My first bicycle story – Bike tours in South America

My first bicycle story - Bike tours in South America

The best bike tours in South America On January 21, 2007; the expedition of the sports tourism team of the Siberian Federal District to South America was successfully completed. A team of five people rode bikes through Chile and Argentina up to Tierra del Fuego. And last Sunday, February 25, a photo presentation of this unusual journey took place in the Spanish club of the Academgorodok. Olga Evgenievna Masloboeva, the leader of the expedition, was a simple programmer at one of the Academgorodok firms, who told herself and modestly introduced herself. Other hand, the best bicycle tour in Europe-

The plan of the expedition was unusual – to make a bike ride on the territory of Chile and Argentina with the ascent to the top of Aconcagua (6959 m) – the highest point of the Western and Southern Hemisphere. By plane to Moscow, then – Rome, and then – the long-awaited Buenos Aires. There, travelers purchased bicycles, and – go ahead, to the Strait of Magellan.

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The first travelers were met by the province of Mendoza – the center of Argentine winemaking. Here I had to part with the bikes for a while and switch to mules, otherwise, you would not get to Aconcagua. It took several days to acclimatize in a mountain camp, and then the ascent began. Although according to the rules it is supposed to raise to the top gradually, in order to avoid mountain sickness, Siberians successfully coped with the task.

Further, lay the territory of Chile. Previously, the north and south of the country were loosely connected with each other, but during the rule of A. Pinochet, a fairly convenient route was built, along which our heroes traveled. Christmas last year, the team met in the city of Valparaiso – the pearl of South America. And the New Year was celebrated in a simple Chilean village in the pouring rain. It should be noted that although it was summer on the local calendar, it was pretty cool and it rained all the time.

Then the expedition moved along the Carrera Austral – “Antarctic Road”. Despite the pretentious name, the asphalted section of the route is only 250 km, and the rest is a regular primer.

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The travelers spent quite a lot of time in the Glacier Park in Argentine Patagonia, watching the magnificent glaciers, descending from the mountains, gradually creeping into coniferous forests at the foot of the Andes.

And now, finally, the Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego, the southern tip of the American continent: +4 Celsius in the summer, flocks of penguins and, oddly enough, flowers. Unfortunately, because of the storms, we could not visit Cape Horn, the extreme point of South America, but there were enough impressions without it.

It remains to wish our team further success in the development of extreme routes of the planet.

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