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Who wears this one does not ask, but what to do to prevent your boot from bursting with the excessive load? Buy a more powerful trunk? No. Choose the adventure bike luggage in such a way that we have exactly what we need without an excessive load of the trunk and legs? Yes! However, there is one problem. This is much more complicated than buying a clunky trunk.

You have looked here because you want to learn more about it. Maybe you are planning a trip. Perhaps the first. Perhaps you have had the impression that you are driving too much? In this post, describes the smallest possible amount of things needed during the trip. If you think that you need something more, do not be afraid to add it to the pannier. Just remember to do it with your head.


TOURIST’S KITCHEN – Best luggage carrier

Water can be scorched on the tourist burner. Seriously. The condition is one: a bad cook. Now, however, let’s look at the set of dishes more seriously. Present two variants of best luggage carrier. The first one is prepared for one or two people and consists of two steel pots with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 0.75 liters, a 220 g gas cartridges and the best¬†cycling burner. For food, we use plastic sponges because they are light and cost a few zlotys.
The second set (prepared for one person) is an aluminum bottle of 0.75 liters and a pot with a capacity of 0.7 liters. The lid is made of several layers of kitchen aluminum foil. This set is most often used for cooking in the campfire. Naturally, the sets can be mixed and supplemented. If you intend to eat larger meals, cook or heat a lot, take larger dishes. If you intend to cook a little, the second set will be as sufficient as possible.


Best clothing for a bicycle riding trip- How many clothes do we really need? Not really much. Of course, if we do not go biking day in the winter. It does not matter if it’s a picnic, holiday or anything else, But can be carried adventure bike luggage in a team. I present ready sets of photos and a detailed description as well as tips and advice. You will definitely find something for yourself here!

You can find all this in the guide: What to take on a trip? Clothing for a bike trip!


We live in times when we are addicted to electronics. Laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones. It’s hard not to fall into madness and take what you need. I know ultralight backpackers who could cut the brush leaving practically the head, but take a lot of electronics. Check what is worth and what is not worth taking. Are you reading books? Maybe it is worth investing in an electronic book reader and save a lot of space? What to take on the bike journey planner?

Do not read books or do you do without them during the trip? Do not take it at all! Are you running a travel blog, do you need constant contact with the world? Consider a tablet or a netbook instead of a laptop. Or maybe you just need a smartphone for this? Or maybe you leave for two weeks and your blog will survive this time without new entries? Do you think that you will do without these inventions? Congratulations, you have just saved a lot of space and you’ve lost your luggage by an extra kilogram. What if you really need to take all these things? Try to save space on the charger and cables.

Most of the new devices have a USB input (micro-B type) thanks to which we can take with us one cable to charge and hooking all these devices. I take my tablet charger with me (output parameters are 5V, 2A). Will calmly charge your tablet, GoPro camera, telephone and book reader. If you are taking lamps, think about the universal charger. Below is an example of a set of electronics that we can take on a journey.

This set is suitable for blogging*. The microSD card fits the tablet, and when inserted into the adapter fits the camera and we can take pictures on it. Optionally, we can take a card reader. I suggest you choose as little as possible. Often, manufacturers offer SD card readers for their tablets, which are slightly larger than the cards themselves. Before you leave, learn how to write on a touch keyboard, and use the photo processing application or the mobile application for Blogspot or WordPress. It’s worth it because you’ll save a lot of nerves later.

Writing on the tablet requires a lot of perseverance, and applications such as WordPress, Hootsuite, Mailchimp are heavily reduced to their browser versions, which do not always work on tablets.

If you can not imagine a day without reading, take the reader with you. My phone and reader have the same USB port (micro-B type). I take the tablet charger and the phone cable from them. Why? This solution is more practical because, I can always download data from the reader, or on a reader or from a computer to the phone (if there is no card reader), etc.

Or maybe you just need a phone with a charger and headphones? A great source of the best cycling is- geometry of a bike and Handling: The 4 most important factors


Ultralight Bikepacking bicycle kit bag

Several versions of the first aid kit (mountain, expedition and weekend trips) are described in this entry: What to take on the journey adventure bike luggage? – First aid kit


pack your bags and go a few days earlier. Over the next days, repack yourself by throwing out what you think unnecessary. Finally, put everything in the panniers and check how much space you will stay. Throw away half. And so you took too much …
Remember to have space, water, and food in the panniers. It’s best for a two-day supply.
A Power Stretch sweatshirt usually weighs less than a 100-weight polar fleece, and can also be warm.
If it rains all day and you are soaked, then set up the same set the next day. If you pull out dry, you will quickly get rid of dry clothes.
Take an older phone that does not have a touchscreen. Turn on the cell only once a day. Check if nothing is happening and turn it off again. Thanks to this, you will be able to get around without a charger for a long time. You can also invest in a second battery.


In the end, I recommend a fragment, one of my favorite books:

The “Hitch-hiking through the Galaxy” guide has a few things to say about towels. The towel, he says, is the most impossibly useful thing an interplanetary hitchhiker might have. Partly because it has enormous practical application. You can wrap it up to protect against the cold, wandering the cold moons of Jagan Beta; you can lie on it on the sparkling, sandy sands of the beaches of Santraginusa V, inhaling the intoxicating sea air; you can cover him by sleeping under the red stars in the abandoned world of Kalffafoon;

you can use it like a sail, sailing a small raft down the slow Moth River; soak it and use it as a melee weapon; wrap on your head to protect against harmful fumes or the eyes of the voracious Bugblatter, the beast of Traal (an incredibly blunt animal who thinks that if you do not see him, he does not see you either, stupid as a brush, but extremely voracious); in case of danger, waving a towel, you can give alarms – and of course, you can wipe it if it is still clean enough. What’s more, the towel is of great psychological importance.

It so happens that if a stall (stall: no – hitchhiker) finds that the hitchhiker has a towel, he automatically concludes that he also has a toothbrush, a face towel, soap, a can of biscuits, a thermos, a compass, maps, a ball of string, a mosquito spray, a raincoat, a vacuum suit, and so on. In addition, the booth will gladly lend a hitchhiker one of these or any other objects that the hitchhiker might accidentally “lose”.

He also thinks that someone who has hacked the Galaxy along the length and breadth of hardships, endured discomfort, fought in spite of all adversities, won and still knew where he has a towel – he is undoubtedly a man to be reckoned with.

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