coral shades – it is difficult to resist such a coloring. The bike has a 1 × 11 transmission, which is now popular among the best models, as well as hydraulic brakes.

Which BMX to buy

To achieve success in this extreme sport, it is necessary with all responsibility to approach the choice of your iron partner – the best BMX bike brands.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the following criteria.


It is necessary to decide which type of the best BMX bike brands rider will engage in. Based on this, select a model. A novice athlete should give preference to a universal model, so that, after gaining experience, go to your favorite type: park, street or street.

Sellers offer two types: made of alloy steel with chromium-molybdenum additives (chromol) or ordinary steel (Hi-Ten). The first option is lighter than your opponent, stronger, but, accordingly, more expensive. The second bribes the future owner at an affordable price, but less reliable.

Performing tricks on it for a long time will not work. However BMX bike brands, for training it is recommended to choose a budget option, it is quite suitable for this. You also need to remember that the length of the frame must match the growth of the athlete.


There are outdoor and indoor types of such products. Design features allow you to use the latest, industrial type, more in time. Open type bearings (bulk) are faster clogged with dirt, have a short service life.

All bicycles are divided into three groups: budget models, the best BMX bike brands of the middle price category, bike bikes for professionals of the premium segment. The choice depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer. However, it should be remembered: cheaper bike bikes with intensive use and loads fail faster. It is recommended even for beginners to choose high-quality models of the middle price segment.

Maxx Pro Kit

A relatively cheap but not bad bmx stunt bike with a steel frame and a rigid fork is all right. The diameter of the wheels is twenty inches, tires from the famous brand Wanda, an aluminum alloy rim. Walking front and rear brakes from the V-brake are a budget but quite reasonable solution.

In general, it’s a worthy device, but you don’t have to rely on something supernatural if you are a beginner and just discover the world of bicycle stunts – this is a solid option, but professionals in this matter are unlikely to be satisfied.

Best BMX bike brands

The popularity of this type of cycling is growing every year. In this regard, the demand for BMX bicycles (Bicycle Motor Extreme) is increasing. Consider the best BMX bike brands, talk about their advantages and disadvantages. We also introduce fans of this sport to the BMX bike selection rules.

Bicycle manufacturers: best BMX bike brands rating

  1. Author – Czech Republic-China production, benefit from good attachments.
  2. Bergamot – German tales. Attention worthy of the road model.
  3. Cannondale is an American brand that produces expensive bike bikes.
  4. Coinage is a good Italian manufacturer.
  5. Cube is a German brand.
  6. Fuji is a Japanese mountain brand.
  7. GT is an American company.
  8. Haro is an expensive brand, mainly focusing on XC and Dirt
  9. Merida is an Asian brand that produces low-cost models.


Bicycle manufacturers rating

Choosing a bike is not so easy. Only in Russia the demand for bicycles has grown over the past couple of years. And it turned out that there are not so many companies producing quality products.

Brand Selection Criteria

To begin with, it is worth deciding for what purposes you are buying a bicycle. If this:

  • Antlers, so your choice can stop at such expensive brands as Trek, Cannondale, Gary Fisher.
  • ease of construction – Scott;
  • Extraordinary design, unsurpassed quality – Cube, GT;
  • For trips around the city of Atom, STELS, FORWARD.

But this is all about the professional class. As for the need to drive home for 18 minutes, you should not overpay a lot of money for the brand. You can give preference to less expensive, but the same quality brands as Merida, Giant, Atom, and Norco.

Price policy

The cost of BMX bike brands depends not only on the quality materials of which it is made, not only on the country of the manufacturer and the design features and ease of use. Do not be fooled into thinking that giving away huge sums for a bicycle, you pay for quality. The cost of the bike also includes marketing costs, and this is not a small amount. That is why it is not always important what sticker on the frame of your bike.

Which BMX bike brands will last longer

By the standards of experts, that bike will last longer, and ride less. But seriously, then pay attention to the attachment, because the quality of the bike directly depends on it. The higher their class, the better all the rest of the best BMX bike brands equipment. Two firms Shimano and SRAM have positively proven themselves in the Russian market.

Next, pay attention to the frame of the bike. What material is it made of and its weight? The difference of 1.5-2 kilograms can have significant deviations in price. That will be cheaper, whose frame is lighter. However, this will not affect the quality at all.

Recommendations and conclusions

According to the results of the analysis, I want to say, do not get fooled by brands. Not always an indicator of quality is only the price. Decide for yourself what purpose you are buying the bike from and do not forget that safety is the main thing. Take care of yourself!

