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A bike do I go with my partner life. The best bike us always helps me and others-

Most of them are a good quality for us. The main theme is- What bike do I go with? Best bike us do must our mission and vision. The main focus is the best bike service to us all time and protects it, everyone.

What bike do I go with? We have put together some tips that will help in the task of choosing your bike, a task that will bring you many joys, pleasure, and health!

Whoever has a bicycle and has forgotten it somewhere in the garage, it is time to take your companion for a review before venturing out with her. But for those who do not yet have and want to buy, not to be lost in front of so many options, models etc., it is very difficult to know where to start. Check out the tips below.

1 – Do not buy on impulse. Analyze, research, talk to experienced cyclists to choose your future bike well.

2 – The first step to know what bike to buy is to know the type of use that will make it, i.e. whether it will be used for leisure, transportation, amateur or professional sports.

3 – Quality and guarantee are fundamental for your comfort and safety. There are bikes whose guarantee is perpetual and others are only from 6 months to 2 years.

4 – There is no good low-priced bike. The better the component, the higher the price, but the better your comfort, the durability of the bike and the safety it will provide. The cost of the bike is proportional to the type of material (eg aluminum or carbon), the quality and sophistication of the components (eg, precise gear change of many gears, light wheels, tires with or without a camera, etc.). The important thing is to know that you will have the comfort bike for a long time and with pleasure when using it. Therefore, look for bicycles whose components are of quality and renowned manufacturers. The cheap comes out expensive!

5 – Get referrals from friends regarding the brands of best bike us and also regarding the specialized stores.

6 – Bikes have size. The size of the bike is defined according to various factors and measures of your body. The vast majority of people are discouraged from riding a bicycle because they buy the wrong bicycle. The cyclist needs comfort in pedaling. If there is discomfort or pain it is because the bicycle needs adjustment or because it is inappropriate for its height and/or purpose. Therefore, adjust the bike after you buy it. The bike fit is a technique that will fit your bike to your body and is performed by professionals with training in physical education and/or physiotherapy, for example. Adjusting the bike do to your body is a serious procedure.

7 – Remember that when practicing a sport you need to protect your greatest asset, your body. Even if your bike is for leisure, it is important to have it adjusted to your body. Bike fit can help correct or compensate for spine problems, joint problems, posture, and more. There is no good and professional bike fit that is free or cheap! Be aware that poorly performing bicycle adjustments can cause injury, tingling, and severe pain.

8 – Specialized shops offer bicycles for testing. Test as many bikes as possible until you decide. The beautiful bike will not necessarily be the best.

9 – The components of the bicycle as the set of gears, brakes, tire, wheel, among others, are important. These differentials impact on the price of the bicycle. For example bicycle with or without suspension, a number of gears (21, 24, 27, 30), types of brakes: v-brake, disc brake or hydraulic disc brake, type and quality of saddle, pedal type, between others.

10 – It is a mistake to buy the cheapest and simplest bike just because it is starting to pedal. If you do not have the right fitness, you’re not used to cycling, at least something has to be right for your pedaling, so be the bike! Your conditioning will come in time; a poor and low-quality bike do will not change and will be a great deterrent to your evolution in the pleasure of pedaling.

11 – It is important to know that for all types of bicycle, there are the female models. What bike do I go with? maybe bicycle and wedding

Main types of bicycle

There is a lot of variation in the market, but here are the main types and their purpose best bike us:

Mountain bike

Bicycle used for use on trails. There are several types of mountain biking from the simplest for urban use to the more sophisticated ones used in competitions. This type of bicycle became popular because it could be used in various types of terrain. Mountain biking can be “hardtail”, meaning it has only the front suspension, or “full suspension” with front and rear suspension. It can be aluminum or carbon. The prices vary greatly according to the quality and type of the material with which it is developed, the type and quality of the suspension and other components of the exchange, brakes etc. The wheels may be rim 26, 27.5 or 29.


A variation of mountain biking. It is heavier and suitable for the practice of mountain climbing. Is it the best bike do?


Speed bike or road. Used on the asphalted ground. They have little adhesion to the ground, so it is necessary technique and practice in the use of this type of bicycle. Tires demand high pressure. Exactly because of its geometry, high tire pressure and low grip, these are bikes that develop with high-speed ease.


It’s a variation of Speed. They are more compact and with geometry developed to spare the athlete in the transition to the foot race. It is a specific bike for those who practice the sport.


Abbreviation for Bicycle Moto Cross, it is used for the sports practice of maneuvers and jumps. This same type of bicycle can be used in street maneuvers, a variation called “Freestyle”.


The geometry of the bike is totally geared towards the cyclist’s comfort and stability. They are bicycles that can come with luggage racks or baskets, with mudguards, lighting system, with smooth and thin tire (suitable for asphalt use) and with a wider saddle. The hoop of these bikes can be 700. There is also the hoop 26. There may be front suspension or cushioning in the saddle canopy. There are also simple urban ones that do not have a march, called “single speed”. These best bike us are light and fit for use as a means of transportation or ride.


Nowadays with the issues of urban mobility, folding bicycles with 16 or 20 rims are starting to form part of the great centers’ scenario. These bikes can have 3 to 7 gears but are usually single speed, meaning there is no gear. The use of this type of bicycle is totally geared towards small displacements, such as the transition between modal, bus, subway and small stretches of the bicycle. Because it is foldable and transportable, it is a great choice for places where access to a regular bike do would be hampered.

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