Wheels of peace 10 years

Wheels of peace

For 10 years, the NGO “Wheels of Peace” was born in the Federal District. Driven by the initiative of Elisabeth Veloso and best bike us founders, the NGO crossed a path to education in traffic, life protection and intensive respect for the cyclist. The NGO celebrated its 10th anniversary with the 11th cycle tour on August 4 with the presence of approximately 5,000 cyclists.

Wheels of peace

It was Sunday and the cyclists kept coming, whole families arriving with their bicycles to the Cyclist’s Place, in the Museum of the Republic, in the Center of Brasilia. The sun was already shining brightly on the Central Plateau, so the parents did not skimp on sunscreen for the kids, and cars from the city’s Water Company ensured the participants’ hydration. This was considered the biggest Cycle Tour in the history of the Federal District, promoted by the NGO Rodas da Paz.

On the website of the NGO, there is the following presentation: “The NGO Rodas da Paz was established in 2003 with the aim of reacting to the violence and the growing number of accidents and deaths in the transit of the Federal District. Since then, it promotes actions to raise awareness for safe traffic for all, with special attention to bicycle users. Among its actions are educational lectures, demonstrations, cycling tours, collection and distribution of donated bicycles and initiatives with the Legislative and Executive Powers and their public policies, in addition to the permanent vigil on the State to guarantee to all the right of mobility with safety, independently of the means of locomotion. ”


Whenever local TV broadcasters want to track bicycle lanes, statistics on violent traffic in the DF or even about education campaigns and lectures in schools, they soon think of calling a representative of Wheels of Peace, for their seriousness and commitment in the fight for an increasingly inclusive city and for people.

This annual tour brings together the groups of cyclists wheels of peace from Brasilia and the surrounding area as well. This year they made their mark on the tour, including assisting the NGO as scouts, ensuring the safety of participants and free delivery of more than 3,000 shirts.

The Best bike us broadcasting for you and best cycling-

It was a Sunday of honors. A tribute was made to the founders by the current management chaired by Jonas Bertucci. The army honored the NGO for its 10 years and for its importance to society. The tour continued towards JK Bridge and after 15 km returned to the ground zero of the tour for the long-awaited draw of gifts donated by the supporters.

Political disagreements are always a reason for stress and strife among the actors of a society, Wheels of Peace is working together, calling for representatives of cyclist groups and the government itself to a democratic and impartial debate, perhaps because of the lack of trained personnel run bike paths in any form without proper planning. But this is a reality that tends to change as we are becoming better informed and ready to put into practice not only what we learn in school, but what we learn at home.


Ong currently works on some projects as a priority:

Wheel Hubs

The traditional Passion of the Leisure gives place to Sundays to another important action of Wheels of the Peace, the project Rhodes in the Axis. In addition to traditional encounters – such as picnics, called “cyclones” – we have developed a work of education, awareness, and dissemination.

The Rodas no Eixo project aims to install a permanent collection point for bicycle and diffusion of the Doe Bicicleta campaign throughout the year. At the same time, Rhodes performs the activity of renting bicycles for those who, for whatever reason, want to pedal on Sundays and do not have a bicycle for that. We also offer a free course to teach pedaling to adults and children.


Doe Bike

The NGO Rodas da Paz promotes the Doe Bicicleta campaign at the end of the year, with the support of several partners. The donated bicycles are recovered wheels of peace and destined to a series of social actions. Part of the donations is sent to the Post Office, which tries to answer the letters to Santa Claus.


Live bike

The Viva Bicicleta project is a partnership of Rodas da Paz with the City Collective, which works with training and capacity building projects for adolescents and adults in the city of Estrutural. During the second half of 2012, courses on bicycle mechanics for youth and adults are being offered free of charge, which aims to form groups of production and income generation from the reuse and recycling of bicycles. A great experience to comfort bike knowledge-

We wish to Rhodes of Peace to pedal ever more far, towards a more inclusive city and that guarantees that the city is lived because she is of all, after all, it is pedaling that one understands!

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