Stinger BMX bike brands Joker

A bicycle with a ten-inch steel frame and twenty-inch wheels on aluminum rims, which shows itself well both as a stunt and a pleasure craft.

The initial carriages, the most basic best BMX bike brands pedals a simple steering wheel with minimal lifting adjustment capabilities – it would seem nothing supernatural, but all together turns into a pretty tolerable model that gives a lot of pleasant emotions to its owner.

It is a pity that the coloring is only one and clearly for everybody, although young people will be more likely glad – juicy summer colors is in fashion today. Twisting somersaults on such an iron horse is an unnecessary risk, but the rider will surely succeed in hitting the girls from a neighboring yard!

How was the rating compiled BMX bike brands

When compiling the TOP bike companies and specific models, the following parameters were taken into account:

  • Materials
  • Operational characteristics of the model;
  • Durability;
  • The presence of additional elements;
  • Price;
  • Comfort, safe operation;
  • The quality of the frame, brakes;
  • Design.

The basic classification of bikes depends on the terrain and the purpose for which it is operated. There is hybrid, road (urban), mountain models. We’ll talk about them.

TOP 5 BMX bike brands for BMX bikes

best bike us - TOP 5 BMX bike brands for BMX bikes 3
Best bike us – TOP 5 BMX bike brands for BMX bikes 3

How to determine which companies produce the best BMX bikes? Very simple – pay attention to the quality of the BMX bike. For example, from what types of steel frames are made. So, for vehicles with high mileage, a chrome frame made of high-strength steel is needed.

The quality of hubs, spokes, wheels – all these are vital components that require production on the basis of durable materials. However, popular brands are generally trusted by default. Consider the TOP-5 manufacturers of BMX, in order to facilitate the choice of a potential buyer of a bike for motocross and motocross.

Given the different criteria of technology, a list of popular the best BMX bike brands bike brands is constantly being compiled. From year to year, such a list may change somewhat, but as practice shows, it is very insignificant. Well-known world companies strive to “keep the brand”, not allowing competitors to cross the cherished TOP-5 border. Meanwhile, the choice of the consumer, even in such conditions, invariably boils down to two main things:

  1. Product price.
  2. The design of the product

Therefore, given the full range of quality indicators, adding to this set price indicators and design features, a real TOP-5 BMX bike is built.

Unrivaled EASTERN

The product of the well-known brand marked by the Natural model is in high demand among potential cyclists who prefer the motocross style

The “Eastern” motif “EASTERN” is really impressive. The company is universally recognized in the world, especially in the field of production of the best BMX bike brands. The production is located in North Carolina (USA).

High-quality products have been supplied to the market for over 20 years. In terms of specific recommendations for the manufacturer’s catalog, two models can be offered for selection:

  • Eastern natural
  • Eastern cobra


The cult BMX bike brands “HARO”

The product released under the HARO brand is a recognized version of a sports tool for fans of cycling motocross or motto freestyle

The manufacturer of these bicycles is so confident in the quality of his products that without a shadow of embarrassment he notes – thinking about the BMX bike means thinking about the HARO. Well, judging by the reviews held by the owners, this brand is really one of the most iconic BMX brands in the world.

Digging, founded by a certain Bob Aro, began its journey with the production of simple accessories for cyclists. In particular, she was engaged in the manufacture of license plate tags for BMX riders.

However, in the end it came to the full production of bicycles. Now, one of the most popular and inexpensive models of BMX bicycles from this company is the development of “Haro Mongoose”.

Kink Rising BMX bike

An original combination of an orange (eye-catching) sturdy frame and powerful black wheels attracts Kink’s product. However, this is just one of many options to choose from.

The Kink bike brand is a relatively young company on the list of the best BMX bike brands design brands. However, the manufacturer of this brand managed to quickly gain popularity among professional cyclists.

Being a small company compared to its competitors, Kink, however, was able to offer the highest quality BMX models. At the same time, product prices are significantly lower than analogues of famous brands.

Kink branded bicycles are available on the commercial market:

  • strong
  • lightweight
  • reliable
  • beautiful models.

Many products of the company, made with high quality, are available at a price of less than $ 300 (18,000 rubles). A typical example of a product in high demand is the Kink Curb model, presented in its 2020 range.

Good old Mongoose

The legendary “Mongoose Legion” is a sports instrument produced by a well-known company. The technique of a true admirer of two-wheeled structures BMX

Bicycles marked with the brand “Mongoose” do not need extra presentation. This brand has earned its popularity with continued hard work aimed at achieving the best result. The result is just best BMX bike brands of the Mongoose brand.

