Best reflective bike vest – Riding bike to work benefits

Riding bike to work benefits

Driving with back and front lights – no one needs to be persuaded. Regulations and common sense, command at least after dark to riding bike to work benefits with lamps that will allow us to see us on the road by drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists. However, are the lights really the best solution for improving our visibility?

Bike Vest

Is it impossible to help them somehow? Here comes the best reflective bike vest. I know that just thinking about something like this, many cyclists get goosebumps on their backs (and not only there). Vests are associated with a waving wind that is more like a curtain than something you can wear. Fortunately, we now have a wide range of products on the market that look much better and are much better made.

Associations with “fruwajką” we have thanks to car reflective vests, which actually look like this. And they do not need to look any better, rather than be more practical – they only serve to show us when changing the wheel or burying the engine, during a forced stop on the road.


They adhere to the body, are streamlined and comfortable riding bikes. And of course they are reflective 🙂 They are a little more expensive than the car fruits, but it is worth investing in. Especially when we often travel in undeveloped areas, in the evenings and at night. They perfectly complement (but not replace!) Lighting lamps.


A person dressed in a bicycle reflective vest, the person driving the car can see from a distance of 150 meters. This avoids the accident. Especially when driving at dusk, when it is not completely dark yet and the eyes can play tricks on us. The prices of reflective vests can be easily. Best tips- what clothes for bicycle riding trip?


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