The evolution of the bicycle tourist rug

The evolution of the bicycle tourist rug

A bicycle tourist rug is most important to the cycling tour. Two or three decades ago, ordinary inflatable mattresses were used as tourist insulation mats. They were sold freely in sports and hardware stores and were intended for use on the beach.

Although the air was used there as a thermal insulation material – one of the best materials for this, the mattresses had a lot of flaws – they were heavy and had a large volume when folded. In addition, it was made of rubberized fabric, and therefore easily punctured and wear out very quickly. Valves were unreliable and often popped up.

Rugby tourist information

In general, as a thermal insulation material in self-made tourist rugs, anything was used, something that came to hand: felt, thick blankets, various sports mats fillers and more. In the 70s – 80s of the last century, tourists began to use rugs made of foamed polymers – polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam.

Best material design

The technology of their production was quite simple: the polymer was melted and it was foamed using high-pressure gas. When the polymer cooled, a solid material with a large number of voids with air was obtained. These blanks were not specifically designed for rugs, but they were processed and sewn into the fabric, getting the required area. This mat, although it was also of decent size, already had less weight and more reliability.

Rugby skills and development

In mid-prince of the 80s, the production of material was started in the world. The material was composed of polyethylene and polyethylene (Isogon trademark). The vast majority of tourist rugs are now made of this material. In zone combines many advantages: low weight, small size, low price, and environmental friendliness.

Mats combine

Of course, isotone mats are the most common, but they are also not without some drawbacks. As always, there is a better, although much more expensive. There are self-inflating mats that combine a thin layer of foam insulation and air-filled sections. Separate rugs have a thin metalized film acting as a reflector, but bicycle tourist works only on branded models (as a rule, only fakes are on sale).

Inflatables manufacturer

“Fashion” on inflatable mattresses is also gradually returning. New technologies make it possible to manufacture inflatables, devoid of the shortcomings that were inherent in Soviet inflatable mattresses.

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