The history of the company originates in California. The starting point of the corporate “track” is 1974. From that moment, the American company has repeatedly passed from one owner to another.

“Mongoose” BMX bike brands products became famous primarily due to the production of high-quality bicycles for beginner athletes. Models are not as light as Krik offers, but they are more durable and inexpensive compared to the main competitors of the company.

A striking example is the “Mongoose Legion” (Mongoose Legion) – a successful bicycle in all respects, sold on the market at a price of 200-300 dollars, given the dimension of two-wheeled vehicles.

Really successful Sunday

The original design option in the image of a yellow-red-black bicycle “Sunday”, designed to conquer difficult routes. In a word – a successful Sunday

Despite the later appearance of Sunday in the best BMX bike brands market, this brand is not inferior to the same Mongoose. Resurrection specialists have designed and produced really successful bicycles, from the point of view of mechanics and everything else.

Many experts evaluate Sunday products at a high level of performance of mechanical parts. Since 2005, Sunday (Sunday) has been steadily taking its place and holding onto the TOP of the best BMX bikes on the commercial market.

However, the BMX bike from Sunday is quite an expensive pleasure for the average user who has decided to purchase two-wheeled vehicles. And above will have to pay the buyer for the design of “Sunday”.

2020 best BMX bike brands model rating for stunts

Do you like extreme leisure and want to try something new? Today we’ll talk about bmx bikes – devices that can turn even a respectable man into a teenager, because the pleasure of a successful stunt only grows with age. What models are most relevant today, what accessories they are equipped with, and how bikes of well-known brands differ from the no-name models – we’ll talk in our article today.

City BMX bike brands Rating

Road bike bikes are traditional models with a minimum of “bells and whistles”. They hold the road well, are easy to drive, suitable for men and women. They have narrow tires, lightweight frames and advanced components. If you are interested in what brands of bicycles of this type are, check out the small rating:

Tomas Iola is one of the most popular models of the Italian manufacturer.

Upon closer inspection, it is fairly easy to understand why. This is a beautiful design, great price, quality components. Benefits:

  • Beautiful design;
  • Made from quality components;
  • Light weight;
  • Frame made of aluminum.

BMX bike brands are available in three colors, so if you ask what the coolest bike is, we will answer: this one! You can choose one of three shades – black, white, orange. In a bicycle, V-brakes, which, along with an aluminum frame, fork, significantly reduce weight.

Co-Op ARD 1.2W – a bike for women. It provides high performance both on paved roads and on gravel, so you can conduct various effective workouts.

The combination of a lightweight aluminum frame and a sturdy carbon fork allows you to reduce weight and increase speed, especially uphill.

  • Women’s bike, lightweight, easy to manage;
  • Reliable suspension;
  • Low price;
  • Lots of speeds.

ARD 1.2W has a 2 × 11 transmission for a specific road, 22 speeds, wide tires that hold gravel well.

Diamondback Arden 5 Carbon is the most expensive and complicated bike on this list. This BMX bike brands model costs about $ 2,000, but its characteristics fully justify the cost.


  • Long service life;
  • Comfort of operation in any conditions;
  • Nice design
  • Ease of Management.

The all-carbon frame, painted in an irresistible light blue color, attracts attention and positively affects driving comfort.

Test of strength

Before you get acquainted with the rating of the best bicycle manufacturers for quality and reliability, make sure that you know all the nuances of choosing this transport.

1. Pay attention to the materials used in the manufacture of the frame (it should be steel, aluminum alloys, titanium or carbon).

2. Rate how versatile it is. Is it suitable for both men and women, is it suitable for fast driving on the highway and slow movement along the streets of the city.

3. Learn about additional features. This is especially important for professional athletes.

4. Compare the service life, durability of different options. We compiled a ranking of the best BMX bike brands, which included the best companies and their high-quality bikes, based on user opinions. Having become acquainted with them, you will be one step closer to choosing a durable design.

5. Check for additional parts that require frequent replacement.

6. Consider how convenient and practical the unit will be while driving.

7. Pay attention to quality control of the brake mechanism. It must be reliable, with a quick response to your actions.

8. Appearance also plays a role. After the technical specifications and parameters are studied, evaluate the design. Is color, a print (if any) suitable for you, decorative elements; is it important to have a backlight?

9. Define the range by cost. One can afford options up to 10,000 p., While others do not consider vehicles with a price below 15,000 p. As professional racers looking for models with “bells and whistles” from popular BMX bike brands collection.


Best BMX bike brands for adults

best bike us - Best BMX bike brands for adults
Best bike us – Best BMX bike brands for adults

This group presents models for cycling, stunt rentals. They have increased frame strength, equipped with thick tires that can soften contact with the road surface when jumping on a bike.

