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In another Word from the Mechanic, I’ll come up with a very cool topic: broadcasts. Replacing the worn components of the transmission with a new set is apparently an easy task, but there are some crucial details that must be respected in order for the set to work properly, be it a high-performance or inline set. We Safe together on the way ride the bike-

Over time the transmission components will wear out and a replacement will be necessary. For this, look at the path of the stones to do this work without errors. Come on!

Main components of the transmission

  • Chain
  • Cassette (Pinions)
  • Crowns
  • Sheave pulleys (pulleys)


Main precautions when replacing items

  • Tighten all screws.
  • Crowns – 10.78Nm.
  • Pulleys – 3.92Nm.
  • Hollow Tech II 12 – 15Nm.
  • Close the chain using always the bulb connector pin (in the case of Shimano). A lot of attention, because these pins have a different measurement for each type of current, be it of 8, 9 and 10 speeds.
  • Another point to note is the position of the new 10-speed chains which are asymmetrical and must be mounted as follows: with the face of the inscriptions facing outwards.


Follow the three Point

Chain length

It is necessary to position the chain on the larger crown and the larger opinion of the cassette, without going through the gearbox. To do this, measure the chain by leaving two free links and reposition the chain in the smallest X-cassette position, this time passing through the best bike us broadcasting front and rear gears. After this procedure, you can close the chain using the bulb type pin supplied with it.

Still referring to the assembly, but referring to the crowns: All crowns have a decisive “point” of the synchronism of the system, which when misaligned prevents the gears to change smoothly. This point is determined by small protrusions on the crowns that serve as a reference for assembling the same. These points should always be aligned with the line of the crank arm and between them.



Nowadays and from now on, the bikes will be more and more technological, light and precise. To reach this standard we must work with great care and attention to detail, so the tooling is indispensable. Always use the torque wrench and look for information about the torque to be applied to each bolt on your fixed gear bike and learn more-

This information is available in the owner’s manuals and some of the manufacturers’ websites.


Tightening of pulley bolts

Pay close attention to this point, because in case of release, the gearbox and frame can be damaged. Always tighten properly taking care not to dust the bolt, without loosening it.

Always remember that it is prudent to redo the adjustment of the gears, including checking the alignment of the rear derailleur, because if there is misalignment, a perfect adjustment will not be possible, regardless of the wear condition of the transmission components

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