Cycle ecotourism

cycle ecotourism

In the pages of best bike us, there have already been a number of cycling and cycle ecotourism itineraries throughout the world, some of which included regions that produce excellent wines, whether in France, Spain, Portugal or the sister countries Argentina and Chile. Undoubtedly, these references bring, in addition to the experience of pedaling for quite pleasant places, the opportunity to taste this drink so famous and every day more present in the daily life.

Therefore, we chose to highlight the ways of Santa Catarina that lead to the regional wine estates, where we find, without effort, diverse strains (grape variety) and types of wine, as well as some services for visitors. Our suggestion is that this type of locality can be included in the readers’ next cycling itinerary, consolidating what we call CycleEnoTurismo.

Cycle ecotourism

The state Santa Catarina has been appearing in the international wine market for some years, taking advantage of the conditions of climate, soil, and altitude which characterize it. Santa Catarina wines are not rare, nationally and internationally, although the volume of production is smaller than that of the gaucho wines, the specimens of Santa Catarina have gained their space in the taste of the lovers of the drink. In August of this year, for example, the Brussels-Brazil World Contest (CMBB) awarded several wines from the state, among more than 220 samples, and judged by experts from Switzerland, Chile, Uruguay, and Canada are cycle ecotourism.

There are more than 35 wineries scattered throughout Santa Catarina’s landscapes, from the south of the state, through the Serra to the mid-west, and then we present only a few that we know personally, but the intention is to encourage readers to visit them using their best bike us. Pedaling in the regions where these wines are produced becomes a fantastic experience of learning, culture, leisure and taste, as several wineries have prepared themselves to act strongly and professionally in the wine tourism market (Wine Tourism – segment of tourism activity that is based in the trip motivated by the appreciation of the flavor and aroma of the wines and in the traditions and culture of the localities that produce this drink).

According to the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine – OIV), Santa Catarina is prepared to evolve in the national and international scenario of the production of wines of altitude, developing excellent conditions and techniques that just that it is recognized as terroir. The terroir denomination refers to a concept that refers to a space in which a collective knowledge of the interactions between the physical and biological environment and the applied oenological practices is being developed, providing different characteristics to the products originating from this space.

Let’s start from the south of the state, in the beautiful region called Tour of the Goethe Grapes Valley, which includes the counties of Pedras Grandes, Morro da Fumaça, Cocal do Sul, Treze de Maio, Nova Veneza, Içara, Orleans and, the city of Urussanga, which recalls every year in May, the saga of the Italian ancestors who colonized the locality, by offering the event called Festa Della Gastronomia and Tradizione Italiana Ritorno all original. The Mazon Winery, of Urussanga, for example, receives visitors for a guided tour followed by a tasting. It is worth trying the varieties of the Goethe Lieblich grape, perhaps the only places where this strain can be tasted in the country.


In order to take advantage of the checklist for bike tours, it may be interesting to cycle through the region in the months of January and February, harvesting the grapes, without forgetting the month of May, to participate in the Festival Ritorno all origin. To make contact with some local wineries, check out the following details:

  • Leaving the south of the state, one arrives at the localities of Orleans and Lauro Müller, where one of the most spectacular roads of the world is found: the one of the Mountain range of the Rastro (SC – 438), more than 1,421 m above the level of the sea. The municipalities of Bom Jesus da Serra, São Joaquim, Urupema, Urubici, and Ladies gather special conditions for wine production, and there are recognized wine brands of high standing among the wine enthusiasts (people who study wine for pleasure).
  • The cyclist will find a renowned group of wineries, including the one that holds the best national white wine of 2010 and Bronze Medal in the International Wine Challenge, without not to mention Chardonnay 2008, from Monte Agudo Winery, which was qualified as the Best Chardonnay in Brazil, Expovinis Brazil 2011 Award. The Monte Agudo program includes a tour of the property, with a picnic in the area of the vineyard, ending with a harmonized tasting.
  • It is advisable to schedule the guided tours in advance, as such visits to the vineyards and canteens are carried out with the accompaniment of an oenologist, and then there is a guided tasting of the wines produced by the wineries. In Villa Francioni Winery, to exemplify, the visitation is carried out for R $ 30, in order to go through all stages of wine preparation, under the supervision and guidance of a specialist, ending with a tasting.
  • However, in case the visitor wants to buy some bottles of the house wines, the amount paid will be reverted to a discount individually. And at the Quinta Santa Maria winery, to add another surprise, visitors are served a lunch on the banks of the River Lavatudo, in the Pericó region, with the best of mountain gastronomy, with iron pots and the ground fire.


Anyone who wants to enjoy and continue riding Urubici will have the opportunity to visit one of the most outstanding tourist spots in the Serrana region of the state, which is the Morro da Igreja, as well as meet artisan wine producers, with the family-owned Winery Celestino Ghizoni, within the international project called Welcomed in the Colony.

It is a rich experience of agrotourism, within the reach of all, and with a recognized charisma to receive and welcome bikeways. Another must visit is the Serra do Sol Vinhos de Altitude winery, located at Pousada das Flores.

Leaving the mountainous region and mountain bike, heading towards the Midwest, there are few options for pedaling between vineyards and regional landscapes. In the small town of Tangará, next to Serra de Marari, is located the Pisani Winery, which, in addition to other wines, prepares a surprising sparkling wine called Pisani Rosé Demi-Sec.

The winery has just launched a receptive tourism program in the region best bike us, which features a brunch under Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, and even a taste show (when the bottle is opened with a saber that breaks the bottleneck).

The groups of visitors stay in the property of the family Pisani, next to the winery, in an interesting building with the dormitories that is on an island, being the access realized by raft. It is also from Tangará, the first Santa Catarina wine to be exported in 2007, Panceri Chardonnay 2006, according to ACTIVITIES (Santa Catarina Association of Altitude Fine Wine Producers).

While still traversing the mid-west of Santa Catarina, other options may attract the attention of cyclists. One of them is in the municipality of Urupema, located at Fazenda Quinta dos Montes, at the Emilio Winery. And among others, we can highlight in the municipality of Videira, the Santa Augusta Winery, which is in charge of possibly being the only one to produce wines with the Montepulciano grape in the state of Santa Catarina.

In the Tirol Brasileiro, the enchanting municipality of Treze Tílias, besides the world-famous works in wood carving and the Austrian gastronomy, one has the opportunity to know the Kranz Winery, considered the excellence in high altitude sparkling wines and enjoy- cycle ecotourism.

And finishing our suggestions, almost on the border with the state of Paraná, in the municipality of Água Doce, we find Villaggio Grando Boutique Winery, in a place of scenic charm and a structure that deserves to be recognized, besides gaining public attention with the Medal of Silver Florida International Wine Challenge – 2011, with the consecration of Brut Rosé 2010 (Merlot and Pinot Noir).

Get to know these treasures kept in Santa Catarina by pedaling. It is an invitation to the senses for all those in love with pedals and wine!

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