STARK Madness BMX bike brands – 1

These bicycles are the result of the joint efforts of Russian entrepreneurs, German engineers and Taiwanese manufacturers. As experienced users note, they do not pretend to be advanced cycling bikes, nor do they show tin on tracks. However, their attitude to the BMX group is shown by 100%. The design consists of durable but inexpensive HI-TEN steel.

Velia is equipped with 20-inch tires from the famous Chinese manufacturer Wanda, which has been manufacturing tires for cycle vehicles for more than 30 years.

  1. Convenient curved steering wheel.
  2. Easy to manage.
  3. The model is quite affordable.
  1. Insufficient steel frame, deformed from jumping.
  2. There are no pegs.
  3. Weak brakes.

Users note that it is difficult to demand more from the budget model

Madness BMX bike brands – 2

Another model of the Chinese manufacturer, the frame of which is made of HI-TEN 13A steel. It is equipped with front and rear brakes, a two-component steel steering wheel 650 mm. Thick tires WANDA P1042, 20×2.35 level vibration, reduce shock from drop jumps.

  1. Large selection of body colors.
  2. Light weight for a product of this class: 12.5 kg.
  3. Durable aluminum double rims.
  4. Withstand loads up to 100 kg.
  1. The components are great: the carriage, cassette, front and rear bushings correspond to class 1 and 2, the initial level.
  2. Weak braking.
  3. Poor plastic saddle.
  4. The owners note that this BMX bike brands model cannot be used for tricks; it does not allow an unreliable design.

Madness BMX bike brands race

The STARK Madness BMX bike from China differs from its counterparts in its lineup by the enhanced structural strength. The frame is made of aluminum; plastic pedals have also become more reliable. The length of the steering wheel is 650 mm.

  1. Aluminum rims.
  2. Large passable wheels with 20 inch Wanda tires.
  3. Convenient hand grip of the steering wheel, consisting of two components.
  4. Bright design.
  5. Trick runs are not recommended to perform – “flimsy” design.

Madness BMX bike brands – 3

Designed for the participation of the BMX bike in the park, street and other types of cycling. The frame of the car is made of Hi-Ten 13A steel, the Neck WP401 pedals are made of reinforced plastic.

BMX STARK Madness BMX 3 is a cycling bike that can be the first step to move to higher levels in this sport.

  1. Attractive appearance.
  2. Acceptable price.
  3. The presence of a gyrator allows you to rotate the bike around its axis without damaging the brake cable.
  4. The presence of double rims prevents damage to parts.
  5. Good build quality.
  6. Reliability of parts.
  7. It is advised to use it not for professional, but amateur skating.


Which the best BMX bike brands better?

If we talk about the brand, which from and to produces bicycles using the latest advanced technologies, uses the most modern equipment and its own developments, then this is the German manufacturer of the company Cube. These bikes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Famous brands and one of the highest quality BMX bike brands in the world market for bicycle and component manufacturers are Shimano and SRAM. Shimano is a Japanese brand, a manufacturer of bicycles and parts for them since 1970. SRAM is an American manufacturer of bicycle products. Created in the same years and being a direct competitor for Shimano, SRAM is not inferior to it to this day.

Also, not inferior to its competitors. Atom is a truly high-quality and relatively inexpensive bike product.

As for the American products, they have another well-known brand Scott. Their pendants are the lightest, and the models have no analogues. But pleasure is not cheap.

Rating of the best BMX bike brands manufacturers: top 10 firms for reliability and quality

Riding a bike is for many not just entertainment, but an integral part of life. Especially if you do it professionally. In any case, you need to acquire high-quality transport, which is easy to get around and drive. In this article, we highlighted the top 10 best bike brands for professionals and beginners to make it easier for you to choose a brand.

TOP 5 bicycle manufacturers

For Russian bicycle manufacturers, five of the highest quality and best-selling brands can be distinguished:

  1. Atom;
  2. STELS;
  4. Stark;
  5. Navigator

Giant GFR F / W

The review of the best bmx bikes is continued by an interesting model on Kenda K-Rad 20 × 2 125 and Kenda K-Rad 20 × 1.95 tires, these are ideal for acrobatic studies. Reliable Retainer Ball carriages and Tektro walking rear brakes ensure the rider’s comfort and safety.

There are so many colors that everyone will surely be able to choose the option to their liking. If you already have some experience in managing a bmx, but there is no desire and opportunity to spend money on flagship models yet, take a closer look at this proposal.

