Starting to pedal

starting to pedal

Anyone can venture into cycling starting to pedal is continue. For this you do not need a superbike: here are some tips to avoid being intimidated by your peers’ jokes about your older or heavy best bike us, or distances.

A very interesting topic for bikers is the question of the first pedals, especially the long ones. In the groups of cyclists spread around, this theme is under discussion, because there are always new people arriving: curious girls and boys, gentlemen wanting to improve their physical condition, biker’s newcomers in the cities and others of all kinds. For these new cyclists not to feel intimidated, it is worth remembering some tips for you that already are experienced, and for you, that is beginning now.


For those who already pedal

Help the next:  the rookie arrives full of doubts and fears, often does not understand much about the equipment, the paths etc., therefore, the more experienced should help him. Remember that you also started one day, that is, nothing to try to do well on top of who is starting.

Maybe are you going to do a group cycling without support? Check out the tips and put the pedal on the road and starting to pedal your pedal-

Never mock someone else’s equipment: this is a practice that should have been abolished. No one uses low-quality equipment for pure sadomasochism and not everyone can buy that luxury superbike, even though everyone has the right to dream of one. I remember when I started, and not long ago, pedaled just two years ago, I was wearing a super heavy 17.5 kg bike with 21 bad gears and old tires. It was a veritable war tank bogged down in the mud, but it was with her that I began, with her that I made my first squeezes, made my first adjustments, and learned the first few tricks. I got to hear a few jokes, but in general, I received incentives, many incentives, such as: “Caracas unique, you are brave to face the trail with this best bike us”, or “Are you pedaling well? When I buy a real bike, then … “Finally,


For those who are starting

No need to buy a superbike right out of the box:  luxurious, equipped and ultralight bikes are anyone’s dreams but expensive dreams; if you’re getting starting to pedal, get tips from your pedal partners or a trusted salesperson. If you can, buy a medium bike. Maybe on a cheaper bike, we feel more confident to learn to make adjustments and worry less about tumbles, scratches on the frame and possible broken parts.

Do not lie:

If you’re starting, say you’re starting. Never, but never, ever lie about it. The group that is receiving you will certainly suit the pedaling to the needs of those who are starting. Generally, groups have already marked the days and times of the lightest or heavier pedals. The danger of lying about it is to pass a tight grip on an initial walk. I’ve seen people who never wanted to ride a bike because of it.


It is a “cause” here: one time I and a co-worker were talking about the last pedals when an acquaintance approached and commented that he also pedaled and that he would like to accompany us. We quickly matched him up for the following weekend, but we did not forget to ask him about his experience and physical condition, and the creature replied that it was in full swing, pedaling about 70 km three times a week. Okay, great, then. I will never be able to prove if the guy lied or not, the point is that on the first ascent stronger the animal was already pushing the bike and in the end almost died, it seemed more Christ carrying the cross than a cyclist on a bicycle; never showed up again.


Believe me,  I know that when that neighbor told him that he pedaled 150 km in one day, you thought it impossible, unthinkable, he even spread the neighborhood that the guy was a little caôzeiro, or he thought the guy had superpowers, but believe me, in normal conditions anyone can pedal. It will hurt a lot, in the beginning, it will hurt everything, the back, the head, the neck, the buttocks, will come home dead, will hear the relatives calling you crazy, will think about giving up. But be persistent, in a few months, you’ll be all proud of work taking one of the superheroes. A year and a half ago I posted every happy on Facebook a photo of my speedometer marking 30 km away! In a short time, 30 km became training.

Join a group:

The group has proven to be of immense psychological importance. With the group, you will learn more and faster. Ask questions, pay attention. And besides, the guys will not leave you alone. On that day that lacks laziness or is that cold miserable, is calm, will begin to get messages on your cell phone: “and there ferret, are you cold in the cold?”  If you join a group cycling like Folding Bike mission


If you started and liked the best bike us, it will become an addiction. Training will be a pleasure. Regularity is the key to end the pain, the doubts, and even the existential crises; Yes, they exist. Whoever got into a paranoia under the hot sun in the middle of that “monster” climb? (“What am I doing here? I could be on my couch!”). Anyone who pedals knows the difference between those two mid-week trainees.

Anyway, get on the bike and go pedaling. Even if your bike is that old, heavyweight “Caminho”, even if you think it will not work, you will not know how to adjust starting to pedal the tire yourself. Even if you’ve tried it a few times and you’ve broken into such paranoia. Even if you’ve already had that squeeze. One day you will see the happiness of coming home tired and filthy, but with a big smile, with that “I got it” face.

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