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nutrition for cyclist

Best Nutrition for cyclist of a sportsman – basics and tips to best bike us and more-

For cycling professionals, the matter is clear. The right diet is crucial for a successful competition and can decide on victory and defeat. Even ambitious nutrition for cyclist and hobby riders can benefit from a few basic principles and the right nutrition while driving to the best bike us regularly. We’ll show you what to look for.


Which nutrients are decisive in sports?

In the beginning some theory. To function, the human body needs nutrients that are routinely supplied and then metabolized. In sports, especially the water (liquid), carbohydrates and sodium are particularly important.

As most of you already know, having enough fluid for a consistently high level of performance is critical and should always be ensured on shorter trips. Water loss as low as 2% of body weight can reduce performance improvement by up to 20%, leading to blood thickening and reduced oxygen uptake.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for your muscles and should, therefore, be topped up before every major tour. Since the storage capacity in the body are limited and with high consumption, the ability to concentrate decreases, care should also be taken during and after the trip to a suitable supply. Not only wheat products should be on your nutrition plan – variety is needed here. Spelled, Kamut, potatoes, millet, quinoa, amaranth or oatmeal are perfect for sustainably filling the store.

The sodium supply is underestimated by many athletes but is extremely important. Because cramps that occur at high loads are usually not due to a magnesium deficiency, but due to a sodium deficit. Sodium is lost through sweat and therefore needs to be replenished steadily.


Optimal energy supply while driving

Sports drinks: what is important?

  • During intensive training or demanding tours and competitions, the intake of liquid with carbohydrates and sodium is essential.
  • An isotonic sports drink can be used to ensure the supply of fluid, carbohydrates and sodium before the start.
  • “Isotonic” means that the ratio of nutrients to liquid is the same as that of human blood so that it can be digested very quickly and the loss of water is compensated as quickly as possible.
  • But only the fewest isotonic ready-to-drink drinks on the market meet the requirements for an optimal sports drink. How should the composition ideally look like?


  • In the optimal composition of an iso-drink, especially carbohydrates are the deciding factor.
  • Around 60 to 80 grams should be present in one liter, preferably in the form of short-chain carbohydrates mixed with the multiple sugar malt dextrins.
  • Another important ingredient is sodium, which should be contained at 400 to 1,100 milligrams per liter.
  • Additives such as dyes, sweeteners, vitamins or excessive amounts of minerals (e.g. magnesium) have lost nothing in the drink and may even inhibit performance if, for example, they lead to bowel problems.
  • In addition, lactose or large amounts of fructose can be the cause of problems with the intestine, especially at high levels of stress, when the organism often reacts sensitively.

Energy bars and gels

In addition to iso drinks, for many athletes, the banana as a carbohydrate supplier is still the clear favorite, but the pros rely as much as possible on specially designed power gels and bars is the best bike us.

Designed for high loads, the Power gels have plenty of carbohydrates and are often fortified with sodium to even out the salt lost through perspiration. The often viscous gels can be consumed without chewing, so the carbohydrates go faster into the muscles and replenish them immediately before your performance breaks down properly. If you are not a friend of the clogged mass, you will also find significantly more drinkable variants that are more compatible and can be absorbed more easily nutrition for cyclist and without additional liquid.

The best long tours with Water Bottles and Holders are Sports nutrition for cyclist may be is a basic and cycling supports-

By comparison, the usual energy bar can be consumed much more cumbersome and time-consuming, which is why it is rarely used in professional cycling during the race. In addition, the important energy sources reach the muscles comparatively slowly. Benefits of the special sports bars are the wide range of nutrients and the often more natural taste. At long distances, it makes sense to achieve a satisfying best bike us and lasting effect with a few bites.

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