Judging by the reviews, a number of users with a particularly aggressive driving style have complaints about the frame, which does not hold well when falling and colliding with obstacles, but here you need to consider each specific case separately to understand what led to deformations.

What is BMX bike brands are the best and most reliable?

Everyone loves bicycles – children, women, men, grandparents. Hundreds of manufacturers annually release new, more advanced models, taking into account the changing demands of consumers for safety and comfort. Such diversity creates problems with choice. Which bike brands are the best and most reliable? To answer this question, experts conducted a large-scale study comparing models of popular brands. Based on the results, a bike rating was compiled, with which you can choose the best BMX bike brands for yourself.

BMX bike brands are hybrid models

Hybrids are universal bike bikes that can be used for commuting, training or just for everyday driving. They are fast, have convenient geometry, are very stable, easy to manage. Such bikes combine the characteristics of road and mountain modifications. In most cases, hybrids have 700c wheels and aluminum frames. For expensive models, the frames are completely carbon or have a carbon fork. And now let’s go over the manufacturers of the best BMX bike brands are hybrid bicycle models-

Tommaso Sorrento is a bike whose appearance speaks of comfort and value. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, a comfortable steel fork. Comes with a different number of gears to choose from. Tommaso Sorrento is available in one color, but it is beautiful. Elegant black color distinguishes it from other hybrids. Equipped with 700c wheels and 32mm wide tires, this provides a compromise between speed, comfort and stability.


  • Reliable, durable suspension;
  • Good brakes;
  • Perfectly holds the road;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Powerful wheels
  • Made from quality components.

In addition, the bike is available in five sizes, so you will not have problems finding the right height. One of the reasons the hybrid is lightweight is because it is equipped with V-brakes instead of disc brakes. If you are considering which BMX bike brands companies are the best are, then Tommaso Sorrento is definitely one of them.

Ghost Square Cross 4.8 is another favorite. It is suitable for trips around the city, as it has built-in wings and racks. The best BMX bike brands are ready to ride, even when it rains outside, you can equip it with a basket for transporting food or personal items. The bike comes in one color, a very nice shade of gray, with red details that provide perfect contrast. The bike has a front suspension (with a stroke of 50 mm), is completely made of aluminum, so it is lightweight, even with integrated wings, struts.


  • The steering wheel is adjustable;
  • Lightweight, mobile (can be transported on the trunk of a car);
  • Durable materials;
  • Beautiful bright design.

Another noteworthy feature is hydraulic disc brakes. They provide the BMX bike brands braking power and are the easiest to maintain. Diamondback Hansen 3 – it is no coincidence that it occupies the top positions in the rating of bicycles in terms of quality. This is one of the most beautiful hybrid bikes. A beautiful shade of green attracts attention everywhere. It is ideally suited for rough terrain thanks to wider tires with an uneven profile which allow it to go on gravel.

The hinged steering wheel offers several different positions for the hands, so the palms and shoulders of the cyclist do not get tired after long cycling.


  • Stylish design;
  • Comfort management;
  • Durability6;
  • A light weight.

The bike is lightweight due to the aluminum frame and fork, which provides additional BMX bike brands control comfort.

The Raleigh Alysa 2 is the perfect combination of a lightweight road bike and a comfortable mountain bike.


  • Universality;
  • Suitable for men and women;
  • Comfort management;
  • Quality materials;
  • Reliable brakes.

The design, equipment makes it suitable for city trips, since the roads in Russia cannot be called absolutely smooth. If you want to stop quickly, Tektro mechanical brakes can help. They are effective, powerful, safe, and reliable in operation.

Rating of the best BMX bike brands by price

Prices for even seemingly identical models from different manufacturers can vary by tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here is the rating of bike brands depending on the price:

  • In the first place is the most expensive bike product called Trek Butterfly Madone . This bike, created by Damien Hurst, costs $ 500,000.

Regarding the bicycle brands that we see on the shelves of our stores, the most expensive are:

  • Scott;
  • What follows is Cube and GT;
  • They are followed by brands such as Specialized, MERIDA;
  • Completes the Wels list .
  • If you look at Russian brands, the most expensive will be STELS and Atom , and the relatively not expensive Sura BMX bike brands bicycles of Penza Bicycle Plant LLC – low price, good quality.

TOP 10 best BMX bike brands

Here are the TOP 10 best brands of bicycles, according to Internet users:

  1. German brand Cube;
  2. Specialized;
  3. Scott company ;
  4. GT;
  5. MERIDA;
  7. SMART;
  8. Stel;
  9. Forward Company ;
  10. Focus

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