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Bicycle seat or bike trailer?

DISPLAY I do not know about you the best bike us, but in the spring and summer months, I prefer to go by bike than traveling by car. Especially for smaller distances within the city, it is much faster and also more pleasant to swing on the bike seat instead of sitting in the hot car. This also applies to the lavender boy. Since he is a frequent sweater, it may be that you have to move it completely after a drive, which I and he understandably not always feel like/has.

Since the lavender boy is not yet able to cycle himself, we were faced with the question of how best to transport a toddler by bicycle some time ago. From my own childhood, I still know the bicycle seats that are attached to the front of the handlebars and those that you attach to the luggage rack. As far as I could observe, there are hardly any families in Germany who transport their children in front. Rather, bike trailers currently seem to be on the rise.

In order to get a better overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the various transport options, we compiled a list for us that I would like to pass on to you. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and only reflects my personal opinion:


Bicycle trailer benefits

  • very comfortable for the child
  • offers plenty of space for shopping or picnics
  • also suitable for bad weather
  • can also be used as a cart
  • Possibility to transport more than one child at the same time
  • also suitable for very small
  • A danger of tipping is low


  • The danger that followers of motorists will be overlooked
  • It takes a certain amount of strength to pull him
  • expensive to buy
  • very bulky, if you want to use it as a cart
  • partly too wide for narrow bike paths
  • possibly navigation difficulties when driving up and down curbs
  • Communication and eye contact with the child is difficult on the way
  • depending on the type of child may be too far away from the parent
  • Children are exposed to car exhaust more than in seats
  • to store you need a lot of space in the shed, car or house
  • Turning to the trailer may be difficult because it is not very maneuverable

Front seat 

  • The child is in sight
  • talking to the child is possible without any problems
  • A child has good visibility



  • special risk of injury in falls
  • no protection against wind or insects
  • only suitable for smaller and light children
  • possibly disturbing when driving
  • unsuitable if a child falls asleep on the drive
  • Assembly is not possible on all wheels


Rear seat benefits

  • Back, neck and head of the child are protected by the seat
  • In many seats, such as the Roman Jockey Comfort, the backrest of the seat can be tilted, so that a sleeping child in the seat is not a problem
  • leaves the driver of the wheel free sight
  • Communication with the child is possible without any problems
  • leaves the child more freedom of movement than the front seat
  • in the event of a fall, there is less danger of the driver tipping over on the child
  • can be used for a long time



  • Eye contact with the child is a bit difficult
  • possibly danger of crushing the little fingers on the saddle springs
  • possibly the risk of a child unstrapping unnoticed
  • Carrying a backpack is not possible


Zacro Gel Bike Saddle – BS053 Dual Spring Designed Suspension Artificial Leather best Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle and with 1 Mounting Wrench (Black)


After much consideration, we decided (for now) on the Roomer Jockey Comfort. It is a classic rear seat, the lavender boy likes right now. Since he is more like a child who likes to be close to his parents and often has nonsense in his head, we chose this option because we have him so close to us. In addition, it is quite light and can be stowed away to save space.

How do you transport your children by bike? Which variant do you like best or do you find it safest?