Winter roll – Best bike for winter commuting

Winter roll - Best bike for winter commuting

Ever since the hail catastrophe on John Hill the best bike for winter commuting, I have not seen the forest since then, but I could only imagine how the weather had ruined the forest. I looked at my own eyes at the weekend, looking bad enough in some places. In many places in the forest, the fallen trees are crossing the hiking trails, and they are all big. There are many places where there is a trace of cleaning, but it will still work for the foresters.

Bike route map

The conditions were further complicated by the fact that the snow dropped a few days ago, in many places where tourists are trampled, or the motorists cover the roads there. So this is not an ideal bike route, I wouldn’t really recommend it to beginners training plan in any way. Strangely enough, not every area was as impenetrable as shown in the picture above, if you don’t mind having to pause and lift a few times, its good fun to slip in the snow. To be more specific, what we walked up to the foot of John Hill.

Beautiful place picture

Lookout, there is a path downhill that the cyclists only estimate to be a chick-and-puck, guessing its name to turn back and forth with the road reversers. We chose this route because it was used by a relatively small number of tourists, so it was less covered with ice. Crossing this route several times cross the road to Budakeszi road, then from the beautiful. You can go up to the lookout with a little pushing (or having a bicycle with a bogie).

Bicycle in winter

A rocky trail starts down from the lookout, in winter it is very good with the snow, but at least a little challenge without falling down. Unfortunately, we had to stop here because of the fallen trees. The road leads through the tracks of the small railway, leading straight to a wider tourist route. If somebody is waiting for it on the basis of the already prepared miracle, but if I have started to finish it, inner so here is a very small blow on the wide hiking trail, turning right and going right to the left. If you find this, you have come to one of the best parts of the forest, and I know that this trail was taken by cyclists, not originally a tourist route.

Road design standards

There are several artificial jumping, tilted bends and other reward walls on the way, so you can strike. The end is the rear entrance of this sport park road. Following the letter (only straight, do not get down to the last stage, which opens from the parking lot at the end of the road and leads to this. Here, if you listen, you will find a dirt course, although it is not so useful in winter.

Tour description

I did not plan to make a detailed and accurate tour description if you know the forest, then you knows where we went, who is curious to ask…

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