What can prevent participation in a bicycle tour in Europe?

What can prevent participation in a bicycle tour in Europe

If you compare the bicycle tour in Europe, where cycling tourism is popular and we love Ukraine, then you can see with the naked eye how much we are lagging behind, not only as an organization of tours but also in the number of people who want to actively relax.

Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that among the cycling guides you can often meet foreigners, the main purpose of their stay, in Ukraine which was the active promotion of cycling movements, the organization of unique tours both in Ukraine with its incredibly beautiful landscapes, and in Europe.

Bicycle touring tips

The distance and the number of days of the tour depending on the physical training of each individual tourist and the group as a whole. Among the active travelers on bicycles, a lot of foreigners working and owning a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Best checklist for bike tours are valuable to the cycling mission-

This article aims to understand what difficulties may arise (and whether they can arise at all) with a foreign holder of this document who wants to cross on a bicycle the state border of the state where he temporarily lives.

The benefits of cycling

When you ask a question led the tourist (no matter the avid traveler or novice), everyone says that he chose to lead the tour as an outdoor activity for having such obvious advantages as:

  • Route development

The map of cycling trips in advance is developed by a professional who selects the route based on the physical form of the tour participants; based on my own experience, the cycle guide knows how to avoid high-traffic trails.

  • Sightseeing and leisure activities

The cycling guide selects a route that is capable of maximally discovering a new city for a traveler from various sides, including suburbs of the city and other urban objects worthy of the traveler’s attention.

Is the border crossing able to cancel the BCRP?

A temporary residence permit, in a certain sense, equalizes a foreigner in his rights, freedoms, and obligations with the citizens of the country in which the foreigner has been living and working for a long time. And this means that no one has the right to prohibit the departure of the territory of Ukraine to the owner of the VNRH and to enter it back.

Upon expiration of the bicycle tour, a foreigner can freely return to Ukraine and, as a certifying document, will not lose his temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

If you are in the process of applying for WSNH or are looking for specialists to help you arrange it, contact the professionals of Leonora, who has impressive experience in this field.

Here it is faster and, most importantly, completely legally available to get a license, documents giving permission to a foreigner for temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine, help in obtaining a variety of registration documents and this is not a complete list of services provided by an international company.

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