Tips on the bike sales: You should note that

Tips on the bike sales

Best bike us and tips on the bike sales: You should note that our mission

As an online marketplace for new and used bikes, of course, we want to help you tips on the bike sales and your old bike as easily and profitably as possible. However best bike us, not everyone is so aware that one should not head over to the creation of the ad headless. A little preparation has to be done. We have summarized for you the most important tips that you can use to get rid of your old buck.


Tips on the bike sales

You have to know what you want to sell

Before you begin to count the bills in your mind, you should definitely know what a collector’s item you have in the garage. The brand, model designation, and vintage are the three most important details that identify a bicycle and which a potential buyer is looking for. The former should rarely be a problem – the manufacturer usually perpetuates itself clearly visible on the frame of the best bike us, and also the model name can usually be read in clearly visible places like the top tube.

The model year is also relatively easy to determine. Here is the Google Images search to identify the exact model. Also, the indication of the color in the search can help. It gets more complicated at the frame height. As a rule, the frame height stickers are long lost on most used bicycles and you have to measure the size of the frame yourself. It’s best to start with the head tube length and compare it to the manufacturer’s geometry chart, which can be found on most manufacturers’ bicycle archives.

A great knowledge based the Mountain bike buying advice helpful and idea– Everything you need to know

Then it’s time to find out how much the tips on the bike sales price was and how many comparable bikes (other model years, wheels of the same type in the price range) are currently being sold on the second-hand market. As a rule of thumb here is that well-maintained bikes can bring in about 50% of their original price. Of course, the used bikes of some brands have a higher loss of value than others, but it’s just a guideline anyway. In addition, you still have to estimate how much money you still have to put into the maintenance of the bike and if it is still worth it.


Clean is always better

No matter if you drive your bike or want to sell it – a clean bike is always recommended. To re-shine, the bike with just a few simple steps, spray it thoroughly with a special bicycle cleaner or similar cleaning agent and scrub it neatly with a not too coarse sponge. When rinsing, then again a little more caution is necessary – use a garden hose instead of a high-pressure cleaner, and try in any case, with the water jet not the bearings, spring elements or other moving parts to catch. Then simply dry, give the chain a little oil – done.


Get the bike back on track

Cleaning the bike is one thing, but at least visually repairing it needs something more than water and brush. Some parts are certainly more than through and must be replaced. For racing the best bike us, especially a new handlebar tape can do wonders in terms of the first impression, mountain bikes often help a fresh saddle and new handles.

If the circuit and brakes do not perform well, you should consider investing in new trains and cables. Especially a hooked circuit can be brought back to life, and cheap it is too.

You should also take a closer look at the tires and tips on the bike sales before you sell them. If the profile is worn or worn, it will probably be better to put on new rubbers before the sale to express the good condition of the bike. A decent tire pressure actually goes without saying.


Have it checked by a professional

Of course, you can do a lot to make sure that the bike is in a safe and driving condition. But in order not to burn anything and give your bike a clear conscience, you should have it inspected by a bicycle mechanic.

If your bike needs new parts again, you do not have to have it repaired, but it is honest and decent to inform the buyer about it in your ad.


A good picture is worth a thousand words

Never underestimate the effect of a good picture. Whether with professional SLR camera or smartphone – a good photo is feasible with a little patience and the right background for everyone. Do not be too lazy and just use the manufacturer’s picture of the bike to sell it. Interested parties want proof of the condition of the bicycle. You can find detailed tips for getting good pictures of your bike in our buying guide to 15 tips for the perfect picture of your bike, but here is a brief summary:

  • Lighting conditions are crucial for every photo. Find a well-lit spot to take your picture, preferably early in the morning or just before sunset.
  • The title image should always show the side of the drivetrain bike.
  • Kneel and take the picture at the same height as the bike – other perspectives may not represent the size of the bike properly.
  • Find a suitable background that does not distract from the best bike us.
  • Make the bike the way you want to sell it (do not remove any accessories) and take detailed pictures of components and blemishes


Create a meaningful ad

Finally- The bike is in top condition, the pictures are made – now it’s up to the ad, right here on Bike Exchange. We all love to create ads, but all too often we forget tips on the bike sales about one or two important pieces of information. That’s why the most important tips.

  • Select the brand and the year and give it title the exact model name again
  • Enter several key features, such as components, frame material, how many kilometers you have driven with my bike and what accessories are included.
  • Write a comprehensive description. Here it is important to be really honest and list defects as well as highlights of the bike. Rarely is a bike absolutely flawless, so describe in detail the condition of the bike, but do not forget to advertise the good features as well. Another important reason is why you would like to sell the bike. This is how the interests experience how they get such a good offer.

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