Best bike guide – Bicycle repair and maintenance

bicycle repair and maintenance

A lot of books about bicycle repair and maintenance have already passed through my hands. However, in my opinion, the best, the most complete and the most comfortable when it comes to servicing the bike is “Zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance” by Mizan.

Repair and maintenance

On 415 pages the author takes us into the world of cranks, spokes, bolts, and derailleurs. With this book, no repair or review of the bike will be terrible anymore. Thanks to her I learned, for example, that the blocks in the pedals I had set not quite correctly 🙂 Everything is elegantly described, very simple language, and everything is very nicely illustrated with transparent drawings – on which you can see a lot more than in the pictures.


Book appeared

In May 2014, the second edition of the book appeared. One could say – finally! This is the most recent version of the book and I cannot wait to get it in my hands:) I have really learned a lot from Zinn and the latest edition is supplemented with the latest hardware advice on technical innovations. This is a must bicycle repair kits – read for anyone who wants to do something on their own bike. The title suggests that the book will be used only to mountain bike owners, but this is not true. It will definitely be useful for owners of cross and trekking bikes. Also, those who drive on road bikes will find a lot for themselves. Unfortunately, it has not been translated, written by Mizan, the book “The art of servicing best bike guide a road bike” – and this one would be even better for burying the road.

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